Have you got a Fitness Tracker yet?

Hey people, I am sure you had made a few health/fitness based New Year resolutions and are sticking to it Hang on there – it doesn’t get easier, you get tougher! This year, the husband and I are making a conscious effort to sync our fitness regimen and are looking out for workouts(even a jog) that we could partake together.

So it was a pleasant surprise when we were offered these two fitness trackers to review by VeryFit, one for each, to review through www.tosave.com. In this blog post, I am going to share our honest opinion on this product and other alternatives at this price range.

Do we really need a Fitness Tracker?

Well, I had not used one till a couple of weeks ago and even the husband (being a sucker for gadgets) stuck to his vintage Garmin Forerunner for his runs only. We hadn’t really felt the urge to track our every step and each wink (Reminds me of the song, “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” by Sting).

However, I must admit, in the past two weeks, this nifty little gadget has grown on both of us. It’s not about counting, it is about setting goals and the elation when you reach them. So, let us quickly move over to what this mini gadget can do for you.

Fitness Tracker Functions

All Day Activity Recording

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

Step Pedometer, distance and calorie consumption are recorded under this. Any pedometer records step by measuring body/arm swings from side to side. Your stride length is calculated from your height and sex (A woman’s legs are longer than a man’s of the same height). The number of steps multiplied by the stride length gives you the distance covered.

Your calorie consumption is calculated from your sex, age, height, weight (entered manually in the companion app) and distance covered (calculated by the device)

Sedentary Reminder

We absolutely love this feature! Most of us, in our quest to earn a living, are confined to our desks and chairs. It has proven to be unhealthy in the long term with weight issues and back problems. In this device, you can set a vibration reminder for you to get up and take the much-needed walk.

Auto Sleep Tracking

This is an issue which we rarely ponder over. Are we getting enough hours in bed? Beyond that, how was the quality of our sleep, did we get enough of the real deep sleep phase? This fitness tracker lets you glance through the complete date through an appealing time-period graph.

Vibration Alarm

I wonder why common watches, especially the digital ones do not have this feature! Come on, if you are a couple, haven’t you wondered to have a wake-up alarm, just for yourself without waking up your partner? Yes, this fitness tracker executes vibration alarm beautifully when paired with the mobile app.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

If you are into serious cardiovascular endurance training (sprints, 5K, 10K runs, marathon, etc.) you need to use this feature. For training your heart optimally for the above activities you need to be in a zone set by your maximum heart rate (give or take a few, depending on your age). This feature is supported by the next higher model of the fitness tracker I got. You can find it here.

Call & SMS Reminder

Frankly, I do not have much use of this feature and I prefer to use my smartphone for the same. Nevertheless, it is good to have if you cannot reach for your phone like in a meeting or while driving.

Long Standby Time

One of the reasons why we haven’t jumped the smartwatch bandwagon is that the battery lasts for less than 24 hours. Come on, isn’t it tedious to tag along another charger beside our laptop and mobile chargers? Well, this fitness tracker lasts for at least 4-5 days over normal usage. Well, there is another added advantage of this Very Fit tracker we got from To Save.

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

This fitness tracker has a charging usb pin built in to the device. Just plug it in to any adapter, power bank or even your laptop port. You don’t need to carry a cable for this ever.

Multiple Colour Straps

Fitness tracker review India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Fitness and fashion blogger

Not exactly a feature, however, it’s again something good to have. Who needs those boring all black fitness trackers. You can order this one in a choice of four colours – black, blue, pink, turquoise and purple. We chose the boring black for the husband and purple for me.

The Companion App

Just look for the VeryFit app in either Google Play ( for Android devices 4.4.1+) or IOS App Store (IOS 7.1+). This is where you would need to enter your settings, set your vibration alarm and you get to see a neat pictorial presentation of your data.

So what’s the verdict?

As admitted earlier, this VeryFit Fitness tracker pleasantly surprised us. It may not be a FitBit but hey, it costs one-tenth of a FitBit at around Rs 999 only. The only competitor which comes close in this price range is the Mi Tracker. Honestly, this one looks much better, has more functions and you get to choose from colourful straps.

How was the shopping experience at Tosave?

The website is user-friendly and has a host of products from clothes to electronics – as good as the competition out there. The ordering process was seamless and we got the products delivered within 15 working days.

If you really are looking to save a few rupees, I would definitely recommend www.tosave.com