The best car battery for your vacation drives

Someone rightly observed, “Life is a journey and to experience it to the hilt, one must travel.” In this post, I am going to share a few of my travel experiences at a short drive from Bangalore. Yes, I have a renewed love affair with these drives with the husband since we got a car and the best car battery for a trouble-free drive.

I do try to travel and explore the lovely Deccan region around Bangalore. Just at about 60 km drive from Bangalore, the ancient rocks of Ramnagaram greet you – having been around since prehistoric times.  Drive a bit further and you step into the lavish palaces and gardens of Mysore.


Feeling adventurous? Drive into the rich flora and fauna of Bandipur/Mudumalai forests. Looking escape the heat of cities to hills? The lush picturesque Nilgiris welcome you at about 160 km from Mysore with Ooty/Udhamangalam being its jewel in the crown. If you have been bitten by the travel bug, honestly you’d be spoilt with choices.

Doesn’t it seem mystical that these locales have been a spectator to changing landscapes, evolving dynasties and would still stand still even after we are long gone?

Don’t you love road trips?


I doubt there would hardly be any soul to answer in negative.  There can be nothing more rejuvenating from the daily grind than a short trip with friends or family. I honestly prefer trips these days over partying and hangovers. I exaggerate not, after trips I always come back with a glow on my face mixed with a bit of suntan.

Offbeat places to explore around Bangalore?

We understand; If you’ve been in Bangalore for a few years, you would have most likely been to the locales mentioned earlier. Why not give these offbeat destinations a try. They are definitely on my wanderer’s list.



Gandikota, a small settlement along the right bank of Pennar, should be on the list of an offbeat traveller from Bangalore for a day out. Bordered by deep and rocky gorge — it is a perfect place to feel the “Indian Grand Canyon” effect.

Manchinbele Dam


Picturesque hills, lush green forests and a serene lake -that’s what you are greeted by when you reach the Manchinbele Dam. Another offbeat place near Bangalore, this dam is located at the foothills of Savandurga. It is an ideal spot for a long weekend drive from Bangalore.



Halebid is an ancient town at just over 200 Km drive from Bangalore. It was the capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. You would come across some of the finest displays of Hoysala architecture here. It is an ideal weekend getaway for those who seek to explore the historical and classical Karnataka culture.



Dandeli is a picture-perfect town on the banks of River Kali at about 450 km drive from Bangalore. It is known for its expansive wildlife sanctuary and jungle resorts. It is an ideal weekend destination near Bangalore if you are into nature, wildlife and adventure.

Why choose the best car battery for these road trips?

You need to have your car in the best condition for ease of mind. Admit it or not, the battery plays a pretty important part in the hassle-free running of your car and you should settle for nothing but the best automotive battery.

Be it starting without a hitch in cold mornings of Ooty or keeping everyone cool for hours in a scorching summer long drive, our Amaron car battery has never failed us. As they say, “it just goes on and on.”, with minimal or no maintenance. Seriously, we have never bothered to pop up the bonnet and even check the water level in the battery, of course besides check-up at regular service intervals.

So, what’s next?

Nothing much – just plan your next trip and get going! If you need some info on travel essentials, I have them for you here.  Remember, the clock is ticking and burn out the tyres now!