How Ethnic Dresses can do Wonders in Summer Season

All about women ethnic wear and how these staples can do wonders in summer season is available right here. Catch with me to unfold the mystery behind ravishing traditional women dresses and drapes and make them a part of your exclusive summer wardrobe to stay cool and refreshing in this scorching weather. Sneak in…

If you ever compare Indian fashion with western wear, you will always end up picking the former for its incredible elegance and enthralling capacity. Not just this, but these exquisite garments will never let you down in terms of comfort and breathability. From lightweight Indian sarees to floor-length maxi dresses, there is an array of options in Indian fashion which can fulfil the summer goals of any woman. Whether you are a college-goer or working diva, these traditional dresses are suitable for every age woman regardless of their body shape and size. Explore the exhilarating range of summer special dresses mentioned below and pick what matches your personal style to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Do not forget to flare your look with additional accessories and fancies and make heads turn around. You go, girl!

Traditional Maxi Dress

Ethnic dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

No doubt about the fact that maxi dresses are the most trending and stylish women wear of past few years. The outfit is known for its exceptional baggy appeal and refreshing style. Pick summer inspired prints like floral, animal, Aztec and other tribal patterns to ace up your dressing style and overall personality.

Wear such clothes for both casual and semi-formal events and get ready to strut like a diva. Bundle up, you stunner!!!


Long Kurtis

Ethnic dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

There is nothing more comfortable and chic than a lovely printed long kurti. Wear it with either bottom wear or ditch pants to indulge into the perfect summer vibes and get ready to become the fashion icon of the season. Kurti makes most affordable and suitable summer wear of all time. Don’t you agree, girls???


Palazzo Suits

Ethnic dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

We all know the unbending fact about Indian fashion that how it has redefined the whole styling game in recent few years. Palazzo suit is one of the best examples of the fusion of Indian and western world. The chic baggy pants, when paired with ethnic-inspired kurti, is simply enough to bring the best out of any woman’s personal instantly and make her look like million bucks.


Ethnic Skirts

Ethnic dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

If you wish to give away those skinny jeans or tight bottom wears in this hot season, make peace with beautiful traditional skirts and revamp your dressing like a pro. Team up these garments with tank tops, crop tops, tunics or other staples and let others follow your fabulous fashion statement.


Chiffon Sarees

Ethnic dresses- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

If saree is your weakness, you should not let this one go when it’s hot outside. Who says wearing saree is always troublesome??? Well, it totally depends on your choice of saree. Chiffon sarees are ultimate options in summer season as these drapes are smooth, light in weight and easy to manage.


Until the next time!

The perfect midi dress for a summer office look

Hey Peeps! I have loved the response you are giving on my SS 2018 lookbook. You guys are amazing and compelled me to write a post for Workwear and Friday Dressing to the office. Midi dress is always a safe bet especially when it comes to office wear.

Though I have quit the 9 to 5 grind and started building my dreams and hobby into respectable work, I have an office. I go to the office/client meetings in semi-formals. Like I always say, dress according to the place and occasion. I strongly follow it.

How to wear a midi dress to work

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

  1. Check the shirt button loops: Shirts or a shirt dress is always problematic for women with big busts. It tends to open up. All we need to do is be careful while buying and check the loop size of buttons. It should never be too big so that it can get open easily without your knowledge.
  2. Lenght should always be slightly above mid-calf: Most of us miss understand that midi length is anything which is below you the knee and above the ankle. To get the perfect look get the right length.
  3. A-line Silhouette is the best: A-line outfits always suit every body type. It’s the most flattering cut universally. If you want a perfect looking midi dress always go for A-line silhouette. It stresses upon your waist and flares out the length. Eventually, it looks super elegant and classy.
  4. Secure your waist with belt: Look and feel of a midi dress (shirt style) is nothing without giving a definition to your waist. It would give you a stout and blocky appearance if you don’t use a belt. Make your midi dress as flattering as possible and play around.
  5. Opt for a light fabric always: As it’s summer and you don’t want to feel heavy, lightweight fabrics are always alluring for summer.
  6. Accentuate the look with block heels: A beautiful minimal heel sandals/shoes should be enough to add a dash of drama and complete the look.

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

How to wear a midi dress for an everyday look

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Everything mentioned in the previous paragraph stays true for a midi dress for a casual occasion as well. As it is sunny during the daytime, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and accessorise it with a matching sling to your shoes.

So, this was my take on a shirt style midi dress. I have also written posts on the versatility of a shirt dress and how to style shirt dress differently. Do check them out.

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Midi dress- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Until the next time! Stay fabulous.

What I Wore

Dress by Elle Mora 

Sling bag by Lavie

Footwear by Payless shoe source

Shades by Giordano


Summer Fashion and Beauty – Dos and Don’ts

Hey Peeps! Isn’t it a bit challenging when it comes to summer fashion and beauty? I feel it’s tough to decide what to wear in sweltering summers that mark our country.

Because of the hot weather, I can’t wear denim. At the same time, I risk getting tanned if I wear short dresses. Fashion is subjective to an individual and I am here just to give a few tips.

To make summer easy without damaging my skin, I have started taking a few precautions. These small things have made my life really easy. Let’s quickly jump into my summer hacks.

Don’t dare to ditch your sunscreen

Fashion and beauty should always go hand in hand. If you want to look fabulous in summer, always take care of your skin. There would be cloudy days, I would still recommend you to use sunscreen when the Sun plays peek-a-boo.  Most importantly, you should apply sunscreen all over, especially on exposed areas.

Tips to buy a sunscreen: Select your sunscreen based on SPF 15 or higher for UVB protection, UVA protection, Zinc content etc.

Avoid super short shorts

Alleppey houseboat Vacation Rates - Namrata- Bangalore based Indian Travel blogger

Really short shorts look like underwear and sometimes bum cheeks are visible too. To avoid this you can try a bit longer, looser, lighter shorts and the demure cut is always more chic and comfortable. Summer fashion is all about being comfortable.

Do add a pop of colour

Summer fashion do's and don't- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger.

Who says summer is all about pastel shades? I love wearing all the colours during summer. It gives me fresh and lively feeling every day.

A t-shirt dress is your buddy

Shivas Gateway- Namrata- Bangalore based fashion, Lifestyle, travel, beauty and fitness blogger

A breezy t-shirt dress is my on-the-go outfit for summers. You can wear it from day to night. To accessorise, you can wear a comfortable and fancy footwear and a sling bag. And you are good to go. I prefer them for travel as well during summers. it’s so easy to carry and you won’t mind the wrinkles.

Do try new sunglasses shades/silhouettes


That’s the best part about summer and I love shades. I can try round eyes, cat eyes, aviators and lot of other shapes. This summer flat lens is trending. Do try it. Break the monotony – try something new.

Don’t wait until Independence day to wear white

athleisure- all whites- Namrata- Indian Fashion and fitness blogger- Bangalore

I know it; white looks apt for certain occasions like the Independence Day. White is alluring colour always and unquestionably a summer neutral. I feel so airy and light when I style myself in all whites.

Do linger to layer

Summer fashion do's and don't- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger.

Layering is not meant just for the winters. Lightweight cotton/linen blazers or jackets can always add a statement to your outfit while blocking off the harmful Sun rays.

Do cling to the off-shoulder trend

Off Shoulder Tops - Namarat - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger

Off shoulders are my favourites. I have shared a post with styling tips for off-shoulder tops last year. Well, one year since then, I’m still in love with the trend and would always be.

And yes, don’t forget to browse through the ALL NEW, Spring Summer 2018 section.

Until the next time! Stay Classy!


My Weekend Trip to Udaipur

Hey Peeps! Two weeks back I was in Delhi and we had planned a Udaipur trip over the weekend. Though it was not the best idea to travel to Udaipur, India during summers, I had to go out on an outstation trip to make the most of my Delhi vacation.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Being a lifestyle blogger based in Bangalore I rarely get time to travel up North. I wanted to cover at least one famous tourist destination north of the Vindhyas this time. As a kid, I have travelled to many famous places in the northern states with family. Udaipur was either not that famous then or we were (sadly) unaware of this beautiful lake city.

Delhi to Udaipur to and fro

It was a last minute plan and we could not get a train reservation. We would have preferred to travel by train as you have a relatively relaxed journey compared to a bus.

Delhi to Udaipur bus fare: Rs 1,000/person (ac sleeper bus)

Udaipur to Delhi bus fare: Rs 850/person (ac sleeper bus)

We had reserved tickets in AC sleeper bus as we wanted to be fresh on arrival at Udaipur to explore the city and my sis and bro-in-law had to get back to work on Monday. In both the cases, a few hundred extra rupees ensured a smooth and rested journey.

Our bus started at 8.45 from Dhaula Kuan and we reached Udaipur the following morning around 7.30 a.m.

While coming back, the bus left Udaipur at 6.30 pm and took a break at 12.30 a.m. for dinner at a dhaba. I am not at all happy about that fact because there were kids on the bus and they were crying of hunger.

I have given them a very bad review on and request you all to give a genuine review whenever you take such service. It really helps people like us to take a call on which bus to take within our budget.

While coming back, we got stuck in Monday morning traffic around Delhi and reached our destination really late at around 11.30 a.m.

Our stay in Udaipur

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We had a reservation in this beautiful property “Devasya Resort” through Stay on Skills. I had been to Ooty as well through them and I trust properties suggested by Arjun from Stay on Skills.

Tariff/Night – Rs 2,500-Rs 3,500 per room depending on the season. 

The owner of Devasya Resort, Vikram was really kind and concerned while we were trying to reach the resort. He guided the cab driver so that we reach there hassle-free.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We were looking for a villa with 2 rooms. It was the eve of my sister’s 5th wedding anniversary. Another reason to pick Udaipur was a quick break from their regular hectic life. I just wanted them to feel special and this property was perfect for a small family trip. They have 2 rooms and both of them were booked for us. So, we got our own space and time to enjoy the property to the hilt.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Upon our arrival, the breakfast was served at 9.30 a.m. by Radhe Krishna. He took real good care of us throughout the trip. The breakfast comprising of parathas and poha was exactly like homemade food. They have arrangements for lunch and dinner as well. Since we were busy exploring the city most of the time, we ended up having most of our meals at other restaurants.

The rooms were spacious, tastefully decorated and spic-n-span. It sounds logical that Devasaya Resort’s management is planning to convert the place into a destination wedding location. They have huge grounds surrounding the Villa to host a large reception ceremony or such.

If you wish to stay at Devasya Resort, you can contact Vikram directly at +918800716449 for reservation in advance.

Lake View Lunch

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

After relaxing for few hours at the resort, we went out to explore the city followed by lunch. Well, the patrons at Devasaya serve only vegetarian food and us being non-vegetarian lovers, wanted to explore few restaurants. We had lunch in Jhoomar Restaurant which opens out to beautiful environs of an enormous lake.

Yes, lakes, that’s something you would come across a plenty in Udaipur. The restaurant is divided into 3 floors and each floor has its own uniqueness. If you step in post-dusk or dinner, opt for the calming ambience of the rooftop restaurant.

The view was alluring and we sat there for a couple of hours as it was too hot outside. We asked them to recommend best of their restaurant. We tried lassi, chicken starter and mutton over there. Quantity was too good for three of us.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Lake Pichola

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

If you are pressed for time and you want to seep into the beauty of this city, it’s a must visit. We could enjoy the sunset and then took a fairy ride.

Boat ride at Lake Picholaicket cost for Indians

Regular Boat– Rs 150/peron

VIP Boat- Rs 250/person

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

The regular boat has a capacity of 25-30 people whereas VIP boat is a fully open boat with cushioned seats to fit in just ten souls. We were on a budget trip and chose to go on a regular one. In fact, by the time we went for the tickets, VIP boats were sold out. In case you are willing to take a ride on VIP boat, visit the counter before 5.30.

We could see the complete city from our boat and they took us through all the corners of the city. Each monument and in fact hotels like Leela palace are dotted on the lake shore. The lighting of the city looks like they celebrate Diwali every day(Just kidding). I was mesmerised by the majestic view and beauty of the city. While sailing in the boat I could actually feel why people love this place for royal weddings and honeymoon.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Jagdish Temple in Udaipur

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger


All tourist places close gates by 5 p.m. in Udaipur. So we decided to utilise the post-sunset evening by visiting famous temples, followed by dinner at a rooftop restaurant. There are lots of temples in the city. We could cover only two, the mo Jagdish temple being really close to the city palace. You can go to the palace by walk from there. Or you can plan a visit to the temple while coming back from the palace

Dinner at Rooftop restaurant

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We found a beautiful architecture in the middle of the city called the O’Zen Restaurant. This restaurant is divided into several parts. Each corner of the restaurant is beautiful. If I have to rate their food, the feelings are mixed as I frankly felt the portions were underwhelming.

I am someone who cannot finish a regular Rice bowl but they serve really less and that was not sufficient for me. I love their daal fry and ambience. Rest all food item and drinks were very average to me. I won’t strongly recommend it if you are looking out for a great dine out restaurant in Udaipur. Food is very average here.

The City Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Entry fee: Rs300/person(Indians)

Guide fee is extra and that depends on the no. of people in your group.

You can’t afford to miss this palace even if you plan to be in the city for just a day. This palace is brimming with history. There is a world class cafe inside the palace. A cup of 24-carat gold coffee cost is Rs 2,000+ taxes there.

I could not afford to have it this time as I was rushing through the palace tour and then I had to hop on to a bus in evening. We also wanted to have lunch in the restaurant which is in Jal Mahal and you need to do advance booking for that. The only way you can enter the beautiful Jal Mahal cafe and the rooftop restaurant is through the city palace. This is out of the world experience. You must visit this restaurant.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

So, this was all about my short trip to Udaipur. There are lot more things to do in the city and lots of historical places too. I  was in Udaipur just for the weekend from Delhi and we did manage to tick off a few famous places in the itinerary.

Mostly we had a laidback time and enjoyed the resort stay. I have realised one thing, in life how much ever you try you will miss out on something. Rather than running behind everything, I focus on creating lasting memories.

Udaipur travel blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Things to be taken care while in Udaipur

  • Keep yourself hydrated as the place is really hot.
  • You get both Ola and Uber cab services. But, both of these are restricted to certain areas. The good part is you can at least avail one of the services. For example, Uber was not allowed to enter our resort area and Ola cannot come near the Jagdish Temple.
  • All the tourist attraction entry is closed by 5 p.m. except temples and Lake Pichola.
  • Lake Pichola boat rides close by 6:30 p.m.
  • Entry to few of the attractions are really expensive – like crystal museum tour in Udaipur city palace coss Rs 800 and you get to see a gallery. That’s it. I avoid such things especially when I am on a budget trip.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and it was helpful too for you to plan out your Udaipur trip and make a list of must-visit places.

As always, keep your comments flowing.

Much Love!