Vicco Turmeric Foam Base Face Wash Review

Hey Peeps! Nowadays, I am more focus towards my skin and trying to keep it hydrated and nourished with mild and herbal products more. We all get a lot of skin concern and problems during monsoons, right? I get rashes, breakouts easily as my skin is oily. I recently got introduced to Foam Base Face Wash by Vicco Turmeric cream with a foam base.

My Memories with Vicco

Vicco is my mom’s favourite brand. She is very simple and doesn’t believe in too much makeup or jewellery.  I have seen her using Vicco turmeric cream for parties etc. She used to get an instant glow and as a kid she never allowed me to use that cream then. Recently my mom was in town and she asked me to use Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam base face wash by Vicco. Her belief in the brand made me try this. My T zone is really oily during monsoons and at times I hate it as it spoils the whole makeups and looks.

About Vicco

Vicco is an Indian brand which has Ayurvedic herbal medicinal products like herbal toothpaste, herbal toothpowder, natural skin care cream, natural face wash etc. The brand was formed in the year 1952. Vicco is well known among India’s most trusted brands.


The face wash comes in a white plastic tube packaging contrary to the Vicco’s standard yellow packaging. The tube is housed inside a white-blue-gold cardboard package, where both box and the tube display a turmeric design on top and the product name written in bold. The packaging is really appealing as it looks classier and more attractive than the yellow one. The tube comes with a screw cap on top which shuts tightly and hence is quite travel-friendly.


Ingredients & Texture

The face wash is yellowish-honey like colour and has a gel-like consistency. The formula of the face wash is easy to rinse off. The smell fades away when the face is washed with water.

The main ingredient mentioned is the extract of Turmeric. Turmeric is really helpful in treating acne and pimples as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Turmeric is also beneficial for oily skin since it controls excessive oil secretion. It also reduces skin pigmentation and signs of ageing.

My experience with Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base Face Wash

I was really irritated and going dull because of my skin concerns. While trying this Vicco Turmeric cream with foam base face wash I was really sceptical as nothing worked really amazing on my skin. Just because the product claims to be authentically Ayurvedic I gave it a try. Ayurvedic products have lesser side effects compared to chemical-based products.

Also, the product claims to prevent and cure pimples, blackheads and oily skin. After my first wash, I felt my skin was deeply cleansed. Who doesn’t suffer from minor nicks and cuts, lets say while shaving? This product would take care of them as well in a safe and natural way.

I have been using this face wash over a month now and it has become my favourite with time. All you need is a pea size quantity and wash your face every night with this foam base face wash. It has become a part of my CTM routine. The less quantity usage makes it long lasting product.

My oily parts of skin like T zone feels much better than before. It also leaves a light cooling effect on the skin after immediate use.

This face wash works best on oily skin as it helps in cleaning out the oil from the face but as it is not a drying face wash, it will be equally good on dry skin with Vicco Turmeric skin cream for dry skin and Vicco Turmeric WSO cream for oily skin post wash. Though this face wash claims to clear and control blackheads. My face certainly needs a scrub for clearing blackheads out and keeping them in control.

My Rating:


I would have given it 5/5 if the product would have shown the effect on the very first day. But I don’t expect such quick effect from Ayurvedic/natural products.

Do I recommend this product? 

Definitely, it’s a must try for everyone as it is for all skin type and super effective. It can be used by both men and women. So, basically, it is a product which can be used by the whole family.

Foam Base Face Wash by Vicco- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

You can also, buy them online on vicco’s own e-store. The product is also available on other online portals like Amazonand Shopclues


Until the next time! Stay fabulous 🙂