INBISCO Biryani Noodles – My craving buddy

Hey Peeps! What do you love more – Biryani or Noodles?  Well, I love both of them equally and when I saw this crazy combination I could not resist myself from trying out the Inbisco Briyaneez biryani noodles.

My noodles story

Biryani noodles blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle blogger

As far as I remember, I have had an extreme liking towards instant noodles. Most of us get into the habit while staying away from home in a hostel. However, for me, the noodles saga began quite a few years before I stepped into college and hostel life.

I remember even in school the smooth-n-swirly strings of deliciousness was a constant companion in snack time. Be it after school or late at night during exams, the few minutes of goodness was always my comfort food.

Naturally, the fondness carried over to my hostel life as well. Coming from a small town, Darbhanga, I didn’t mind that my favourite noodles were quite easily available around the college. So even in college, instant noodles was part of my pastime lazing around with my gang or even to soothe the midnight hunger pangs.

Things haven’t changed much since those days. Even when I was working at Oracle, instant noodles were a constant fixture in the office cafeteria. Whenever hunger called at the stroke of midnight (oh when I look back now, how I dreaded those arduous night shifts – probably the prime reason why I quit a regular job and mustered enough courage to take up blogging!) my comfort food, prepared in just 2 minutes was always by my side.

Comfort food stays put

Biryani noodles blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle blogger

Cutting through to the present times, the old hunger pangs and cravings have stayed with me and so did the humble noodles. Today, whenever I crave for something quick and delicious in-between meals or around midnight, I know I have a trusted friend to fall back on.

Change for the better

Being a normal person, I do like to try out new varieties and flavours in the market. It’s not about deriding one in favour of the other, it’s more about expanding your field of view. As it is famously said, “Change is the only constant thing in this world.”

So, if a new company in the market, makes an honest effort to improve upon the product and tantalise our taste buds, would I (or even you)try it out? Hell yeah! You don’t have to pick sides and make up your mind at one shot, however, do give it a chance. From my experience,Biryaneez Biryani Noodles by Inbisco is definitely worth trying with your hard earned money.

Biryani or Noodles?

I know, you must be wondering, “What, Biryani flavoured noodles? If I want to have Biryani I’d order one and likewise for noodles.”

What about your snack time or the midnight hunger pangs (Yes, I know I have used this phrase earlier as well, however, it’s a real thing which I and many of my friends suffer from). This Biryaneez Biryani Noodles by Inbisco is kind of best of both the worlds. You get a base of authentic noodles with the masala very close to the actual biryani flavour.

Biryani noodles blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle blogger

Get adventurous with Biryani Noodles

If you are in mood for it or want to try out something unique, try out new stuff. Add diced cooked chicken to it and viola, you’ve got your very own Chicken Biryani Noodles.

A veggie lover? Add chopped vegetables like capsicum, onion and carrots and you’ve got your delicious Vegetable Biryani Noodles in a jiffy! Your imagination is just the limit; you could further enhance the taste of these yummilicious noodles further with anything that goes well with a traditional biryani.

Biryani noodles blog- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle blogger

Do give it a try

Concluding, I’m not imploring you to give up your age old habits and preferences. I was and still am the same two minutes goodness fan as everyone else out there.

However, when a company makes honest and remarkable effort to change the status quo, and cannot resist having it after your first time!

The Briyaneez noodles are available online on Big Basket. Just a heads up- I recommended it a few friends who mentioned the product is already out of stock. Get yours today before you have to wait for them to restock.