Amway Nutrilite Natural Herbs: Centuries-old secret for your wellbeing

Isn’t our lives getting a mad rush every day? Just the last week I had a battery of engagements and was shuttling across Bangalore almost the entire week. Imagine going to an aqua gym session at Ulsoor at 8 in the morning followed by a product unveiling by Amway Nutrilite at Whitefield in the evening.

Sometimes, frankly, I do wish if I could get hold of the secret to being agile for almost 16 hours a day. Honestly, I was deeply interested in the Amway Nutrilite wellness session last Saturday to unveil their range of wellness natural herbs range – a mix of centuries-old Ayurvedic secret blended with modern scientific extraction methods.

The missing link in nutrition

Yes, I do eat healthily, try not to miss my workouts and even manage a bit over six hours of sleep at night. Still, something was amiss. The husband is used to taking multivitamin supplements, but somehow I was never into “taking supplements”.

With this range of all natural herbs which have been around in the traditional Indian healing system for years, came to my attention, I sincerely thought, “What’s the harm? Let’s give it a try.” It has been barely a week, so I cannot vouch completely for their efficacy, however, I must admit, I do feel a difference.

Amway Nutrilite natural herbs range

Without further adieu, I introduce the first product which promises to help us lead an energetic life.

Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki

Nutrilite Amalaki - Namrata Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

According to ancient wisdom, a healthy gut is the starting point of a healthy body. Haven’t we come across balancing food types and acidity to aid digestion and colon health. This mix intends to promote overall gut health by

  • improving your body’s digestive prowess
  • laxative property prevents constipation
  • promotes a healthy appetite
  • supporting colon health to aid body’s natural excretion process
  • soothing hyperacidity if you’re prone to acid reflux
  • overall, detoxifying the body to improve overall health

Nutrilite Tulsi

Nutrilite Tulsi - Namrata Bangalore based Indian fitness blogger

For centuries, we have known the immense benefits of Tulsi. I remember as a kid most homes had a tulsi shrub. Tulsi has been known to

  • fight acne
  • protect against diabetes,
  • help fight cancer
  • balance hormones and lower stress
  • relieve fever
  • help improve respiratory disorders
  • Even bat for your oral health.

Yes, I do believe chewing a few leaves or adding them to your tea would be most beneficial. However, do we have the shrub around in our homes anymore? Yes, it is one the pitfalls of modern urban lifestyle. For these times, popping a Tulsi pill inadvertently seems the right solution.

Nutrilite Brahmi

Nutrilite Brahmi - Namrata Bangalore based Indian Fitness Blogger

Brahmi, also known the brainy herb has been known to our sages since the Vedic times. Numerous texts have extolled its virtues to promote mental and emotional health.

In a nutshell, Brahmi

  • clarifies the mind
  • strengthens memory and intellect
  • support focus and concentration
  • encourages a balanced emotional state
  • supports healthy blood cells
  • promotes healthy skin and hair

Frankly, prior to this, I was unaware of the mind enhancing benefits of Brahmi. Silly me, all I can recollect are the benefits of a popular Brahmi Amla hair oil from yesteryears.

Nutrilite Ashwagandha

nutrilite ashwagandha - Namrata bangalore based Indian Fitness BloggerAshwagandha (also known as the Indian Ginseng) has been an integral part of Ayurveda, for many centuries. Across continents, It had also been used by Native Americans and Africans in an effort to keep away several types of infections. It has been so popular in eastern medicine that testaments describing the Ashwagandha plant and its healing properties have been mentioned in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The widely accepted benefits of Ashwagandha are

  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
  • Has Anti-Cancer Properties
  • Can Reduce Cortisol Levels
  • Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Reduces Symptoms of Depression
  • Can Boost Testosterone and Increase Fertility in Men
  • It is safe for most adults and widely available

Should you take the Nutrilite herb supplements path?

Amway Nutrilite Natural Herbs - Namrata Bangalore based Indian Fitness BloggerLet’s face it, in our modern rushed lives, we are forever pressed for time. As a direct result, our nutrition, fitness and energy to tackle daily grind take a hit.

Whether you are a busy mom who barely makes time for her body and health or a stressed-out college student who inadvertently skips meals, you need a bit of help for well-rounded nutrition.

I do believe that Amway Nutrilite is helping us to fill the above-mentioned gap through this range of natural herb supplements.

I would love to read on your take on complete nutrition and supplementing your diet. Please do comment in the section below.

On a parting thought, take care of your body, mind and well-being. There are no spare parts!


The best car battery for your vacation drives

Someone rightly observed, “Life is a journey and to experience it to the hilt, one must travel.” In this post, I am going to share a few of my travel experiences at a short drive from Bangalore. Yes, I have a renewed love affair with these drives with the husband since we got a car and the best car battery for a trouble-free drive.

I do try to travel and explore the lovely Deccan region around Bangalore. Just at about 60 km drive from Bangalore, the ancient rocks of Ramnagaram greet you – having been around since prehistoric times.  Drive a bit further and you step into the lavish palaces and gardens of Mysore.


Feeling adventurous? Drive into the rich flora and fauna of Bandipur/Mudumalai forests. Looking escape the heat of cities to hills? The lush picturesque Nilgiris welcome you at about 160 km from Mysore with Ooty/Udhamangalam being its jewel in the crown. If you have been bitten by the travel bug, honestly you’d be spoilt with choices.

Doesn’t it seem mystical that these locales have been a spectator to changing landscapes, evolving dynasties and would still stand still even after we are long gone?

Don’t you love road trips?


I doubt there would hardly be any soul to answer in negative.  There can be nothing more rejuvenating from the daily grind than a short trip with friends or family. I honestly prefer trips these days over partying and hangovers. I exaggerate not, after trips I always come back with a glow on my face mixed with a bit of suntan.

Offbeat places to explore around Bangalore?

We understand; If you’ve been in Bangalore for a few years, you would have most likely been to the locales mentioned earlier. Why not give these offbeat destinations a try. They are definitely on my wanderer’s list.



Gandikota, a small settlement along the right bank of Pennar, should be on the list of an offbeat traveller from Bangalore for a day out. Bordered by deep and rocky gorge — it is a perfect place to feel the “Indian Grand Canyon” effect.

Manchinbele Dam


Picturesque hills, lush green forests and a serene lake -that’s what you are greeted by when you reach the Manchinbele Dam. Another offbeat place near Bangalore, this dam is located at the foothills of Savandurga. It is an ideal spot for a long weekend drive from Bangalore.



Halebid is an ancient town at just over 200 Km drive from Bangalore. It was the capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. You would come across some of the finest displays of Hoysala architecture here. It is an ideal weekend getaway for those who seek to explore the historical and classical Karnataka culture.



Dandeli is a picture-perfect town on the banks of River Kali at about 450 km drive from Bangalore. It is known for its expansive wildlife sanctuary and jungle resorts. It is an ideal weekend destination near Bangalore if you are into nature, wildlife and adventure.

Why choose the best car battery for these road trips?

You need to have your car in the best condition for ease of mind. Admit it or not, the battery plays a pretty important part in the hassle-free running of your car and you should settle for nothing but the best automotive battery.

Be it starting without a hitch in cold mornings of Ooty or keeping everyone cool for hours in a scorching summer long drive, our Amaron car battery has never failed us. As they say, “it just goes on and on.”, with minimal or no maintenance. Seriously, we have never bothered to pop up the bonnet and even check the water level in the battery, of course besides check-up at regular service intervals.

So, what’s next?

Nothing much – just plan your next trip and get going! If you need some info on travel essentials, I have them for you here.  Remember, the clock is ticking and burn out the tyres now!



How to reuse old clothes?

Hey Peeps! Harsh summer Sun is beating down on us and everyone is looking to revamp their closet. I wanted to check if you reuse old clothes?

I have been listening to many facts on why we should throw our old clothes and how it helps us to get organised. Everyone has their own reasons to keep, throw or recycle old clothes.

I have observed all the fashionistas advising on the new trends and asking to discard old clothes to make space for new one. Whereas, as a woman, I always tend to store my preloved clothes. It’s a clash of thoughts all of us go through.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Absolute reasons to dispose of old outfits:

Outfit’s condition matters

Firstly, how much ever you love your old clothes, treasure it only if it’s in good and usable condition. There is no point in storing such outfits which cannot be used because the shine of the fabric is gone or maybe its torn. If the outfit is kept in the wardrobe for long and is not used the fabric automatically loses its shine.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Difficult to overview

Sometimes it becomes difficult to overview our outfits when the closet it full. We have been watching and listening to jokes about a woman’s closet. “I have enough clothes- said no girl ever.” and at the same time, our closet is always full. The main issue is we don’t get to see all of them and we hate to repeat outfit and looks.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Do you feel good in them?

Lately, I have realised that we should preserve only those outfits which make us feel positive. Many a time we wear something because we simply have never used it till then. And later we either change them because we don’t get that wow vibes. In case, we still wear it and step out, our confidence level is lower than usual. Haven’t you felt the same way? Come on, be honest with yourself!

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Understand your body type

Though fashion has evolved over years and we have moved on from body shaming, we still need to understand our body to look the best we can. In case you own such outfits which are not apt for your body type, discard them.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Do they actually fit you?

I have an advantage that my body size doesn’t fluctuate much. Though I have gained some couple of Kgs lately, the effect is barely discernable near and below my waist. I have covered a blog post on how to recycle an old dress to show how I still use my old dress.

I totally understand that everyone’s body type is not the same. If your shape has changed for good or bad and if you haven’t seen the difference, the probability of change in future is really low. I hate to wear ill-fitted outfits and you should discard your ill-fitted outfits too.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Having said all that, Istill hang on to many old outfits. As i was saying my weight doesn’t really fluctuate, I still fit in my 6 year old outfits. In fact, I have 20% of my old oufits in my wardrobe. Why do I still save it?


Why and how I reuse old clothes

I am not a hardcore trend follower

If you remember my post “Are you being a slave to fashion trends?”, you should know by now that I always wear what gives me joy. Styling is what I love.

I always tend to buy outfits or accessories which are appealing to me. This skirt that I am wearing here- I got it for 50% off at Central Mall during August 2017. Unabashedly, I have styled and worn this particular skirt many times which includes Indian, western and Indo western looks too.

I have realised that we can be more creative with our old outfits. I always collect unique pieces and never discard them because they are my style essentials.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Trends do repeat

I am not exaggerating or bluffing anyone when I write about feeling nostalgic in my blog posts. Since I have started blogging I have been emphasising on timeless pieces.

Even if you forget about those classic pieces, everything which is in trend now were trending in 70’s and 90’s. For example, I remember wearing dungarees and pinafore dresses during my childhood and teenage years.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Being fickle minded when it comes to trends

When I mention 20% of my closet is filled with old outfits it automatically presents 80% of them are new. Any shopaholic like me would confess that they tend to splurge but on cute and attractive outfits.

My personal style statement is minimal and effortless outfits and there are only handful of clothes which I actually love from my closet.

The struggle between maintaining my signature look and buying trendy stuff is real. Ultimately I am left with few outfits which I have rarely used.

Just like this skirt which I am using for the third time. When your outfits are in the mint condition you don’t feel like discarding them. And since the last year itself, I was aware that I would be repeating this skirt certainly, however, style it differently.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Discarding leads to a repeat purchase cycle

If I go by the rules of discarding everything in my closet which I have not used for a year or so, my collection will start looking shrunken. The moment I feel I have fewer clothes, I might get bored of them and start shopping again.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Restyling an outfit is a fun challenge for me

Being a small city girl, I had limited access to fashionable clothes till the time I moved to Bangalore for my higher education. Me and my sister who is a fashion designer now used to play with fabrics and old outfits to recreate a look and try to present ourselves in a fashionable way always.

That childhood Namrata is still inside me who craves to get inspired by old fashion and create an entirely new look.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Organise your closet wisely

I hate it when I have to look for my outfits and I don’t find them. I have organised my closet section wise so that when I am looking for something I can find them in that bunch.

My one category outfits are organised in one place. Likewise, you can arrange your closet in a way which makes both – your old and new outfits easily accessible. Once your closet is organised, you can mix and match your attire.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Travellers know my pain

I love travelling. There are so many travels I haven’t shared on my blog yet. I am beach and hill station lover at the same time. I try to visit both kinds of places for a change.

You know we require an entirely different set of clothes while travelling to such different places. I need to treasure my short dresses, sorts and bikini for my beach travels whereas I need my warm winter wear outfits for my hill station trips.

So, these were few reasons I treasure my old outfits. Probably they were justifying enough to reuse your old clothes.

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Reuse Old Clothes blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I would love to read your take on reusing old/pre-loved stuff in your wardrobe in the comments section below.

Untill the next time! Stay classy 🙂


Alleppey Houseboat Vacation : All You Wanted to Know

Hey Peeps! How is the onset of summer treating you? I had recently been to Alleppey, Kerala with my gals. The initial plan was to visit Goa but you know how collective plans go; after a week of deliberations, we settled on an Alleppey houseboat vacation.

All of us had been to Goa multiple times and in fact, you could read my reviews here and here. For this trip, we wanted a fresh place. The best part of our Kerala trip was that none of us had experienced Alleppey or lazying around in houseboats till then. We went on a 3 days and 2 nights trip to Alleppey. In this relatively short duration, we did manage to fit in an exotic heritage resort, overnight stay in a boathouse, backwaters tour, a diesel boat tour and lots more. Not bad for the limited time and budget!

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Once, I was back from this wonderful experience I realised the inhibitions that were stopping me from visiting Kerala on a girl’s trip were unfounded. Frankly, we were a bit hesitant before the trip for the language barrier – none of us girls spoke Malayalam.

Moreover, it’s hot and humid over there; could we pull off short summer attire without being leched upon or hassled?Thankfully, the trip went smoother than we had thought about. Sill to avert any risks, we had booked everything in advance.

How to reach Alleppey from Bangalore?

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

The moment we decided to travel Alleppey ( the anglicised term for Alappuzha), we had distributed the tasks so that no one gets overburdened. We were a group of 5 girls, all on the lookout for good clean fun.

We booked seats from Bangalore to Alleppey through the Redbus app and got a premium sleeper bus with Kallada Travels. The bus was supposed to start at 10.45 p.m. from Madiwala bus stop and reach by 9 a.m next morning. Sadly, our departure was delayed and we reached late by 3 hours, a bit over noon.

As we wanted to experience both the forms of travel, for the return, we booked our tickets in the Alleppey Bangalore Express. Luckily the train was on time and we reached Bangalore by mid-morning.

Bangalore to Alleppey Bus fare: Rs 1,864 with taxes.

Alleppey to Bangalore Train fare: Rs 1,000

If you ask me, I prefer the train over the bus (even a sleeper one). The train journey wasn’t marred by any delays and was more comfortable.

Experiencing an Alleppey Houseboat

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

We had booked a two bedroom houseboat for the five of us. The boathouse was something of a dream since last few years. Seriously, even with breathtaking beaches and overall superior facilities, I did miss a houseboat experience in my Thailand trips.

I have always been impatient and had my dessert first. So, we just had to experience the boathouse before dipping feet in Kerala backwaters or Alappuzha tourist places. You know, we had reached Alleppey later than the estimated time, we had kept our contact person posted about the delay. Since we had booked our personal houseboat, they were patiently waiting for us.

The Arrival

On arrival, our hosts served us a nimbu pani as the welcome drink. I know, it sounds pretty lame now, but, after the travel and in that majestic setting, it did feel special! After freshening up, they served us lunch by 1.30 p.m.

The lunch served was a mix of delectable local fare. I loved the fish starter and sambhar served. By the way, one of our friends was having veg food due to personal reason. In case you are a vegetarian or travel with vegetarians, do not worry about the food. Those who feel you can’t get veg food in Kerala, let me clear this – it’s a myth. I tried both veg and non-veg food. Being a foodie, I loved everything about it.

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Yes, you can get vegetarian food in Kerala or a houseboat in particular. No, everything is not cooked in coconut oil. The cooking medium is your choice and you need to make it clear in advance.

I am open to any kind of food taste so food cooked in coconut oil was not a big deal for me. But my friends preferred the ubiquitous refined oil, so as a group, we settled for the latter. The Boathouse contact person was informed in advance about our food behaviour and they took proper care of it.

The Evening

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

After having lunch, our girl gang was energised to enjoy the stay and make it an unforgettable trip. The backwaters stretching out till infinity, the serene view of lush flora and pleasant sail in the houseboat in Alleppey were a perfect recipe to get lost in its magical world.

We clicked lots of pictures of each other but struggled to get a nice group pic as the Captain was at the steering wheel other staff was busy preparing evening snacks. Doesn’t it feel great to be pampered?

If you want an authentic freshwater fish buying experience, the boathouse Captain would be glad to take you to the local market as well. They can also stop the boat during the afternoon and you can take a small boat to travel through the backwaters and join the Alleppey houseboat. We did not want to do that because our 3rd day of the trip was planned for backwaters.


The houseboat sails only during the day. Post sunset, it is docked to a safe harbour. Start off early and make the most of your time.

The boat was docked to a harbour almost near sunset and we hated that. honestly, I wanted to experience the sunset from a houseboat in Alleppey which unfortunately we could not. We requested the captain to ride for additional 1 hour as we started at around 1 pm and the boat was stopped at 5 in the evening. We heard it from others of their experience and I was under the impression that the houseboat ride continues till 7 and then they give halt. Well, our request was turned down; not happy at all.

Instead of thinking about what could have happened we chose to live in the moment and we all sat together with soft music in the dining area. Our hosts we not so rude and strict, they came to us asking if we want something from the market, they could get us. Next, we wanted to try was local alcohol Toddy. We asked them to get that along with few chips and chocolates. I loved their gesture that they did not charge us anything extra on top of the actual cost.

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Post sunset we decided to dance to peppy music (we had brought along our Bluetooth speakers, it helps!) and nobody objected to it. The dinner was served by 9 and we were asked to vacate the corridor post dinner so that boat crew could sleep there.

The Morning After

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Sadly, the boathouse we sailed in Allepp had cockroaches, rats, insets etc. Despite being airconditioned, we could not sleep sound on account of rodents. The boat started again early morning the next day to take us back to the starting point. The breakfast was simple pan Indian fare of bread omelette and idli vada along with tea/coffee.

You have three options of the category of rooms in the houseboat. One, without any a/c. Second, with a/c turned on during your sleep hours from 8 pm to 6 am. Third, a luxurious but rather unnecessary use of a/c throughout your stay. We weren’t going to be holed up in our rooms in the day, so had chosen the second option.

Our overall experience of Alleppey Houseboat

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Now, if you want to take my overall experience and suggestion, aside from the evening disappointment it was an overall breathtaking and relaxing experience.

Pros of Alleppey Houseboat

  • You can have relaxed and peaceful time in lush environs of Kerala backwaters.
  • It’s calmer than public or shared boats available in Alleppey.
  • If you go in a big group, it’s economical as they have space to settle more people.
  • Food quality was a decent setup of local fare. However, the options were limited.
  • In case you want to change in oil like sunflower oil or refined, they cook food according to our preferences.
  • They provide good food option to vegetarians as well.

Cons of Alleppey Houseboat

  •  You might find rodents and insect in Houseboats.
  • If you start late and they stop early like in our case at 5 p.m., it might be a short trip for a considerable sum.
  • If you want to try out local fish and dishes in evening as well, you need to buy it from the market and then give it to cook. They include fish only once in their meal.
  • If you have taken a large houseboat, it might not pass through the big canal and you cannot get enough of backwaters view.

The pros and cons can be different in your case. I was disappointed that I did not get fish for dinner whereas my friends were happy to get the safest option, homemade chicken curry for dinner.

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Things to keep in mind while having Houseboat ride in Alleppey

  • Try to reach on time as they will stop the ride around sunset and you might feel shortchanged.
  • Always carry your first aid box and generic medicines. The boat will be in mid of the water, in case of any medical emergency, it might take time to reach the city. Also, if you feel your stomach can’t take all kinds of food or you are prone to upset stomach, carry along your medicines.
  • Carry Odomas or any other mosquito bite protection creme. Those winged devils could be a nagging issue.
  • If you are going to a girls trip just like us, be little careful while enjoying the trip.
  • You need to bargain with local taxi/auto drivers from the bus stop to the port. It’s a small city transportation cost is very low compared to the metro city.
  • It’s always better to have an advance booking of houseboats rather than going there and looking out for one.
  • If you are keen on houseboat experience in daytime only and want to enjoy the backwaters as well, you can take houseboat for a day trip only. You get lots of homestay for an overnight stay in a decent amount. We are regretting the stay during the night as we could not sleep peacefully.
  • Carry a good sunscreen lotion even if you are going for covered houseboat ride. The sun is really harsh and even indirect heat effects our skin.
  • Carry lightweight and breezy outfits for a carefree summer feel.
  • Do try out local cuisine if you are a foodie. Their cooking style is completely unique and worth trying.

Penning my experience is not over yet and I just realised it’s going to be a long one. So, a second part is on the cards shortly.

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger


Stay tuned with for my next 2 days experience in a heritage resort and diesel boat backwaters ride.

Until the next time! Explore it if you dream for it. 🙂


Trench Coat for a Hill Station Trip

Hey Peeps! My outstation friends always complain that I could wear a variety of clothing in Bangalore in throughout the year and they can’t. Do you think it’s true? No, it’s not. I hardly feel the mercury dipping down to chill the bones in Bangalore and miss wearing my trench coat,  gloves, leather boots and so many winter outfits. I have always been a fan of classic Hollywood movies and adore celebrities sashaying around in a trench coat.

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

The trench coat trend

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

While I am on the lookout for occasions to don the classic long coat, I have seen people not buying trench coats as they feel it would gather dust in their wardrobes for the most part of the year in India? I love this classic checkered trench coat by Shein as it won’t be bogged down by shifting trends and would keep me warm and stylish for years. So, if your concern is that your wintery style statement might get outdated in one season, always opt for a timeless piece.

A wardrobe Essential?

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Definitely, it is. A trench coat is classically inclined basic that you can always spot a fashionista styling. When talking about layering we always concentrate on a leather jacket, denim jacket, sweatshirt, shrug etc. A trench coat can be used in both spring and winters. I love carrying trench coat over other winter essentials as they are always snazzy. The trenchcoat is a closet staple which helps to pull off any look.

Shein Longline Coat Review

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I have reviewed Shein’s outfit (The Black CatSuit) a few months ago here. This classic piece had a sophisticated chequered pattern on neutral black and it is a tag oversized. It falls down to below your knees offering solid protection from the elements.

My only gripe is the lack of a belt or fastening, but can be easily styled with a neutal black broad belt from your wardrobe. Not a burden on your purse, this trench coat is reasonably priced at Rs 2,904. The fabric is 100% polyester and non-stretchable. I recommend it to all. Big thumbs up from my side.

Styling Tips to Wear a Trench Coat

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Always focus on fit

Come out of the fear of body shaming and never buy an oversized trench coat. Always check for the right shoulder width and sleeves should not fall much beyond your wrist .

Go to Look is your style trend

If you want to rock the long coat effortlessly, opt for the street style look rather than focusing too much on styling. Avoid blingy jewellery and loud statement pieces.

Beyond classic colours

Appart from classic colours like beige and black, if you can, give bolder colours a shot. Try out red, burgundy, brown etc.

Pair it with slim fit denims

This accentuates your height. Trench coat with a pencil fit jeans and suitable heels always makes women sassier than ever.

 Don’t share the spotlight

There is no harm in wearing a bodycon dress with a trench coat but let the main focus be on the trench coat.  Go for a contrast colour and always opt for a classic colour/pattern.

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I know, you would not get a chance to wear one in most parts of India right now. However, arent summer vacations around the corner? And who can resist the charm of an inviting hill station during these months?

In fact, I had got this feature shoot done in the lovely hills of Ooty a while ago.

So girls, if you want to slay claasic style in hills, ditch the bomber jacket and pick up the trench coat.

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Trench coat trend India- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Until the next time.


Do we really need to celebrate women’s day? 

Hey Peeps!I often wonder if being compassionate, strong, fierce, loving, competitive, kind, confident, humble, grateful, fearless, friendly, helpful, righteous, fun loving and assertive means only a woman because they sound very human to me.

Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Throughout history, there have been both great women and men who have shaped our destiny, our reality and have made a dent in the universe. Then why celebrate something as mundane as men’s day or women’s day? It’s almost like international lion’s day. Well, we would definitely soon need an international rhino or tiger’s day, lest we face extinction in the horrendous light of poaching, lack of rehabilitation and hunting. But are women on the brink of extinction?

Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Another species of some sort which faces danger and needs awareness? Or is it like a glass of whiskey that you give to encourage? But why? Awareness means to take action to prevent and cure. Measures to stop poaching, improve wildlife rehabilitation.

So are you considering injustice, emotional torture, physical abuse and mental abuse in this case? What are you doing to prevent them?

Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
I am not against celebration, we must celebrate each and every day equally as any other day. The bias that you smile at every woman today and wish her is negating the point that you must be nice every day, and wish everyone. A simple good morning, good evening or a bright smile with a nod has the same value of celebration.
Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Being a woman myself, I see no difference in any human. Apart from the obvious biological differences, at the end of the and above all, we are humans.

Let us celebrate the great qualities in us each day. Additionally, let us improve the way we bring up our young ones, our sons, our daughters. Let us find ways where we strengthen our humane self.

Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
Designer sare- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
Designer saree- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger
By the way, I have draped this gorgeous saree by Satyapaul.
Special thanks to Saswati Barat; without her contribution this women’s day post would not have been possible.

Why We Love Co-Ord Dresses

Hey Peeps! Lately, I have realised that I have invariably cut down on the number of fashion blog posts this year. However, I have been sharing quite a few of fashion and styling “how to” posts on my Instagram feed.  I was travelling and enjoying the month of love and unfortunately couldn’t share spring look this year. The mercury climbed to 34  degrees and it’s officially summer in Bangalore. During my last trip to Bangkok, I could get my hands on co-ord dresses, in December. I know how have I been waiting for spring/summer to try out my co-ord dresses.

Coordinates- Co-ord dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Time to Coordinate

Coordinates- Co-ord dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

With the summer sun scorching us, we feel like trying out effortless breezy dresses. How about trying co-ord dresses this summer? I am an immense fan of co-ord dresses and I have bought 4 till now for this summer. I have already worn 2 of them during my previous trips, you can find them on my Insta feed. Since I was travelling and love wearing minimal during travel I could not style and showcase them. I will quickly take you to 2 of my favourite looks with co-ord dresses for this summer.

Coordinates- Co-ord dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Dress Down with Co-Ords

During summer wearing layers or complicated outfits is out of the question. Don’t you feel like having a carefree summer without discounting on the style quotient? Co-ord are so much fun to dress in. You can absolutely pull this off without worrying about picking up different separates and having to club them together. A complete fashionable set makes our life easy. I prefer to wear a co-ord dress whenever I am in rush and I am clueless what to wear.

Coordinates- Co-ord dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I decided to wear a brimmed sun hat along with this co-ord set. Hats are an ideal accessory which works throughout the year.To be precise, there are different types of  hats for winters, summers and spring.    Always select a lighter hat for spring and summer. During summer, it helps to protect your skin and hair from UV damage. You can opt for a brimmed or extra wide brimmed sun hat as per the protection required during summer. If you like this look you can try it for your beach vacations too.

Coordinates- Co-ord dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Opt For Bright Colours

Co-ords dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I was on a vacation last week to Kerala. It was sunny and invariably every one of us got tanned. My skin tone has become two to three shades darker and uneven compared to my regular skin. You know de-tanning is not a one day game and even summer has heralded in this city.

Co-ords dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Bright/light colour outfits always reflect light on to your skin. The more the heat is absorbed, more is the reflection. As a result, these bold bright colours make you look hotter.

To hide the tanned body and make me feel pretty as always, I decided to pair them with peppy colours. This long shrug is netted and helps my body to take fresh air in. At the same time, it covers and protects my body from sun rays.

Co-ords dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Is Co-ord dress hard to find?

Co-ords dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Yes, I agree with the difficulty in sourcing a co-ord dress. Every brand has very few co-ords. Brands seem to be testing waters now. So how can you find them? It’s not difficult at all. Every store, be it Forever 21 or Westside has lots of tops and bottoms in the same prints. Try and pair them together. If you are not comfortable wearing a shorts/ skirt, go for palazzos. Palazzos are so comfortable yet chic for summers.

A Pair and A Spare

Co-ords dress for summer- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

We girls always complain about having no clothes for occasions and hate buying a dress. Problem with having a dress is, once worn, it is marked and etched in everyone else’s memory forever. Ah! don’t you hate that.?

I hate to keep spare outfits in my wardrobe feeling it’s pretty and still can’t use it. Twin sets are more versatile than any regular dress. Especially during travel if you want to travel light and look beautiful every day, carry a co-ord set.Believe me, you can pair both the top and bottom separately.

Wondering how. will it make you look different with the same outfit on the same trip?  While co-ord set is a complete set in a single colour and print, try a contrast look to make it offbeat. For example, I am wearing floral shorts and top combo. How about using the shorts with a solid colour off-shoulder top? Do you still think it looks same? If you are not able to imagine the look and want to me to cover this topic on my blog separately, do let me know in the comment section below or Instagram DM.

Until the next time!