The truth about belly fat

Hey Belles! This is going to be my second post regarding fitness. I have been a bit inconsistent – I apologise for that! Today I will be focusing on how to get a flat stomach. Everything I will be sharing is out of personal experience.

My struggle with belly fat

Well, I am a very health conscious person and usually, watch what I eat. At the same time, I love to indulge now and then as well. So, the question is how do I manage to stay in shape?

Since last few months, I was tending towards an unhealthy life resulting in a bloated face and tummy. Sometimes we actually do not become fat overall but we just gain belly fat.

While the whole world was questioning me on becoming fat, I could not figure it out as I was able to fit in all my outfits. Lately, I realised I am gaining fat over my belly and the face.

The reasons for gaining belly fat

  1. Fruit Juices/Sugary Beverages – We equate fruit juices to a healthy choice. However, juices are little more than a cocktail of fructose(fruit sugar) with most of the nutrients leached out. Added sugar in juices makes matter worse. Our body NEEDS fibre from whole fruits.Try to choose whole fruits over their juices. look out for “100 %” or”no added sugar” on the pack, If there is no other way.
  2. Low-fiber Diet – It’s a continuation of the point above. We have substituted whole food with refined food in most of our diet. Maida instead of whole wheat, refined sugar over honey, polished rice, etc. Lack of fibre in your diet leads to a bloated tummy and constipation.
  3. Wrong workout or Non-Challenging Workout– You might be regular at walking or running and could still find it hard to shed stubborn belly fat. Cardio workout will alone not help you to reduce belly fat. You need a combination of cardio and weights.To burn stubborn fat you need to ramp up your workouts. You need to workout at full intensity because the end goal is to burn more calories, and high-intensity exercise does just that.
  4. Processed Food– Refined grains like bread, ready to eat food, packaged breakfast, chips and cakes increase inflammation in our body. Belly fat is related to inflammation, so consuming too many processed foods will, in turn, give you belly fat. Having wrong fats- Yes, that’s true, we cannot survive without fat and our body does not react to all kinds of fats equally. More intake of saturated fat such as red meat and dairy products increase fat deposits in our body. On the other hand use of olive oil, sunflower seeds and fish are good for our belly. If taken in moderation it’s good for our body. But, ingesting too much fat of any kind increases your calorie intake and could lead to weight gain, so enjoy healthy fats in optimum quantity.
  5. Stress– In this fast moving life, we all are somewhere stressed. Stress can be anything; deadlines at work, bills, personal life issues etc. Whatever is the reason for your stress, having too much of it can lead you towards unwanted weight gain especially on your middle body. It is due to the stress hormone cortisol, which may increase the amount of fat your body and increases your fat cells.
  6. Skimping on sleep– If you are not able to sleep a minimum of 6-7 hours you are surely going to gain weight. Especially in the case of women, we need to give proper rest to our body. If we avoid our proper sleep we will feel lazy and lethargic all the time and it leads to increase in our belly fat.
  7. Alcohol – Alchohol in moderation, especially red wine, is good for the heart. Nevertheless, you will probably be feeling pretty crappy after a binge session, load up on unhealthy food (both the night of and the day after) and skip the gym. Note- Try to limit the amount of alcohol you have on a night out, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink, and choose healthier options such as red wines.
  8. You are unmotivated–  The bottom line is if you are unmotivated towards your fitness goals and shedding belly fat, nobody else can put in the effort on your behalf. So, first ask yourself that are you committed to doing the work needed to lose belly fat? Getting rid of belly fat is neither easy nor impossible. It requires a combined approach of proper diet, sugar intake check and workout.

If you think you are alone in the struggle with belly fat, then you are wrong. I am one among you and currently, I have gained belly fat. It’s not prominently visible but I want to take precaution before somebody asks me that if I were pregnant.

I have decided to take a 30 days challenge to shed belly fat and gain overall fitness. Can we take this challenge together?