Tank It Up


I have always felt that tanks are underrated when it comes to sporting one outdoors and we seldom confine our tanks, some of them being quite trendy, quirky, most of them come with great pick up lines not to forget! behind the closed doors of our houses and why? Because we feel comfortable and why comfortable? Because they tend to be our best mates during summer! So at the backdrop of the said things, why restrict something so comfortable, light in texture and yet so stylish and trendy for indoor purposes?

What is comfortable is also fashionable in every sense, so let’s shrug of the visual stereotypes which we ourselves mostly abide by! Cheers to a more cool and comfortable beginning!

The focal point of this blog is to showcase a few combinations which I feel is surely going to make you stand out from the tried and tired combinations around you (just talking about clothes)!

Finding “The One”

Hold on, I am not going to lecture you about relationships or solve your dilemma about which Smartphone you should go for! Ring any bells? That uphill task of choosing the right tank? Not to forget that unique print? Because plain is so in vain! Had a long stare at your wardrobe? Nothing conclusive? Well, take my advice, without a frown go for that brown!

A printed brown tank is pretty uncommon and the ideal combination here would be to pair it with ripped jeans and since you are already sporting a tank of a darker color tone, a lighter shade of denim would satiate your thirst of getting that perfect look, not to forget that classy and prized reflector of yours! The last ingredient is the most important, not talking about your favorite dish over here! Shades folks! A brown reflector would be apt!

Let Your Denim Do The Talking

Aren’t we all crazy behind denim shirts? Quite rightly so! They always notch up the glam quotient so why not combine a denim shirt with a tank? Yes? No? Would seem like a Wardrobe malfunction?

Boy oh boy, now doesn’t that look dapper?Well if you don’t experiment with your clothes, if you just stick to the tried and tested and the usual stereotypes, you would be restricting your own growth, so be bold with your attire, because ideally, your attire speaks for you!


Street style

Street style is synonymous with casual, comfortable, not to forget, funky and quirky. Street style generally symbolizes a casual outing with friends so the basic idea here would be to portray a smart look consisting of a complete set of casuals and I have got just the look for you!

A bright colored tank with an adage,  dark green chinos and a killer attitude, you are bound to rule the streets (Let’s not get literal now)!You could sport this look without sunglasses too!

Shades on?  It’s totally up to you! And the weather not to forget!

These are some of the many looks which you could sport if you are planning to wear a tank during your next outing.

Clothes have voices too, so the expression is not just limited to verbal communication, an expression is basically how we present ourselves. The way we dress up, the attention that we give to every minute detail before leaving our house, this entire process is a form of expression

Let expression flow freely; wear what you like, experiment with your wardrobe, and stay tuned for my next post.

Thank you. Until next time.