Healthy Snacking with SnackExperts

Who doesn’t love snacks? Hunger pangs can strike in between meals, out of boredom or even while travelling. All of us have been guilty of reaching out for a bite of our favourite snack.

Usually, it is in the form of deep-fried samosas or packaged foods like chips, wafers, fried nuts. Who could resist the oh-so-delicious looking cakes and muffins?

Even if you make sure your main meals conform to nutrition standards, unhealthy snacking can make your fitness goals go for a toss. Snacking need not be a cheat meal.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could satiate our in-between meal cravings, still being true to our health and nutrition needs?

The SnackExperts from Chennai

Snack Experts - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger

SnackExperts, a Chennai-based start-up aims to make our snacks healthy, falling back to the age old practices which used to be a part of our mom’s and grandma’s kitchen.

The company has spread out its snacks into interesting categories as – Sweety Retreats, Fruit nut Extravaganza, Fruits Fosterage, Scintillating Savouries, Sassy Seeds and Flapjack fairies

You can order them in a boxed set with three options.

  • A trial pack of 3 50g snack pouches at Rs 150
  • A regular box of 5 150g snack pouches at Rs 699
  • A jumbo box made up of 3 regular boxes, i.e. 15 150g pouches at Rs 1799 – enough to suffice a regular nuclear household for a month.

You can customise your healthy and tasteful snack boxes by choosing from a variety of 50+ snacks.

My Snack Box

Snack Experts - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger

The box I ordered had a pack each of – Ragi Crispies, Oats & Nuts Ladoo, Triberry Medley, Old Fashioned Nut Mix and Almond & Cinnamon Flapjack, which is a good mix of sweet and salted savouries.

The packing was thoughtful in use of re-sealable pouches to keep the snacks fresh for multiple use. You could even recycle the container box into a storage box.

Snack Experts - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger

All of these 50+ snacks are devoid of margarine’s, shortening agents, partially hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers, colouring agents and artificial dyes that pose threat to one’s health.

Don’t make an impression that since they are healthy, they must be quite bland. Should these snacks be consumed only by those who have given up on all the joys of life?

They were in fact quite tasteful and I did not miss the regular off the shelf snacks. You’ve got to try them out!

In today’s hectic lifestyle, don’t let unhealthy snacking compromise your nutrition and health goals. Carry a pack of one of the 50+ SnackExperts snacks with you and you’re sorted for the day.