Time to add culottes to your wardrobe

Culottes are the most stylish, well structured, polished and smart bottom wear this season. What else does a confident and independent lady needs in life? Believe me or not, your outfit gives you confidence.

I feel confident whenever I am well dressed. This is the reason I always dress according to place and occasion.

Versatility of culottes

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017


Culottes give a flawlessly flattering shape to the body and allow an array of possibilities to wear them. The versatile bottom is a driver for all-day comfort and is officially in trend. There are ample amount of ways you can style them.

You will look flawlessly stylish. Wear them with a shirt or top for 9 to 5 work or wear them with a crop top. No doubt they are a wardrobe staple in the year 2017.

My call on pairing culottes

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

I always feel that trend keeps on changing but style lasts forever. That’s the reason I don’t hesitate to buy any outfit which crops up in trend radar. Before buying them, I always look at the versatility of the outfit.

Pair your trendy culottes with solid crop tops, a loose fitted top, cold shoulder top, monk neck tops or a jacket. You can dress them up or dress them down. I decided to pair these striped culottes with a solid black cold shoulder top, which is “in” this season.

I am 5’7” tall, still, I have chosen to club my culottes with heels to accentuate the flared silhouette.

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

Styling Tips

  • Curvy Girls – Pair your culottes with printed tops. Choose darker shades of culottes over lighter ones. Go for a well-tailored pair to flatter your shape.
  • Short Girls – Pick culottes with vertical stripes. Not only do vertical stripes give an illusion of height, they are going to be the next in thing after an overbearing year of nautical stripes. Pair your culottes with crop tops or the ones that fall a bit above your waist. Don’t forget your stilettos or wedges.
  • Tall or slim girls – Pick culottes of slightly thicker material. Look out for pleated ones (like the ones I am wearing) over straight fit ones. Pair them with loose fitting shirts or tops. You could add volume the look by layering your top as well.

Well, these are just guidelines, not hard and fast rules. I consider myself fairly tall for a girl and as I have mentioned earlier, I am wearing a pair with vertical stripes.

Give them a shot

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

Culottes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger- Summer 2017

If you are still not convinced by looking at my outfit to buy them, well, you are not alone. Many of us would LOVE to rock a culotte but have shied away because we just can’t judge if they look good or not.

We are so used to wearing skinny jeans or skater skirts that stepping into two billowy mid-length legs is a tad frightening! But it need not be. Once you start wearing them you will be wondering how you ever lived without them.

So belles, now is the time to introduce culottes to your trouser troupe. Give them a shot!

What I wore:

Culottes by Trends

Footwear by Metro

Cold shoulder top by Myntra

On the go makeup for this summer

Hey Belles, How is your week going on?

As the temperature is increasing day by day, I can feel the change in me as well. These days I have become more cautious while stepping out. Of course, who wants to get tanned and then search for ways to get de-tanned. Do you remember childhood quote “prevention is better than cure”?

Protecting your skin from getting tanned does not mean that you should stop applying makeup. Today, I will be sharing my on the to go makeup routine for this summer. I am going step by step. I will also let you know if you can skip few of the steps. I will be sharing my pictures from my recent blog itself showing where I have used a particular product.

Sunscreen or moisturiser

I have combination skin and I use sunscreen or moisturiser according to humidity and my skin. Suppose my skin is too oily, I skip my moisturiser and directly apply sunscreen and do otherwise if I feel my skin is dry. I am sure you understand your skin too. So for the base don’t go on what others are doing rather understand your skin, choose the right product and then take an action.


I recently purchased a concealer from studio west. It is very easy to apply and quick absorbing. It covers my dark circles too. If you don’t get dark circles you don’t have to use concealer. I keep my concealer handy because I get dark circles sometimes especially in case I had worked late night and needed to get up without proper sleep. In fact, I have to get up early morning for all my photo shoots. My photographer loves to click pictures during early morning golden hours.

BB or CC cream

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

While stepping out after 4 p.m. I usually apply CC cream. I have uneven skin and I love to look flawless. To cover the unevenness, I use just a blob of CC cream avoiding patch on my face.

Don’t use a large quantity even if your mirror says you are not looking flawless. Trust me, a small quantity is enough.

Compact powder

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

On a serious note, I am not a powder person. While stepping out in sun during summer, sometimes I just brush it on my face. On days when I have really oily skin, I use powder to remove excess of oil.

Even when I use compact powder, I apply it using a powder brush. I never make the mistake of applying powder with compact kit puffs.

Smokey eye makeup palette

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

If you have noticed few of my post with smokey eye makeup. I have used NYX smokey eye make up for most of my shoots. I use it for an “on the go look” as well. It is super easy to apply.

This kit has 6 shades.

  1. Black with shimmer
  2. Black
  3. Purple
  4. Blue
  5. Bronze
  6. White

Black, black with shimmer, blue and purple are the most popular shades for smokey eye makeup. This kit has all of these. With the help of bronze and white, I highlight my eyebrows, upper eyelids and corners of the eye.

Kajal or eyeliner

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

I love using Kajal. In fact, Kajal is the first make I applied on my skin. When I was a kid, my mum used to apply it in my eyes saying that it would brighten my eyes and also makes them bigger. I can’t vouch for its efficacy, but I am sure it does make my eyes look bigger and brighter.

I have been using Kajal regularly. If I skip using that people ask me if I were are not well? I can bet that it happens to most of the girls who cannot skip kajal.

I use my kajal as both kajal and eyeliner. I love to create drama with my kajal. I love winged eyes. But that’s not the only look I use every day. Soon, I am planning to come up with a post sharing different eye makeup using fewer products.

Lip balm and lipsticks

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

I get chapped lips easily and I can not apply lipstick without moisturising my lips. Most of the time I don’t even use lipsticks. I have uneven lips and to cover them I use coloured lip balm or light shades of lipsticks.

This summer nude lips are in trend. I have 3 lipsticks which I keep handy for my on the go summer look. And these are studio west, NYX and Colorbar. Depending on my outfit and eye make I use any of them.


If you love rosy and fresh look like me, start using blusher, if it’s still not one of the popular makeup essentials. I can’t do without these blushers for my everyday summer look.

Sometimes I miss to use them as well. But that’s ok.

My go to makeup staples:

Kajal by Oriflame

Pure passion stay perfect concealer

Lakme 9 to 5 CC cream

Nyx smokey fume palette

Nyx soft matte lip cream

Lash resistance mascara by Oriflame

Oriflame Sweden The One Illuskin (Luminous Peach)

Mac studio sculpt defining powder

Fashion In Men’s Fitness

Fitness, as we know, is an integral part of our lifestyle and when we talk about lifestyle, it is mandatory to talk about fashion since lifestyle and fashion are like conjoined twins. So in this blog, I will be talking about fashion in fitness, sounds too quaint? Well, gym wear is not just restricted to tanks, loose trousers, casual t-shirt’sand slippers! It is evolving continuously with new brands launching their fitness apparels every month so it is also necessary to dress up according to the latest trends since none of us like the adage of “falling behind”.So fashion goals and fitness goals should coexist while you’re working out in the gym.

So you’re a beginner? A fitness freak? A gym freak rather? Still confused about what to wear on your first day at the gym? Or do you stand in a dilemma facing your closet contemplating on what to wear? These are some of the many thoughts which we are bombarded with, so what is that ideal combination? That secret fashion code? Well, we will get there! Hold your breath a little longer! Patience! Isn’t that the first rule of working out!

Fashion, as we know is dynamic, forever evolving, what was trendy yesterday, is a thing of the past now. Similarly, it is very important to stay in fashion while you’re exercising, because when you look at yourself in one of those many mirrors of the gym, an off coloured or faded t-shirt, a shabby and unclean shoe and pants ideally meant for your bedtime are certainly going to put you off! Whereas a cool and swanky new sports t-shirt, a sporty pair of shoes and a classy set of joggers will not only make you feel upbeat about yourself, but it will also give you that extra gallon of fuel which you will need to finish that crucial last set of yours. Alright so let us now look at what I feel one should wear to the gym to meet their fitness as well as their fashion goals!

So why did I choose this particular outfit? What is so special about it? Would this solve your problem of staring at your wardrobe without any productive outcome? Well first let us dwell into the utility of this particular outfit.

Now to shed those extra kilos which you put on after hogging through that widespread buffet last night would require some running complimented with some basic abs exercises and I am betting that you don’t want to sweat profusely and end all your energy on the treadmill. So in this regard,  the right type of t-shirt will do wonders for you as it would not only allow the sweat to settle in, but it will also ease your run on the treadmill by maintaining your body temperature.


Also, you need a pair of proper of running shoes as it will increase your mobility, speed and will also act as a cushion in preventing pain in your ankles and lower back. If you’re an outdoor person and you enjoy going for a morning run, this particular outfit would definitely raise a number of awestruck eyebrows! So what are you waiting for! Dawn those swanky shoes and hit the road!

That’s it? So much fuss for so little? Hold onto your horses, don’t fret so soon, there’s more to it than meets the eye! So what are the things we have to keep in mind while selecting our work our clothes? Some of the basic requirements are the comfort factor which is of utmost importance since you need to be at ease while on go about lifting weights or doing free hand exercises.

The stretchability of the clothes is also an integral part in choosing your outfit because when we work out on a particular body part, the muscles tend to expand and you will automatically notice a pump in that particular body part and hence it is of utmost importance to let the muscles expand freely.

While working out, the degree of mobility and flexibility also plays a key role in determining the quality of the entire workout.  The durability and resistance of our outfit is an important aspect of selecting that gym wear since you wouldn’t want your t-shirt to rip off while you’re performing high- intensity workouts or while you are lifting weights.

Given the fundamentals behind choosing the outfit, I am all in praises for HRX, which not only adds the glam quotient to their apparels but also fills in all the loopholes in the grievance department. Not only are the attires trendy and eye-catching  but they also make the workout process easier and comfortable.

I have always been a jacket fanatic and I have a certain inclination towards sports jackets. These particular jackets are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also add an aura to your gym look. You could wear these jackets over your t-shirt or you could just wear them with that favorite jogger of yours.

Hey folks, thank you for taking out some time and going through this post. I hope I have been able to give you an insight into how I feel about choosing the right attire for working out. Please feel free to give me your suggestions and feedback’s and stay tuned for my next blog.


  1. HRX navy running shoes
  2. HRX Blue Training Round Neck T-shirt
  3. Kook N Keech Brown Track Pants

Thank you! Until the next time.



The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit

Hey Belles,

Can you think of a more relaxed outfit choice than a loose minimal jumpsuit? I can’t! A good jumpsuit is a definite closet must-have. Dressed up or down, this outfit is always in vogue.

Sometimes, I am in a real hurry and I need to figure out ways to simplify my look and yet manage to look chic. Jumpsuits are the first thing that comes to my mind ever.

Mix and match your look

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I love lightweight jumpsuits. Probably the easiest piece you can ever wear and still look chic, and yet you can still dress it down by layering a top underneath or throwing a light jacket over.

I chose the former option. I have paired my olive jumpsuit with black and white striped off-shoulder top and striped shoes.

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

This top was lying in my closet for some time. It’s a crop top by FabAlley. I had got it to team up with a skater skirt or high waist jeans. After few months itself, it was out of my mind. Yesterday, when I was back home after shopping this jumpsuit, I was looking for a basic top to club it with.

I have always heard this notion that two basic items don’t match well or can’t pull off a chic and stylish look. This notion was proved wrong!

Beat the heat

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

In my view, I cannot look good in anything unless I am comfortable in them. With rising temperature every day, I cannot downplay my outfit every day.Sometimes, getting dressed on a hot day becomes such a blister that I can barely make myself throw on an oversized dress. This minimal jumpsuit is a great solution when all you chase in an outfit is lightness and relaxation.

look out for the fit

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

There are multiple ways you can style this jumpsuit as well. I choose solid colours most of the times because I know they are easy to team up. When you are looking for a jumpsuit, the fit is always important, this is why I am obsessed with this beautiful piece. Right from the fabric to fit, everything is so perfect!

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Good news for H & M shoppers

I picked this jumpsuit by H & M which is one of my most favourite brands. I was always disappointed with the store closure time in Bangalore, which was 8 p.m. Rejoice fellow H&M lovers. Our favourite store will be open until 10 p.m. every day from 23rd April 2017 onwards. Isn’t it great news?

Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Do share your likes and dislikes about jumpsuits in the comments section below. As always, your comments make my day!

Until the next time, stay awesome!


What I wore:

JumpSuit by H&M

Sneakers by Pantaloons

Top by Faballey

Watch by DKNY

Have been cold shouldered and I love it!

Hey Belles,

It’s finally Friday and the weekend starts! I hate summers because of the hot weather and humid climate. But one thing I love about it is I can wear all lovely and cute floral dresses. It’s April and I already know that I am going to wear dress and sneakers combo throughout the summer. It’s so uncomplicated and looks so cool.

The cold shoulder trend

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

If you remember my off-shoulder blog post, I have already mentioned that this summer is all about flaunting your shoulder. You could go totally off the shoulder or you play it safe by showing just a peek in a cold shoulder top or dress. Cold shoulder trend is not leaving us anytime soon. It’s globally popular style that shows a refined amount of skin and makes you look sassy.

Why cold shoulder dress over off-shoulder?

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger


I love off-shoulder dress a lot but I find wearing them every time a bit difficult. The first issue comes with those uneasy strapless bras. Secondly, anytime I raise my hands, my off-shudder top creeps up and I need to adjust it repeatedly. I am sure that is stopping you as well from wearing off-shoulders. So, if you want to come out the same shell and still be trendy, try cold shoulder dress/top.

My floral cold shoulder dress

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

As soon as summer hits, I start looking for floral dresses. It gives such a fresh feeling wearing them. I picked up this floral cold shoulder dress from myntra.com. For a summer day, a floral dress is must have in your closet. A floral dress with cold shoulders is just an add on to the dress which is already so trendy. I chose this gorgeous piece as the colours on this dress are so vibrant.

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

This dress is coral red with blue woven floral print.It has A- lined, three-quarter sleeves with cold shoulders which make it look very dazzling.

How to style your cold shoulder dress

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger


This dress is so much in the trend that we don’t have to put lots of effort to look impressive. I love minimal or no accessories during summer. That’s the main reason I selected a floral piece. I have paired my cold shoulder dress with my tan sneakers with a cute bracelet. Hey and don’t miss out the rose gold leaf earring which perfectly matches with my rose gold watch and glitters on my shoes.

cold shoulder - Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Until the next time, stay awesome!

What I wore:
Dress by Sera
Watch by Casio Sheen
Shoes by Westside
Photos by Candid Snaps

What to shop for in a SALE?

Hey Belles

SALE! Does that sound grab your attention as well? I love shopping during a sale. In today’s post, I shall be sharing what, where and how to buy during a sale. Read carefully so that you imbibe all the tips and get the bang out of your buck in any sale, online or offline.

It is always a good idea to shop and find items you love or which have been on your wishlist for a while at great prices. Being a woman, I always love a sale or a good bargain, either I am shopping online or in a brick and mortar store. So fasten your seat belts, I have 8 convincing items in my list you can buy during a sale.


Your closet basics

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I usually keep a tab on my basics like plain t-shirts, solid polo t-shirts, jeans, shorts, cargos, t-shirt dress, tracks, etc. These are few commonly used outfits that stand by me for a hassle-free look. I have plenty of them and I still haven’t stopped shopping them as I need them most of the times. These are the few items which are not outdated as soon as they are in.

I shop them during a sale and stock them for the upcoming seasons. If you haven’t stocked your basics for this summer try buying them tonight itself in Myntra’s Big Blockbuster sale.

Shoes you admire the mostSale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

If you really adore those sneakers/sports shoes that are so comfortable to walk with, what is stopping you from buy more of them and be as stylish as you can be? I know what’s the catch, it’s the price factor. I love Adidas originalNikeike, Asics, Vans, Steve maddens, Reebok Classic, Converse and Puma sneakers so much as they not only ooze style but are comfortable too.

Could you relate to the price by names itself? Yes, they all are pretty expensive and it’s not possible for a common girl like me to buy all of them during regular days. So, I wait for a sale always to grab them. Most of the times I am lucky enough to get the best ones at really affordable prices.


The oh so stylish watch!

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger The days when watches were a mere time telling device are long gone. Now, it’s an uber-cool fashion accessory to be paired with your outfits. Naturally, more the better. Sadly, a prized watch is probably the most expensive item in this list! Invest in ones which are timeless, affordable luxury and would last you for years to come.

Quite a few aspirational brands like Fossil, Micheal Kors, Guess, Seiko, Skagen, etc. are available in India now. Add your pick to wishlist and complete the purchase during a sale. Saving a substantial amount won’t hurt your purse!


Jackets/ Shrug / Long Shirts for layering

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I know it’s  summer and who bothers to buy jackets. Isn’t it? Being a Bangalorean, I keep a lightweight jacket or shrug always handy. It’s raining in Bangalore since past 3 days. Those, including me, who commute using their bikes or scooters have a  high chance of getting stuck in traffic due to rain. Why not keep a wind cheater handy in your work bag?

Shrugs and long shirt are so much in trend and used for layering these days. For me, their prices are not justified as per the utility because I don’t use just one. I always try to grab them during a sale. Girls are so crazy about them. Buy at least one of them. It adds up to your look gracefully.


Makeup essentials and cosmetics

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Yes, Makeup essentials! There are few makeup products I have been using them since years like L’Oreal make-up remover, Maybelline gel liner, etc. A few years back I got a good deal during the Big Billion Sale by Flipkart and since then, I stock them during a sale itself. So, if you know your cosmetic staples well, stock them when the price is low. Saving up to 25 % in cosmetics is really a good deal!


Home Furnishing

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Ah! This is a fresh addition to my shopping list. I started focusing on buying home furnishing since I got married.  Now I buy so many home furnishing stuff like groovy cushion covers, artefacts, lamp shades, etc. as I love to decorate my home. If these interest you, do check out cushion covers of SEJ by Nisha Gupta in Myntra.


Fitness Apparel

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

These days, fitness apparels are not just used as gym or exercise wear. Athleisure is becoming famous day by day and I use them during travelling as well. Off course, I want to be as comfortable as I can be. These apparels do not get outdated soon. For me, they are an extension of basics in my wardrobe.


Electronic Gadgets

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

It might sound funny to you but I chose to become a telecommunication engineer 11 years back because I am a gadget freak. I love electronic items, especially mobile phones. In the last 15 years, I have changed more than 20 handsets. At one point of time frequency of buying them fell as the ones I aspired for were always so expensive.

If you are someone like me, I am sure you cannot stop buying them even if they cost an arm and a leg. I devised two ways to buy them at reasonable prices. First, I walk to the nearest store to discover the deal of the month or week. Secondly, I wait for those big sale days by online markets.



Moral of the story is – if you know the value of each Rupee earned by you and still cannot control on your wishlist items, wait for the sale, if you can! These days all stores (online and brick and mortar) run promotional campaigns frequently.

In the present age, Lalita Ji (that vintage Surf ad) would have quipped, ” Sale me kharidari me hi samajhdari hai!”

Happy shopping.

#OOTD T-shirt feat PrintOctopus

Hey Belles!! How are you doing? I am very excited to show you next product from the Printoctopus goodie box. It is something which reflects who I am. It’s a graphic t-shirt by Printoctopus which screams out loud #OOTD.

Love for T-shirt

I am a so t-shirt kind of girl. Always have been and probably always will be. For sure I wear different outfits as well, but for sure nothing can beat a comfortable t-shirt, preferably with some sort of antiquated, obscure, or flat-out offensive message emblazoned upon it. Oh yes, I am one of those types who likes a good vintage t-shirt. They look cool, and plus they fit great!

Different ways to style your tees

You would think that LBD or your black pumps are the most versatile piece in your closet. While those are certainly up there on the list, it’s the graphic T-shirt, that’s the true closet hero. Seriously, due to the basic nature of a tee, you can style it in a multitude of ways, for just about every occasion.

To prove it, I will be showing you 8 different ways to style your favourite graphic tees, which would help if you are looking for a new way to wear your favourite t-shirt for the weekend, office, or anywhere in between. I will be sharing all the timeless looks which you can probably choose as your go to look. So let the ball roll!

Tuck it into high waist shorts

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

What else can make you feel so comfortable and stylish other that a t-shirt and high-waist shorts? They are so trendy and chic this summer.  And most important, you would be ready in a snap. I have teamed up these peach high waist shorts with my current favourite peach coloured sneakers and simply love the look!

Go for the monochromatic look

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

This particular t-shirt is black and classic with one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Why not make this a timeless classic by pairing it with a similar coloured short skirt and boots!

Say hello to the pencil skirt

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

I know! I know! Whenever you here word t-shirt either the teenager or kiddish look comes to your mind. But do we really go with the rulebook always? I am for sure not a person who plays by the book. Pair your tees with a tailored pencil skirt and you are ready for the night out!

Tuck it into a high-waist jeans

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

A small change in your regular look might make a huge difference. If you don’t trust me then ditch your regular skinny jeans and pair your graphic t-shirt with a high-waist boot cut jeans. Throw in your favourite pair of shades as well. You would definitely feel you are ready to rock the world for a day outing.

Pair it with a tailored trouser

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

Who says you cannot wear your favourite tees in a formal occasion? I am truly in love with these pleated trousers sold by almost every brand this summer. They are so comfortable. All I had to do is pair them with the right t-shirt and was ready for a meeting over coffee.

Torn jeans are still trendy

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

We all have at least one pair of ripped jeans. Pair your favourite torn jeans with this #OOTD t-shirt and accessorise it with bright coloured pumps and bag. You will look fabulous wearing them.

Printed trousers with tees. Why not!

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

For a sweltering summer day, if you are looking to put on something comfortable and lightweight, try printed loose fit trousers with this graphic tee. I bet you will feel relaxed wearing them without compromising on your style.

Wear it with classic shorts for the carefree look

Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees

Since the time I have started watching Hollywood movies, I have loved those beige shorts worn by movie stars. This look is my all time favourite and this will never get outdated. All you need to do is pair your graphic t-shirt with beige shorts.

If you liked this #OOTD tee by PrintOctopus, you can get it online here. Besides black, you have the option of light blue, white, navy and baby pink colours to choose from.

I am sure you lovely ladies can come up with many more exciting ideas to carry off a graphic tee in style. Please share your ideas in comments below. Let’s make it a summer to remember with hashtag tees.

By the way, you can also check out these exciting product categories like Men’s T-shirt, Women’s T-shirt, Phone Covers, Canvas Prints and Mousepads.

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - PrintOctopus


Photos by Candid Snaps

Colorful Mobile Cover feat PrintOctopus

Hey belles!

How was your weekend? Hope you had an awesome time. If you remember my previous post, I was pursuing my passion of clicking photos. Well, I was looking to replace my mobile cover as well. And lo! I received a goodie box from PrintOctopus.

About PrintOctopus

Namrata - My Closet Diary - Bangalore Fashion Blogger - PrintOctopus

PrintOctopus is an online store for premium quality and customised printed merchandise. You can choose trendy designs from a host of showcased Indian artists to create unique customised merchandise that is cool and oh-so-you.

PrintOctopus is a one-stop solution for all your customisation needs – whether you want funky stylish comfortable cotton t-shirts, matte finish hard phone covers/cases for your smartphone and handsets, posters and canvas prints to brighten up your walls, or mousepads which you can proudly call your own – simply indulge yourself! They have awesome designs and quirky merchandise designed by artists from all over India.

You can shop online from anywhere in India, and your products will be delivered to you right at your doorstep. They offer Free Delivery, Cash on Delivery (COD) and accept PayTM as well, so there are no obstacles between you and your favourite merchandise.

The Mobile Cover

Namrata - My Closet Diary - Bangalore Fashion Blogger - PrintOctopus

I received this cool mobile cover for my Iphone 6S from Printoctopus team. You can also get colourful covers/cases for iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi, HTC,  Lg-Nexus This is really cute and colourful. I can match it with my pink makeup and trendy outfits. It has a matte finish to hold off scratches for that unblemished look. If you hold a smartphone that is a genius piece of today’s engineering, It’s very important that you need a phone cover to protect it.

Why PrintOctopus?

Namrata - My Closet Diary - Bangalore Fashion Blogger - PrintOctopus

We can find phone cover seller anywhere these days, be it streets, shopping malls, online etc. Now the toughest decision is which one to choose. Isn’t it? The market is so much saturated with these phone cover designs that phone cover designers are trying to create something new every day.

Printoctopus is one of those creative phone cover/case designers that helps your phone stand out in the crowd. They have over 60 different genres of designs to choose from. In fact, if you are feeling spirited, you could create your unique designs and ask PrintOctopus to print it for your phone.

Browse through products here.

Create your designs here

A Designer or an Artist?

Going further, if you are a graphic designer or an artist, you could even sell your designs on PrintOctopus. Who wouldn’t want to make some cash?

Sell your designs at PrintOctopus here

I Click Photography Workshop for Women with Canon India

Hey Belles!

How is your week turning out so far? Waiting for the weekend to do something exciting? Well, I am planning to pursue an old passion. All thanks to the Canon India team who inspired and reminded me something I really love. And that’s photography.

My passion

I have been passionate about photography many since years but had access to just mobile phones and point and shoot cameras.  I was never keen to buy into a DSLR system. In fact, I was never aware of the difference a DSLR, paired with a good lens can make.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

During my wedding, I was determined to get the best photographer to capture my precious moments.I found Nitin, who is one of the best photographers, I have known. He made my wedding so memorable that I still can not get over those photographs.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

A renewed interest

This event renewed my photography bug and I finally bit the DSLR bug few months of my wedding. To learn photography, I have followed various online video channels such as Academy of Photography, Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Jason Lanier, etc. I was a good learner but somewhere I felt that I might not get a tag of a “proper” photographer because there are so many who are far better than me.

Biting the bullet

In the past year, trying to juggle my passion with a regular job, I was making slow progress. My husband (Sid) and I usually go together for photoshoots. Sometimes, when either of us is busy, we go solo. I have hated those moments when I use to say my clients that I will be coming alone as my husband is occupied with some other work. And then they use to ask would I be able to manage alone? How would I travel alone? And the never ending questions.

The event

Last month, Sid was scrolling through Facebook and he came across an ad by Canon India – I  Click Photography Workshop for women. This event looked interesting to me more because it was organised by a woman for women.

I attended this event on 8th of April 2017 at The Chancery Pavillion, Bangalore . Canon India team gave a warm welcome to all women present there. While registering, I was presented a welcome kit which included the book “Mastering Digital Photography – Fundamentals”. We were shown a webinar with which CEO of canon team encouraged and welcomed us. After that the event was handled by Sowmya, our mentor.

Our mentor Sowmya, is a well-known wedding photographer in Bangalore and has covered around 200 weddings across the globe.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

3 Ps of Photography

She started the workshop with her journey in the world of photography. She made it clear that one can not become a photographer as soon as she is out of this workshop. We need to have three P’s in our life to become a good photographer. they are:

  1. Passion
  2. Practice
  3. Patience

I loved the way she explained the difference between a picture and a photograph. Photographs are way beyond just clicking a picture. We need to create a story so that even if we look at those photos after years we can relate to it and photos should speak everything.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

The Workshop

  • Challenges in Digital Photography
  • Basic Tips & Techniques to click Candid, Still Life and Nature photography
  • Focus of subject to create Visual Appeal
  • Composition & Visualization basics
  • How to get your Photography work noticed

Session held was very interactive and she answered everyone’s doubt very patiently. I met like minded women over there. By the end of the seminar, I could realize where I stood in the field of photography.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

Meeting women photographers

I met people who were skilled and had little knowledge like me. There were girls who wanted to learn photography and buy their first DSLR. They had an effect or picture in mind, however,  they had no clue of the correct settings to get that effect. There were some who knew how to compose a picture but they struggled to click them with the right exposure. I am sure each one of them went home with vital knowledge that would help immensely in their passion or profession.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

We got ample of time to interact with like-minded women over refreshments. After having snacks everyone took out their camera and mobile phone and started clicking pictures of the objects at display in the lobby. Women over there approached our mentor Sowmya first to learn photography practically. She was patient and helped most of us individually. As she was outnumbered, we helped each other out. All of us were so much curious to learn. We all created a group on WhatsApp so that we can meet later and continue this learning with help of each other.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

Staying connected

It was a weekend so I had to go to a party that evening. After I reached home, on going through the messages in the group, I learnt that girls were eager to take up a 30 days challenge to thoroughly practice their freshly acquired photography skills. I was happy to take part in it and would be clicking more and more pictures in days to come. Yes, of course, I would be sharing those clicks here, in my blog or in my Instagram account.

Did you notice that there is only one picture of me in this post ? Well, I was the one behind the camera this time.

8 Reasons To Fall In Love With Designer Sarees


Relish the poise we get as a heritage from our Mom – and that poise’s name is Saree. Where a belle is all

confused with LBD or red dress, a true fashionista will break the shackles of norms by wearing a sexy

saree. This drape proves that elegance can also bring out sass from inside you. Isn’t it?

Remember, the first time when your Mom had helped you to drape a saree. Whether it was for a college

farewell or prom night, with saree you will be always ready to kill the boredom. The ethnic wear is not

only perfect for a particular say traditional time but an awesome pick as a casual one. In nutshell, a

woman in saree is just unbeatable. But, why!? Here are the perfect reasons:

Definitely, To Show Off Our Curves

Of course, what can show off women curves better than sarees!? It’s all upon you, how much you wish

to show off this time in the gala. Even the type of gala also decides the most of the type of draping a


Are you ready?

A Perfect Combination Of Elegance & Sass

You don’t need to show off your curves to showcase your sass but a kind draping will be enough to

portray your attitude. So, what’s your pick for today?

It’s All Roomy

Depending on the occasion and your mood to what to wear, you can buy sarees online. It can be as

heavy as original Banarsi silk saree or as a laid back piece as cotton sarees. It’s all upon you!

Reasons To Shop More For Accessories

You got so many things – bangles, neckpiece, bindi, clutch, hand harness, nose ring or chain, earrings,

maang tikka and the list will go on as you want more and more. So, don’t worry lady, you have ample of

reasons to continue the list and no one will ever blame you!

Need Not To Think Much About Footwear

What about a pair of boots? Yes really, you can wear whatever you like and strut off the road like a boss.

You must remember Kangana’s spunk look in traditional golden hue saree which she had paired with tan

shoes. So girls, drape your saree as you want it.

Never Ending Types Of Sarees

Yes, it’s really a never-ending soiree. And they are South’s Kanjeevaram, Konrad, Mysore crepes,

Pochampallis and Puttapakshi sarees, North’s Banarasi brocade saree, Kota Doria, Kota Jali, anchois,

amru brocades, Shikargarh brocades, tissues, Jamavar sarees, East’s Baluchari, Tant, Kantha silk, and etc.

are the major choices of sarees. But dear, these are some handful names and you can explore 10 times

than this.

Connection With Bollywood

Bollywood is the pinnacle of everyone’s fashion and this how common people start a style statement; by

inspiring themselves from another fashionista. Be it sassy Kareena Kapoor, now international faces like

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, and etc, are the beautiful examples of women who look

wonderful in sarees as well as in their casuals. Connect your fashion zeal with their newly adopted styles

of draping sarees. Fashion week ramps are also a great way to learn new draping styles such as dhoti

style saree, pant style saree and etc.

Even this is your another reason to buy online sarees.

A Great Traditional & Casual Pick

Be it your casual walk with your beau or dinner date, saree will always help you to look outstanding in

the crowd. And festive or your bridal time needs no extra reason when choosing traditional Indian


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