The best jumpsuit by Shein India

Hey Peeps! Are you a fan of Catwoman? As soon as I saw this black jumpsuit bt Shein India, Catwoman was on my mind all the time. If you remember my Shein India wishlist post way back in June 2017, It’s a different season and a different year, however, you have got to admit that Shein (shipping from India since the last couple of months or so) has a variety of outfits and sometimes I feel Shein India is a “one-stop online store” for fashion lovers.

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Catwoman look has been fascinating me since the day I had seen Batman Returns ( I believe almost five years now). For me, her look was sinister yet avant-garde fashion. I remember Catwoman used to wear a leather bodysuit. This outfit by Shein India is not made up of leather. Still, the detailing and the colour makes me feel as powerful as Catwoman out on the prowl.

Shein India App

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

I have been a regular buyer at Shein India and you might have noticed me wearing their outfits often.  I hate to carry my laptop everywhere and limit its usage to blogging. So, I have downloaded Shein India app on my phone and prefer it over the website. It sounds funny but I shop mostly while I am commuting to various engagements. You know, you need some distraction from Bangalore’s traffic and the will to attend numerous events. Also, I have switched on the notification for Shein India app to know more about their offers and deals.

Shein India Online Shopping

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

We have been shopping online for a few years now. Still, sometimes I get bored of browsing through old collection all over again. Also, I find it really difficult to go to niche websites for shopping at the same time. I know it’s contradictory, but this is what we girls feel like. Too many options confuse us and few options turn us away. Shein India online shopping, I feel, is a right mix of fresh affordable fashion. You get a variety of products to choose from in given price range.

Shein India Review


I have received quite a few queries regarding their quality, delivery, shipping, sizing etc. I cannot speak for others, however, in my opinion, Shein India has made international fashion accessible to everyone. Shein India is a very pocket-friendly brand. I have bought products from the range of Rs 399- Rs 3,000. Thankfully, I have not had any reason to point finger at their product quality. The price versus quality very much meets my expectation. Moreover, I love the detailing on all their outfits.

Shein India dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogge

I got this cape sleeve surplice wrap tailoired jumpsuit for Rs 2,080. Having bought jumpsuits from many well known brands like Zara, Forver 21 and Chemistry in the past, I have never got such detailed outift at this price point. In fact, I have paid more beacuse I did not mind paying extra for a well known brand. However, did I really need to, if I had got a similar quality at a better price?

One thing I love most about this Catwoman jumpsuit by Shein India is that the material is really thick and it doesn’t stick to my body. The fabric is 95% polyester and 5% cotton. I can walk carefree with oodles of panache in this outfit. The look of the outfits gives a feeling that it’s body fit and maybe a little complicated. Trust me the feel of the outfit is entirely different. I am totally impressed with this jumpsuit by Shein India.

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Surplice sleeves are something we find rarely accessible to us coSurplice. Surplice sleeves are the extension of the regular cape. Few people also call it cloak sleeve. There is nothing wrong with trying something out of blue especially if it is available at such an affordable price. This high waisted V- neck jumpsuit with cloak sleeves makes me feel like a Catwoman and empowers me from within.

How I styled my jumpsuit by Shein India

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

The outfit is so complete in itself that I  didn’t feel the urge to overdo the look by layering. Isn’t it a relief? In fact, I am someone who likes to experiment with her looks quite often (Anyone remembers the haircut?). When an outfit does my work I am super delighted. To give it an appropriate look this season I have just added few things to it.

Zara India shoes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Right accessories are the key to making a statement. Here are the small things which make a huge difference:

  1. I have a heavy bust and long V-neck was making me conscious. To cover that I could have used tube but I wanted the neckline detailing to be visible. I decided to wear this beautiful layered necklace with the jumpsuit.
  2. I dig on clear eye shades. Although they seem contradictory for the purpose the add a dash of understated elegance to your look.
  3. Black is a classy colour and I cannot seem to have enough of it. It was a conscious decision to pair my black ceramic watch by DKNY with this Shein India jumpsuit.
  4. There is nothing more feminine than a woman wearing red lipstick and a red pair of heels. Red signifies love, energy, passion, strength, boldness and sparkle. Never be afraid to add an extra touch to your outfit.

Zara India Shoes- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Shein India dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

Shein India tops- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fashion blogger

What I Wore:

Jumpsuit by Shein India

Until the next time. Keep Shining.