Alleppey Resorts: Things you should check before booking

Hey Peeps! How are you doing? I hope my last post about Alleppey houseboat experience was helpful to plan a Kerala vacation. With this post, I am going to share my second and third-day experience in Alleppey Resorts and help you to select the best resort in Alappuzha in your budget.

Alleppey resorts exude an old world charm unique to the God’s Own Country and when we were looking for one we wanted the best at a reasonable price. Also, we had lots of things in our mind as five of us has slightly different expectations from the trip.

Travel with like-minded people

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Everyone plans a trip in sync with their mindset and has different expectations from any trip. For a group trip, always be transparent and share your expectations with your friends.

Like we were very clear that instead of roaming around in the city in the hot weather, we wanted to sit back and enjoy the resort in Alleppey, an overnight houseboat stay, backwaters and the famed Malayali cuisine of course.

Having said that, I was aware that each of us is different and we wanted out space too. We made a checklist before we started hunting for Alleppey resorts.

Always be clear on the budget

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

When going for a group trip, do not hesitate to discuss the budget. For example, I was clear I love going on budget trips and at the same time enjoy to the hilt. We were looking for two rooms in a beautiful heritage resort of Alleppy. Our initial plan was not to go beyond Rs 10,000 for backwaters resorts in Kerala.

While looking for resorts in Alappuzha backwater resorts we bumped onto many beautiful properties. Any resorts in Kerala is booked through an email conversation. We did negotiate a bit with 5-6 best resorts in Alleppey. While deciding on the resorts in Alleppey backwaters, we discovered that all of them own houseboats and other tourists facilities too.

We settled for Shanthitheeram Resort in Alleppey. They gave us the deal for 2 and half day in which houseboat for 1 night, resort stay for one day and 3 times meals were included.

Total cost of resort and houseboat stay for the group of five was Rs 19,000. Not a bad deal when you realise that it came up to less than Rs 4000 per head for two nights and three days stay including everything.

Category of Alleppey Resorts

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Deciding on the resorts are tricky at times. We get all catgories for hotels and resorts every tourist place right from budget hostels to a luxurious 5-star property. I always prefer a scenic location rather than going for 4 star or 5-star resorts. The properties in and around tourist places have really amazing services.

Location Matters

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Even if you are on a budget trip, do not compromise on location. Good location makes your travel an everlasting memory. We wanted to enjoy the lake view as Alleppey is known for it’s backwaters and lake, how could we not have had enough of it!

Flexibility in Check-in/Check-out times

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Be it flight, train, bus or our own transport, there are chances of getting delayed. I have already mentioned in my previous post about Alleppey that we reached late. Also, our train back to Bangalore was on the evening of the last day.

We didn’t want to pay extra for a day as our plan was to go for Backwaters tour again. We had requested the resort owner to give us some space to keep our luggage and a guided tour of the backwaters. As our checkout was on a Monday, the resort was not so crowded and the management allowed us to keep our luggage in our rooms itself.

P.S. Check in and check out flexibility was discussed while taking the resort deal itself.

What kind of foodie are you?

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

All five of us were from different states and are adapted to a different palate.  A few of us were open to try exotic Malayali cuisine whereas others preferred to stick to safe pan Indian cuisine. Food is a highly personal selection, don’t you agree?

Our resort meal charges were included in the total fee. The food menu of the resort had a mix of Malayali, Hyderabadi and North Indian spread. Even breakfast the buffet had both Malayali savouries and standard breakfast items like bread, jam and omelette.

Amenities available at the resort

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

While visiting a place like Kerala, you would want to forget about your daily grind, soak in the natural sights and just lay back to relax. For such trips, amenities do matter.

I was particular about few things apart from the natural vistas and the lake view. I wanted a clean swimming pool and a decent functional gym. Facilities available at the hotel/resort is always an important criterion in my checklist.

Do you check reviews or just check the pictures of properties

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

I have noticed many of my friends getting excited looking at the picture of properties. I must admit I have made that mistake in the past. After having a bad hotel experience back in 2016, I have never repeated this mistake.

I totally understand few of the reviews are bot-assisted nowadays, both for positive and negative marketing. I request you to read a minimum of 4-5 articles of both positive and negative reviews of the properties.

Also, check customer’s pictures rather than professionally clicked high-resolution pictures shared by resorts/hotels.

Our Experience in Alleppey Resort

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We had booked our resort keeping all the above pointers in mind. Being extremely blessed, the property, its amenities, the service and even the food surpassed our expectation. I have shared a mini video of the resort entrance to our room, don’t forget to watch that.

Well it being Kerala, you’d expect it to be hot and humid. However, the resort being engulfed in plentiful vegetation was pleasantly cool. On top of it, we were lucky to get a lake facing room. In fact, we could enjoy the views of both the lake and the swimming pool from our room.

But that really doesn’t mean the other rooms were not worth it. This property was a class apart as it has both modern looking rooms along with heritage rooms done in classical Kerala style. We were shown both the rooms and we settled for the lake facing rooms.

The Conclusion

Alleppey Resorts blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Truly it was a short and sweet trip with my girl gang and it’s going to be etched in my memory for a long time to come.  Kerala was truly a refreshing experience and I’m sure I’d go back there to explore other lovely places.

However, life goes on and I’m headed soon to a completely different part of the country. Stay tuned for my travel diary from a fresh locale.

As always, do shower your comments and feedback. It keeps me going.