Te-A-Me Ice Brews : Make the Best Ice Tea at Home

Summer has led to monsoon all over India. Though the mercury has dipped a bit, you do still get thirsty quite a bit and reach out for a glass of cold beverage.  Can you resist the lure of a chilled, refreshing glass of ice tea and that too homemade at a fraction of the cost in popular cafes?

Ice or Iced Tea?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule. You may call it Ice Tea, Iced Tea or even Ice Brew. Call it by any name as long as it refreshes your body and soul like no other, definitely not the chemical and sugar-laden bottled sodas.

Tea Drinker’s Prayers Answered

Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

My initiation into Ice Tea started quite a few years ago, with the drink bottled in lemon and peach flavours by a popular brand. “Was it good?” Not really. Though I agreed with the flavour, frankly it had too much added sugar for my taste.

Next came the goodness of ice tea crushed to a fine powder. “Was it convenient”? Definitely, I could enjoy Iced Tea at the comfort of home, anytime. “Was it still over sweetened?” Definitely yes, I prefer a mild sweet taste.

When I came across this Ice Brew by Te-A-Me, seriously, someone had paid heed to my gripes.

How to make Iced Tea/Green Tea at Home?

Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

Did I mention that I am a Green Tea lover as well? Nothing gets me going better than a clear green cuppa of the heavenly nectar.

Well, now if you want to make an iced version of your tea, the traditional way is to brew it in cold water for 8-10 hours. “Do I have the time and patience for it?” Nyet! Not blessed with that attribute. The search for that perfect glass of made at home Iced Tea went on.

So, when Te-A-Me reached out to me with their range of Ice Tea/Brews, I was curious to try it out and must admit a little sceptical as well.

Would it actually solve the problem of choosing between oversweetened readymade mixes or on the other hand sitting out for eternity just to gulp down a refreshing glass of cool, refreshing Iced Tea at home?

Iced Tea Recipe

It’s 2018 and in the era self-drive cars and space travel for tourists, you shouldn’t have to wait for hours to brew that perfect glass of homemade Ice Tea. Just do it in three steps –

  1. Place a bag of Te-A-Me Ice Brew in a glass
  2. Pour in water and ice. Stir well.
  3. Garnish it with a slice of lemon, mint leaves, apple slices, etc. and that’s it!

How does Te-A-Me Ice Brew Taste?


Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

Ok, we got it, it’s convenient, but the bottom line is the taste. Isn’t it? I would clarify a few points here –

  1. I have come across quite a few friends who do not like green tea or tea without milk particularly. Firstly, tea introduced by the Chinese, over 4800 years ago, has been always consumed with lukewarm water. Addition of milk and sugar is a very British thing and that too barely 250 years old.
  2. So people, lay your worries to rest Te – A -Me Ice Brews are available in five rejuvenating flavours – Mint Green, Lemon, Peach, Wild Berry and wait for it, Lychee.
  3. So whether you are a traditionalist or like to experiment with your Ice Tea, your needs are taken care of.
  4. The best part and the root cause of my previous gripes, It doesn’t have any added sugar.
  5. All but the Wild Berry flavour have Stevia added to mildly sweeten your drink without any harmful effects.
  6. Rest assured, this is the healthiest and lip-smacking “cool drink” you can have at home or even serve your guests.

Healthy as a Hot Cup of Green Tea?

Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

Yes, absolutely! The hot water just made the infusion process quicker for traditional leaves or tea bags. Hot or cold water, a brewed to perfection green or black tea is the right choice for a health conscious individual.

Moreover, In India, we have quite a few sweltering months. You shouldn’t have to give up on the daily goodness of tea as the temperature rises.

Ice Tea Flavours

Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

As I mentioned earlier, If you did not like the traditional taste earlier, you have now three exciting flavours of Peach, Wild Berry and Lychee Iced Teas to add a zing to your drink.

Besides, the brews are flavoured naturally with spices and herb, devoid of any artificial colours or flavours.

Switch over to Ice Brews By Te-A-Me. I have tried it and simply love the fact that it’s a fine blend of convenience, just the right amount of sweetness and five exciting flavours.

Should I trust Te-A-Me?

Te-a-me Ice Tea Brews - Namrata Bangalore fashion & lifestyle blogger

If you are into lineage and the sort, be assured that Te-A-Me is a young vibrant brand launched in 2014 is by The Madhu Jayanti Group with over 75 years history of cultivating, brewing and selling fine teas all over the world. You tea bag has passed through safe hands and all the required certifications.

It’s available on Amazon India and major e-commerce portals. Now you know where to get it.

I am sipping a fine Wild Berry Ice Tea by Te-A-Me while writing this article. Give it a swig, You would love it.