New India – Cashless Cancer NGO

It won’t be an exaggeration if I assert that Cancer in India has assumed epidemic proportions.  India is likely to have over 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer and over 8.8 lakh deaths due to the disease by 2020 with cancers of breast, lung and cervix topping the list.It hits the poor, middle class and the rich equally. Don’t you wish there was a Cancer NGO to take care of the poor?

Vijay & Amrita Tata – a Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple has come up a great initiative in this direction and started a Cancer NGO- New India. The launch was on 21st of Feb 2018. I was privileged to be the part of the launch event. I learnt how, when and why they decided to start a cancer NGO. They have donated  Rs 200 Cr. for this cause. Out of which 100 Cr. was invested in 50 acres of land in Bangalore to a trust.

About SACCI- Saanchi Advanced Cancer Care Institute

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

India’s 1st Cashless Cancer NGO

They have donated 100 Crs. for this cancer NGO. Saanchi is their daughter and they have named this New India, cancer NGO after her. It was her birthday on 21 Feb when they decided to launch it.

New India will be coming up with the more great initiative in near future for unprivileged and unfortunate people among us. My father in law is undergoing lung cancer treatment and I know the pain a person and his family faces when they come across such health issue. My husband has witnessed lots of people begging near the hospital for money so that they can get their loved ones cured. I am really proud of this family who thought about poor and needy people. This cancer NGO is surely going to be a bliss for thousands of needy family.

The NGO will have certain parameters to test the unprivileged people and then the treatment would be done free of cost. I have not witnessed any cashless hospital for poor in India till date. This cancer NGO is going to be the start of a well-meaning revolution.

Inauguration by Emraan Hashmi

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

Emraan Hashmi was the guest of honour for the inaugural function, though not so much as a celebrity but as a father. He shared his view on Cancer and also his experience of going through the similar situation when his son was undergoing cancer treatment. He also shared few lines about the book he wrote on son’s cancer The Kiss of Life – How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer in 2016. The book traces the entire period from when the cancer was first detected in his child, up to his recovery and cancer-free years.

Cashless Cancer NGO India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger

I realise that many of us would not be in a state to help patients directly. However, is it too much to ask for spread awareness for a noble cause? Let us make people aware of SACCI.