What to shop for in a SALE?

Hey Belles

SALE! Does that sound grab your attention as well? I love shopping during a sale. In today’s post, I shall be sharing what, where and how to buy during a sale. Read carefully so that you imbibe all the tips and get the bang out of your buck in any sale, online or offline.

It is always a good idea to shop and find items you love or which have been on your wishlist for a while at great prices. Being a woman, I always love a sale or a good bargain, either I am shopping online or in a brick and mortar store. So fasten your seat belts, I have 8 convincing items in my list you can buy during a sale.


Your closet basics

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I usually keep a tab on my basics like plain t-shirts, solid polo t-shirts, jeans, shorts, cargos, t-shirt dress, tracks, etc. These are few commonly used outfits that stand by me for a hassle-free look. I have plenty of them and I still haven’t stopped shopping them as I need them most of the times. These are the few items which are not outdated as soon as they are in.

I shop them during a sale and stock them for the upcoming seasons. If you haven’t stocked your basics for this summer try buying them tonight itself in Myntra’s Big Blockbuster sale.

Shoes you admire the mostSale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

If you really adore those sneakers/sports shoes that are so comfortable to walk with, what is stopping you from buy more of them and be as stylish as you can be? I know what’s the catch, it’s the price factor. I love Adidas originalNikeike, Asics, Vans, Steve maddens, Reebok Classic, Converse and Puma sneakers so much as they not only ooze style but are comfortable too.

Could you relate to the price by names itself? Yes, they all are pretty expensive and it’s not possible for a common girl like me to buy all of them during regular days. So, I wait for a sale always to grab them. Most of the times I am lucky enough to get the best ones at really affordable prices.


The oh so stylish watch!

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger The days when watches were a mere time telling device are long gone. Now, it’s an uber-cool fashion accessory to be paired with your outfits. Naturally, more the better. Sadly, a prized watch is probably the most expensive item in this list! Invest in ones which are timeless, affordable luxury and would last you for years to come.

Quite a few aspirational brands like Fossil, Micheal Kors, Guess, Seiko, Skagen, etc. are available in India now. Add your pick to wishlist and complete the purchase during a sale. Saving a substantial amount won’t hurt your purse!


Jackets/ Shrug / Long Shirts for layering

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I know it’s  summer and who bothers to buy jackets. Isn’t it? Being a Bangalorean, I keep a lightweight jacket or shrug always handy. It’s raining in Bangalore since past 3 days. Those, including me, who commute using their bikes or scooters have a  high chance of getting stuck in traffic due to rain. Why not keep a wind cheater handy in your work bag?

Shrugs and long shirt are so much in trend and used for layering these days. For me, their prices are not justified as per the utility because I don’t use just one. I always try to grab them during a sale. Girls are so crazy about them. Buy at least one of them. It adds up to your look gracefully.


Makeup essentials and cosmetics

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Yes, Makeup essentials! There are few makeup products I have been using them since years like L’Oreal make-up remover, Maybelline gel liner, etc. A few years back I got a good deal during the Big Billion Sale by Flipkart and since then, I stock them during a sale itself. So, if you know your cosmetic staples well, stock them when the price is low. Saving up to 25 % in cosmetics is really a good deal!


Home Furnishing

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Ah! This is a fresh addition to my shopping list. I started focusing on buying home furnishing since I got married.  Now I buy so many home furnishing stuff like groovy cushion covers, artefacts, lamp shades, etc. as I love to decorate my home. If these interest you, do check out cushion covers of SEJ by Nisha Gupta in Myntra.


Fitness Apparel

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

These days, fitness apparels are not just used as gym or exercise wear. Athleisure is becoming famous day by day and I use them during travelling as well. Off course, I want to be as comfortable as I can be. These apparels do not get outdated soon. For me, they are an extension of basics in my wardrobe.


Electronic Gadgets

Sale- MyClosetDiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

It might sound funny to you but I chose to become a telecommunication engineer 11 years back because I am a gadget freak. I love electronic items, especially mobile phones. In the last 15 years, I have changed more than 20 handsets. At one point of time frequency of buying them fell as the ones I aspired for were always so expensive.

If you are someone like me, I am sure you cannot stop buying them even if they cost an arm and a leg. I devised two ways to buy them at reasonable prices. First, I walk to the nearest store to discover the deal of the month or week. Secondly, I wait for those big sale days by online markets.



Moral of the story is – if you know the value of each Rupee earned by you and still cannot control on your wishlist items, wait for the sale, if you can! These days all stores (online and brick and mortar) run promotional campaigns frequently.

In the present age, Lalita Ji (that vintage Surf ad) would have quipped, ” Sale me kharidari me hi samajhdari hai!”

Happy shopping.