New India – Cashless Cancer NGO

It won’t be an exaggeration if I assert that Cancer in India has assumed epidemic proportions.  India is likely to have over 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer and over 8.8 lakh deaths due to the disease by 2020 with cancers of breast, lung and cervix topping the list.It hits the poor, middle class and the rich equally. Don’t you wish there was a Cancer NGO to take care of the poor?

Vijay & Amrita Tata – a Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple has come up a great initiative in this direction and started a Cancer NGO- New India. The launch was on 21st of Feb 2018. I was privileged to be the part of the launch event. I learnt how, when and why they decided to start a cancer NGO. They have donated  Rs 200 Cr. for this cause. Out of which 100 Cr. was invested in 50 acres of land in Bangalore to a trust.

About SACCI- Saanchi Advanced Cancer Care Institute

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

India’s 1st Cashless Cancer NGO

They have donated 100 Crs. for this cancer NGO. Saanchi is their daughter and they have named this New India, cancer NGO after her. It was her birthday on 21 Feb when they decided to launch it.

New India will be coming up with the more great initiative in near future for unprivileged and unfortunate people among us. My father in law is undergoing lung cancer treatment and I know the pain a person and his family faces when they come across such health issue. My husband has witnessed lots of people begging near the hospital for money so that they can get their loved ones cured. I am really proud of this family who thought about poor and needy people. This cancer NGO is surely going to be a bliss for thousands of needy family.

The NGO will have certain parameters to test the unprivileged people and then the treatment would be done free of cost. I have not witnessed any cashless hospital for poor in India till date. This cancer NGO is going to be the start of a well-meaning revolution.

Inauguration by Emraan Hashmi

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

Emraan Hashmi was the guest of honour for the inaugural function, though not so much as a celebrity but as a father. He shared his view on Cancer and also his experience of going through the similar situation when his son was undergoing cancer treatment. He also shared few lines about the book he wrote on son’s cancer The Kiss of Life – How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer in 2016. The book traces the entire period from when the cancer was first detected in his child, up to his recovery and cancer-free years.

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

I realise that many of us would not be in a state to help patients directly. However, is it too much to ask for spread awareness for a noble cause? Let us make people aware of SACCI.

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Marriage Counselling

Hey Peeps! How have you been? Well, I am doing good too. I have been married for two and a half years now. And I have been thinking about marriage counselling.

Sounds weird? Does it feel that I am going through a plethora of marriage problems? If you are married, be honest with yourself and ask yourself few questions before judging me. Going for marriage counselling doesn’t mean that you or your partner is afflicted with any psychological disorder. It truly indicated that you want to figure out problems and resolve them for a happy married life.

Marriage counselling- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

Recently, I have received ME Health Magazine.This magazine is a storehouse of information related to men and women’s health. I read about premarital and marital counselling and thought of sharing the beautiful thoughts with you.   Marriage counselling could be premarital counselling or marital counselling. Yes, you read it right, we should go for a counselling before getting married as well.

What is Marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

Marriage counselling is also known as marital counselling or couple therapy. It can be taken by both married or unmarried couple. It helps to understand their partners, resolve conflicts and build their relationship stronger. Through this counselling, a couple gets the chance of better interpersonal conversation, negotiation, problem-solving and even to fight in a healthy way.

Pre-marriage Counselling

If you are serious about your life and planning to get married you should go for a premarital counselling. I do understand that today’s generation already knows each other and figure out their compatibility on their own before getting hitched.

Recently I read an article on Quora where a lawyer jokes about getting more business because of increasing divorce rate in India. Ironically, the rate of love marriage has also gone up over a decade. So, when you know each other and were compatible enough, why getting divorced now? Reasons could be as simple as you can imagine. As stated by Dr Shashi Joshi, Premarital counselling can help couples with the followings:

  1. It helps the couple to realise the ground reality rather than live in their dreamy world.
  2. Marriage counselling helps the couple to know the basis of marriage in life.
  3. It also helps in building mutual adjustments and discovering each other strengths and illustrating areas of relationship that may be problematic.
  4. Helps in building conversation and bring out feelings.
  5. Also, helps to determine compatibility and mutual adjustments.
  6. You get sex and contraceptive advise too.
  7. So basically you get a pre-bridal contract.

Having said that, it’s not necessary you are going through all the problems right now. To young couples, it’s really important to realize the benefits of staying together. “Life is not always a bed of roses”– realise it and then make a wise decision.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

Here comes the perk of being married. I am sure 90% of us have never been through premarital counselling and decided to get married. I have been really conservative in this matter and hated the word counselling. And you if think the same, I feel you. We have fought more than 100 times and made up. There are multiple silly reasons why couples fight and major reasons couple ignore initially which could precipitate to a fight.

Some of the primary reasons are:

  1. Unrealistic expectations out of marriage
  2. Partners not getting time for each other
  3. Work pressure of an individual
  4. Lack of communication
  5. Going through social pressure
  6. Undergoing financial pressure
  7. Both are egoistic
  8. They stay in a nuclear family and unable to manage the stress
  9. Infertility and the partner hates to discuss it
  10. Both partners are working
  11. Children growing old and pressure of their upbringing
  12. Sexual promiscuity & open marriages
  13. Preventions
  14. Physical and mental abuse
  15. Addiction

ME health magazine explains, the percentage and cause of divorce in India. 30% of the marriage is at stake because of unwillingness to stay with in-laws or household works. And here comes the catch. If they you would have gone through a pre-marital counselling both of their expectations would have been discussed before. Wherein, other marriages fail because of alcoholism, addictions, sexual incompatibility, lack of trust and ego between partners.

Why Marriage Counselling?

After reading this article in “ME Health Magazine”, I figured out the couple who undergo premarital counselling are happier and work towards a  successful marriage. In case you are planning getting married soon, please set your expectations right before getting hitched. Marrying for wrong reasons may lead you to loads of pressure and undue stress.

Those who are facing frequent clashes in their marriage and want to give it a second chance, fix an appointment with a  marriage counsellor. I know couples fight and solve their misunderstandings between themselves. Many times we fight for same reasons and undergo the same situation. Even after the endless fight, you are not able to resolve or are unsatisfied with your partner’s deeds, undergo marriage counselling before calling off your marriage.

Marriage counselling and few adjustments can make your marriage successful. On a serious note, go for marriage counselling only if both the partners are willing to adjust and save the marriage.

Until the next time! Stay blessed.


Furniture on rent – the smart decision for Gen Y

Hey Peeps! Have you ever thought about having furniture on rent? We are the new generation and want to have everything in our lives – right now! Sadly, with a limited salary and unlimited desires, we always struggle to prioritise our needs vs wants.

When I look at my dad, he struggled throughout his life to have his dream house and everything he wanted to own. Finally, after years of hard work, he did attain a stable life and reached a stage where he could afford to have whatever he had dreamt of.

RentoMojo- Furniture on Rent- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle blogger

I sometimes question him or in fact, myself, was it worth taking so much of pain? Because, when with the grace of God, he has everything he wished for but he cannot enjoy them all.

So, what went wrong? Should I tread the same path? I am sure most of us in this generation have similar thoughts on maintaining a lifestyle now versus the way our parents did a generation ago.

With the help of RentoMojo’s event in Bangalore, one of the questions was answered.

Does furniture on rent make sense?

RentoMojo- Furniture on Rent- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle blogger

I never found renting furniture a sensible decision unless I attended the event organised by RentoMojo. RentoMojo cleared our so many doubts I had about renting and taking furniture on EMI. I had few doubts and let me share them with you. If you have similar doubts, I might help you to change your mindset about furniture on rent.

Is it cheaper than EMI?

RentoMojo- Furniture on Rent- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle blogger

Yes, getting furniture on rent is much more affordable compared to EMIs.  The price difference is huge and also deposit amount is very reasonable unlike 15% of the total MRP of products. On top of this, if you rent products for a longer duration, you pay less. For example furniture on rent for 24 months, RMI is lesser than 6 months RMI.

Rent to Own

RentoMojo- Furniture on Rent- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle blogger

Having said that you can have another doubt which I had. When you buy on EMI you get the ownership. While taking furniture on rent can lead you through the same process after the renting tenure is over. Rentomojo has a solution for that as well. They give you an option for rent to own as well once the renting duration is over. So, now it’s your call you want to discard old furniture and rent a new one or continue using them for a minimum fee.

Free Furniture Swap

RentoMojo- Furniture on Rent- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle blogger

Worried about getting bored of your furniture? Yes, our generation has this problem. Rentomojo is always open for a free swap of your old rented furniture to new, limited to once in twelve months.

How is RMI better than EMI?

Rentomojo is not only providing better price but they have lots of services which we don’t get in EMIs. Let’s check their benefits.

  1. Your capital is not stuck. You can use your capital elsewhere while having luxurious furniture on rent.
  2. We get the option to own at the end of the service so we need not worry about ownership.
  3. Monthly payout is cheaper as compared to EMIs
  4. Bonus, here you can cancel your order anytime and end paying the monthly instalments. For example, if you have taken a furniture on rent for 24 months and now you want to close it at 6 months so all you need to do is pay for 6 months instalment as specified on the website.
  5. Free Relocation- In case you are relocating from one city to other, relocation of your rented furniture is taken care by Rentomojo.
  6. Free Maintainance- I love this part about Rentomojo. In case of any minor damage, they provide free maintenance for your furniture on rent.

Renomojo has completely changed my perspective on getting furniture on rent. Do let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts on the same.

Until the next time!



5 Reasons You Should Invest In Women’s Activewear

Hey Peeps! Thank you for showing so much love on my Ooty trip’s blog. I am overwhelmed with your response on Instagram on women’s activewear I was wearing.

Women’s activewear has been forever a travel essential and I have been mentioning it in all the travel posts. I usually share few pictures in my women’s activewear while travelling. Athleisure have been in trend since long now. Today I am here to give you 5 reasons you should invest in women’s activewear.

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

Your weight varies

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

So being a woman with several health issues, I have faced fluctuation in my weight always. Unlike regular outfits, women activewear fits like a glove to your changing body contour. In case of minor weight loss or gain, I don’t have to worry about closet revamp. I will be very honest here. In past few years, I had to face my bra size change but my 4-year-old sports bra still fits me perfectly. I feel the same versatility in case of my Lycra blended pair of Jeans and yoga pants.

Women’s activewear is your workout buddy

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

Whether you already workout or planning to start, you need activewear. You need not be a gym rat or fittest person to own women’s activewear. If you have set your mind to start workouts or have already started doing it, it’s time to get activewear.

If you haven’t already spotted in the Instagram posts, I was wearing women’s activewear by Zelocity (a sub-brand of Zivame). These are designed to give maximum support with comfort while working out. The material is dry-fit and breathable. While you wear those pants you already start feeling good about your body.

Women’s activewear for fit tripping

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

How many times have you faced discomfort while tripping? Didn’t get it? I shall simplify it for you. I always want to look good and somebody rightly said, “Social influencers are under constant social pressure.”

Even when I want to lay back and relax, I still need to look good and presentable. If I am on a sponsored trip I need to showcase even the most mundane part of the trip. Forget about an influencer’s life, it’s essentially applicable to all of us. Don’t we start clicking pictures as soon as we set on a trip?

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

In case you are wearing track pants, many a time you avoid being clicked or ask your friends not to upload your pictures on social media. Admit it, all of us have done this. Since 2017 I have been wearing women’s activewear while tripping. Especially, when it comes to road trip or an air travel, I love the athleisure trend.

Women’s activewear gives you versatility

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

I love creating different looks and styling an outfit in multiple ways. Women’s jeggings, being versatile can be paired with almost any top under the Sun. I have seen girls in leggings with any kind of top-wear or dress. In winters, we even use it as innerwear.

During the last trip to Ooty, I went with a backpack carrying virtually all my essentials – two activewear leggings were enough for a 2days/1 night trip. I had to fall back on a pair of denim for the evening as winter nights get pretty darn cold over there.

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

The top wears by Zelocity (Zivame) feel like your second skin without discounting on the style quotient. I have been glued to them in the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on my Instagram and Facebook page you would have noticed me wearing them at multiple events too.

You can ignore the jumpy thermometer

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

I get irritated in Bangalore many a time because of weather variations. There are times when I don a beautiful dress and the skies open up. And there are days when the mornings are nippy;  I need to step out wearing jackets and denim. Sudden and frequent climate change is too common in Bangalore. So, I always prefer carrying a lightweight jacket in my bag.

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

But how can we help it when we are wearing jeans and it’s too hot. Summer is approaching soon in Bangalore and my legs are not always waxed to wear a short and comfy dress. Zelocity has launched these adorably quirky designs so I need not choose between appearance and comfort.

There are endless reasons for me to wear an activewear over discomforting outfits. I am a minimalist lover and will always be.

Women's activewear- Athleisure - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

Special Thanks to Stay on Skill and Zelocity by Zivame for making my fit tripping more memorable. 

Until the next time. Stay fit & Stay Classy.





Our Weekend Stay In Ooty

Hey Peeps! So my blog has turned One today and I couldn’t help feeling sentimental of the journey of last one year. To celebrate this special day I planned a weekend stay in Ooty just before the blog anniversary. Frankly, I have been to Ooty twice, still, I planned to stay in Ooty as it is the first place I explored in South India. Ooty hill station is quite famous in Bollywood movies and since childhood,  an Ooty trip had always been on my bucket list.

Because of my hectic schedule, I always plan my trips in advance. So, this time I wanted to celebrate it with my dear husband(The man behind lenses and lots more) and my close friends, who were not only part of my blogging journey but most part of my life.

Homestay in Ooty

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

So the first question was where to stay in Ooty? Since we were in a group of 4 we wanted to go to a resort, homestay or a cottage in Ooty. This trip was more than a weekend gateway to us and luckily I got a chance to get a complimentary room at Delightz Inn Resorts, Ooty. This resort is perched on the Tiger Hill surrounded by lush green environs of The Nilgiris. I am not exaggerating, but the place fit our expectation for the stay in Ooty. As we say the first impression in the last impression, the serene and beautiful resort, embedded in the beautiful Nilgiris (Blue Mountain), is still fresh in my eyes.

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

Rooms in Delightz Inn Resort, Ooty

We reached the resort in Ooty by 11 a.m. and first aim to relax and enjoy the resort.  Each room has an attached hall and washroom with western closet. The hall was the perfect place for us to dine together, share a cup of Nilgiris tea and trade stories. We wanted to have a laidback vacation without having to tick every spot in the tourist map. Our room’s windows opened up to the breathtaking vistas of rolling hills, definitely, a welcome sight for tired city dweller’s eyes.

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

In the evening, Bala, the ever smiling and generous manager of the resort arranged a bonfire for us out in the garden.  Were we thankful for it! The temperature drops sharply after sunset and by  8 p.m. we were scouting for gloves and caps in the local market during our stay in Ooty. Being in Bangalore for the most part of the last decade, we rarely experience the mercury falling below 12 degrees. At 6 degrees, with a bonfire to keep us warm and cosy, it was definitely a memory to cherish.

Places to see in Ooty

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger
Sunset in Ooty

Architecture and Buildings

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

Ooty has a rich heritage; due to its favourable weather, it served as the summer capital of the erstwhile Madras Presidency.  You would spot numerous British era buildings, schools, colleges and government offices. The most famous of the lot is The Stone House built by John Sullivan in 1822.

English Vegetable Gardens

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

Ooty has a rich farming culture including the cultivation of “English vegetables” and “English fruits” grown locally. This primarily consists of potato, carrot, cabbage and cauliflower and the fruits being peaches, plums, pears and strawberries. You would easily spot farm fresh exotic vegetables as zucchinis, Ooty carrots, turnips, lettuce leaves, bok choy (Chinese cabbage) in local markets.

Tea Plantations

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

The entire Nilgiris range around is dotted with breathtaking tea plantations growing dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavoured tea variety distinctly different from it’s Assam, Darjeeling or Ceylon counterparts. In fact, at a few plantations, you could even sample and buy single origin, authentic Nilgiri Tea.

Tea Factory

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

Officially known as the Doddabetta tea museum and factory, this should be a must-see place in you Ooty itinerary. You can get a paid guided tour of the complete tea making process – from plucking to rolling and drying to get the aromatic leaves which most of Indians relish.  You get to sample freshly brewed tea, green tea and chocolates and have an option to buy authorised products at their shop.

Chocolate Outlets

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger
Ooty Chocolates

Ooty has a rich tradition of homemade chocolates with the market area around Charring Cross lined with shops vending scores of different varieties of these delightfully tempting chocolates. I really don’t care about the homemade part, however, I do relish these chocolates, especially the nutty and dark ones.

Government Rose Garden, Ooty

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

This place has been around for over one hundred and twenty years and is definitely a jewel in Ooty’s crown. With over 20,000 varieties of roses, it is one of the largest rose gardens in India. In fact, The rose garden has received the Garden of Excellence Award for being the best rose garden in South Asia, from the World Federation of Rose Societies in 2006.

Places to see near Ooty

We really didn’t get a lot of time on our weekend trip to explore and tick off each and every spot on the tourist map, however, these two places find a special mention.

Dodabetta Peak

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

It is the highest peak in Nilgiri Range and overall fourth highest in South India. You are welcome by expansive and breathtaking views of the entire Nilgiri range from atop the hill. Sunsets are especially mesmerizing here.

Note: The entrance to the hill closes by 5 pm and we missed it by a whisker of 15 minutes in this trip. So plan ahead.

Pykara Lake

Stay in Ooty- Namrata- Indian Travel Blogger

We got to this scenic spot on our way back from Ooty, about 20 km from the city centre.  You need to walk for around 500 meters. There is a battery operated vehicle available for senior citizens which drops you at the ticket point. You get to enjoy a steady stream of rivulet, splendid scenic lake and boat tours. In fact, we prefer this one over the main lake in the city which is always crowded.

Due to lack of time, we could not venture to Coonoor or Wellington. Neither could we enjoy the passage back in time through the toy train officially known as Nilgiri Mountain Railway. they are definitely worth adding to your itinerary if you have got an extra day.

Until The Next Time, Stay Curious and Keep Exploring!



Have you got a Fitness Tracker yet?

Hey people, I am sure you had made a few health/fitness based New Year resolutions and are sticking to it Hang on there – it doesn’t get easier, you get tougher! This year, the husband and I are making a conscious effort to sync our fitness regimen and are looking out for workouts(even a jog) that we could partake together.

So it was a pleasant surprise when we were offered these two fitness trackers to review by VeryFit, one for each, to review through In this blog post, I am going to share our honest opinion on this product and other alternatives at this price range.

Do we really need a Fitness Tracker?

Well, I had not used one till a couple of weeks ago and even the husband (being a sucker for gadgets) stuck to his vintage Garmin Forerunner for his runs only. We hadn’t really felt the urge to track our every step and each wink (Reminds me of the song, “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” by Sting).

However, I must admit, in the past two weeks, this nifty little gadget has grown on both of us. It’s not about counting, it is about setting goals and the elation when you reach them. So, let us quickly move over to what this mini gadget can do for you.

Fitness Tracker Functions

All Day Activity Recording

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

Step Pedometer, distance and calorie consumption are recorded under this. Any pedometer records step by measuring body/arm swings from side to side. Your stride length is calculated from your height and sex (A woman’s legs are longer than a man’s of the same height). The number of steps multiplied by the stride length gives you the distance covered.

Your calorie consumption is calculated from your sex, age, height, weight (entered manually in the companion app) and distance covered (calculated by the device)

Sedentary Reminder

We absolutely love this feature! Most of us, in our quest to earn a living, are confined to our desks and chairs. It has proven to be unhealthy in the long term with weight issues and back problems. In this device, you can set a vibration reminder for you to get up and take the much-needed walk.

Auto Sleep Tracking

This is an issue which we rarely ponder over. Are we getting enough hours in bed? Beyond that, how was the quality of our sleep, did we get enough of the real deep sleep phase? This fitness tracker lets you glance through the complete date through an appealing time-period graph.

Vibration Alarm

I wonder why common watches, especially the digital ones do not have this feature! Come on, if you are a couple, haven’t you wondered to have a wake-up alarm, just for yourself without waking up your partner? Yes, this fitness tracker executes vibration alarm beautifully when paired with the mobile app.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

If you are into serious cardiovascular endurance training (sprints, 5K, 10K runs, marathon, etc.) you need to use this feature. For training your heart optimally for the above activities you need to be in a zone set by your maximum heart rate (give or take a few, depending on your age). This feature is supported by the next higher model of the fitness tracker I got. You can find it here.

Call & SMS Reminder

Frankly, I do not have much use of this feature and I prefer to use my smartphone for the same. Nevertheless, it is good to have if you cannot reach for your phone like in a meeting or while driving.

Long Standby Time

One of the reasons why we haven’t jumped the smartwatch bandwagon is that the battery lasts for less than 24 hours. Come on, isn’t it tedious to tag along another charger beside our laptop and mobile chargers? Well, this fitness tracker lasts for at least 4-5 days over normal usage. Well, there is another added advantage of this Very Fit tracker we got from To Save.

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

This fitness tracker has a charging usb pin built in to the device. Just plug it in to any adapter, power bank or even your laptop port. You don’t need to carry a cable for this ever.

Multiple Colour Straps

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

Not exactly a feature, however, it’s again something good to have. Who needs those boring all black fitness trackers. You can order this one in a choice of four colours – black, blue, pink, turquoise and purple. We chose the boring black for the husband and purple for me.

The Companion App

Just look for the VeryFit app in either Google Play ( for Android devices 4.4.1+) or IOS App Store (IOS 7.1+). This is where you would need to enter your settings, set your vibration alarm and you get to see a neat pictorial presentation of your data.

So what’s the verdict?

As admitted earlier, this VeryFit Fitness tracker pleasantly surprised us. It may not be a FitBit but hey, it costs one-tenth of a FitBit at around Rs 999 only. The only competitor which comes close in this price range is the Mi Tracker. Honestly, this one looks much better, has more functions and you get to choose from colourful straps.

How was the shopping experience at Tosave?

The website is user-friendly and has a host of products from clothes to electronics – as good as the competition out there. The ordering process was seamless and we got the products delivered within 15 working days.

If you really are looking to save a few rupees, I would definitely recommend