Coloured hair care by Schwarzkopf

I got my hair coloured after 2 years and this is the first time I have got it done globally. I was eager to go for global highlights but was little worried about the possible damage to my hair. Of course, before getting my hair coloured I did do research on coloured hair care and in fact on salon and stylists.

Colouring the day red

It was quite a long day when I got my hair coloured. My stylist took almost two and half hours for the complete procedure and while stepping out I was in hurry and forgot to buy L’Oréal’s professional conditioner and shampoo.

I had to buy a conditioner as well because it is a must for coloured hair. The next day I  stepped into Health & Glow store. It now has a neatly laid out separate section for professional hair care products.

I spotted Schwarzkopf’s products over there and it looked interesting to me. I bought Schwarzkopf’s conditioner and hair masque as I wanted to try their professional range came. It has been a little over 2 weeks now that I have been using it and I don’t regret choosing it over L’Oréal.

The Conditioner

Coloured hair care - Namrata - Bangalore based India Fashion blogger

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Color conditioner was an alternative to my usual preference, the L’Oréal’s conditioner. My hair is a little frizzy – it settles the day after of a head bath and on the second day it turns oily.

I am wary of conditioners as I want to avoid excessive use of chemical products. That being said, conditioners are unavoidable for coloured hair. Even if you don’t want to shampoo your hair you have to use conditioner whenever you wash your hair.

Coming back to the product, it is totally worth the price paid for. In fact, it serves more than I excepted it to be.

The Masque

Coloured hair care - Namrata - Bangalore based India Fashion blogger

As I have mentioned above, even if you don’t want to shampoo your hair, you need to use a good conditioner, whenever you wash your hair. This masque goes a step beyond for coloured and fine hair.

This is really beneficial for colour protection, hair repair and strengthening. It consists of liquidised crystals and UV filter which provides extra protection to my hair and works as a hair treatment at home.

You can feel the result after 1 minute of application. My hair feels soft, smooth and manageable after using the masque.

The Shampoo

Coloured hair care - Namrata - Bangalore based India Fashion blogger

To prevent water from leaching out hair colour, I selected Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Colour Shampoo.

It’s not advised to shampoo coloured hair often but we need to wash our hair at least twice a week, especially in this summer.  Again, I feel the overall feel of these products is amazing and they are an absolute value for money.

So, this was the review of the 3 products I have moved to,  for my coloured hair care. However, do not limit yourself to any product usage. Here are few more tips which might help you to prevent your coloured hair from damage.

Care tips for coloured hair

  • Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water.
  • Treat your coloured hair with a good conditioner.
  • Use home treatments as well.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often
  • Go for deep conditioning or hair spa once in a month
  • The best home remedy for glossy coloured hair is hot oil treatment
  • Watch your diet for healthy hair
  • Even if you love your long tresses, get it trimmed periodically