20 Closet Essentials for a Woman

Hey Belles! What are you up to? My birthday is around the corner and I am really excited for it. This excitement has not waned over the years and I used to be the same at 5!

As a kid, I wanted to birthday frock and tutu skirt on my birthday every year. Since the last year, I have noticed a change in my outfit preference and I do not tend towards chunky and jazzy outfits on my birthday.

Changing Preferences

I keep a close eye on my closet and closet basics nowadays. Hence, I thought of sharing these 20 closet essentials I think every woman should own, be in their teens, twenties or thirties.

The idea behind sharing closet essential is that all of us struggle right from our office wear to the Saturday evening outfit. Let us get organised and be prepared for any occasion in life. I doubt most of us out there would say no to owning these basics.

  1. Superb Sunglasses– While we have enjoyed wearing all funky and cool looking sunglasses, once you invest in a good, branded sunglasses, you would not step out without them.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  2. Denim Jacket– As a teenager, I have enjoyed wearing denim jackets a lot and then I lost my interest completely. After a decade denim jackets are back in fashion and now it is one of the closet essential for me.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  3. Black pumps– Black pumps are an evergreen closet essential. If you don’t have one yet or looking for a change in your black pumps go for a leather one.Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees
  4. Fine jewellery– With changing trend everywhere and every day, we love to wear junk jewellery all the time as they are easily affordable and one can have matching jewellery with all their outfits. I prefer a pair finely crafted necklace for my everyday wear.Jumpsuit- Summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  5. Classic white tee– I always feel white t-shirts are the timeless piece and undoubtedly a closet essential.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  6. Skin fit Jeans– When in doubt one can always go for that perfect pair of jeans. I love slim fit jeans as it gives an illusion of long legs. Opt slightly high rise jeans in case you want to accentuate the length of your legs.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  7. LBD– Definitely with a change in age and lifestyle I have cut down on parties. At times, I have to attend cocktail parties and evening outings. If you don’t want to buy lots of party wear dresses, go for a little black dress which is a closet essential again. Trust me it will never be out of vogue.
  8. Oversized sweaters– Being comfortable in my outfit is first preference always and oversized tops are the most stylish comfy clothes ever.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  9. Biker jacket -This is one of my most favourite jacket ever. For me, it solves many of my outfit problems, especially during winters. I can wear it with monk neck tops/dresses, on a crop top, etc.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  10. Nude pumps– Just like black pumps, you can mix and match nude pumps with most of the colours and patterns. The possibilities are endless.http://www.myclosetdiary.com/versatile-shirt-dress/
  11. Pencil skirt– Pencil skirts are no more limited to formals or work wear. One can wear pencil skirt from office to party or a day outing. I love the versatility of a pencil skirt and indeed it is a wardrobe essential.The un boring business casuals- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  12. Turtleneck/monk neck tops– Monk neck tops are any day an elegant pick and nobody can deny the fact.
  13. Boots– If there is one thing every woman needs in her closet, it is a great pair of boots. No matter what the shifting trends of the moment may be, a good pair of boots never goes out of style.Namrata- Myclosetdiary- #OOTD- Graphic tees
  14. Flat Sandals– Gone are they days I want to wear high heels. Especially, when there are so many cool flats available in the market and they are trendy enough. Why trouble your feet?Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  15. Pearl jewellery– Pear jewellery are so chic and goes with any kind of outfit.The un boring business casuals- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  16. Brogues– Yes, brogues.! They are no longer just a man’s shoes. I love wearing them with my skinny jeans and trousers.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  17. Striped tops/tees– I know, striped tops are basics but I wear them more than any other tops and tees I have in my closet. I don’t have to break my head on how to pair them, It can be worn with any kind of bottoms.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
  18. Everyday bag– Carry your essentials in style! Get a sturdy neutral tote bag which pairs with multiple outfits and doesn’t give up on you in the middle of a day.namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - 20 Closet Essentials
  19. Classic watch – Someone said, “Style changes, but elegance lasts forever.” Invest in an elegant watch with a classic dial. Believe me, a classic watch exudes charm and would blend in even with a pair of torn jeans and boots.
  20. Silk scarf – Protective gear or a stylish accessory – a silk scarf can play both the roles effortlessly. Get a good one.Namrata-Myclosetdiary- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Well, this was my take on 20 closet essentials. I would love to hear yours. Please do comment with your interpretation below.

Until the next time…