In today’s fast moving world we are so busy running behind success, money, taking care of family, socializing etc. that sometimes we totally neglect ourselves. As summer is here, I wanted to share few essentials of summer every woman should have.
Summer is very harsh to our skin, hair, and body. It’s my humble request to all you ladies out there please take out some time for yourself and do not neglect these essentials because you are beautiful and summer should not take your charm.


whenever I apply sunscreen to my face and neck. I have noticed many girls asking me.” Aren’t you tired of applying makeup all the time? It’s summer… You will be sweaty after some time and your makeup will be washed off.” To all the ladies out there who feel applying sunscreen is a make-up; I say sunscreen is an essential and applying sunscreen is as important as any of your daily routine like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or taking bath for that matter. It not only protects your skin from sunburn it also gives you pigment-free and wrinkle free skin. Buy a good sunscreen, at least with 30+ SPF. I personally use LOTUS safe sun UV screen matte gel SPF 50. Name itself says all about this product. Trust me I am not exaggerating. This product gives perfect balance to my skin without leaving any breakouts. Prior to this, I was using Lotus sun safe 3-in-1 matte look daily sunscreen. Well that is a good product too but my current matte gel sunscreen gives me better absorption.

matte gel sunscreen- lotus safe sun UV screen matte gel - SPF 50

 Lip balm with SPF

Lip balms should be only used during winter is the biggest myth. Our lips need protection during summer too. You should use a lip balm with at least 15+ SPF. I personally use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer. This lip balm has got all I want from my lip protector. It’s fragrance-free and does not tempt me to lick my own lips and make it dry again. Also, it has got no wax-like feeling, unlike other lip balms.

Neutrogena LiP balm with SPF - an essential for summer 2017

you need them. Period. It’s the perfect time to try out different colours, shades, and styles. I do not go by brand names and am willing to loosen my purse as long as they look good on me and offer reasonable protection to my eyes. (UV 400, Cat 2 or 3). Lenskart and Coolwinks are some places you could find trendy styles without breaking your bank.

latest sunglasses

Hats or Scarves to cover your head

The maximum temperature has crossed the 30s and it’s going to rise further in the coming days. In this blazing sun, keep your head covered if you are riding on bike/ scooter every day or maybe need to walk at least 15 minutes out in the sun.  Not only it keeps your head cool, but also protects your hair from turning dry and frizzy. To an extent, it would also keep you from getting tanned. So keep yourself protected from harsh direct sunlight.


Since summer is here drink ample amount of water to quench thirst. Begin exercise well hydrated; drink water before, during and after exercise. You could substitute water with natural drinks like coconut water, fruit juices, buttermilk, etc. (try your local vendor over the packaged ones) Avoid caffeine during summer as it is dehydrating. Also, avoid sodas/colas as they usually have an unhealthy amount of added sugar.



Oh! This looks little difficult with your busy routine. Here are the tips for making it simpler:

  • As soon as you have taken bath, apply your sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm
  • Keep your sunglasses handy by keeping it in your handbag so that as soon as you feel it’s sunny you can wear them
  • Keep a tab on your hydration. Buy a water bottle which has got marks on them representing the volume you have consumed
  • There are so many apps in Android and IOS app store where you can set a reminder for these ( search by water reminder, hydration, etc. I use WaterMinder® – Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker, a free app in IOS app store)
  • Tie your scarves with your handbags or sling bags so that you never forget it at home

So girls, this was my rant. What is the essentials regimen you follow to take care of your skin, hair or body in summer? I would be happy to read them in your comments below. Until next time!