With the receding rains and the landscapes still fresh, now is a good time to enjoy some weekend drives and trips out of Delhi. With so much natural beauty and heritage available to experience in nearby states, people living in the national capital have plenty of options to visit. A trip can be planned in a jiffy – a self-driving car app and a thirst for adventure and discovery are enough. Here are some top recommendations.

Mathura – Vrindavan – Agra

Mathura is one of the most significant places of Hinduism. The drive from Delhi is a 3-hour route along the Taj Expressway and the sacred city is worlds apart from the cosmopolitan, fast-paced city. The main attractions of Mathura are its temples and old neighbourhoods. The Krishna Janmabhoomi is a complex of multiple holy sites built around what is believed is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The Vishram Ghat is another important site, located on the banks of the Yamuna.

Nearby Vrindavan town has many attractions that will fascinate culture enthusiasts. Travellers here can observe the quintessential Hindu architecture. Some of the famous landmarks include the Madan Mohan Temple, the Prem Mandir and the Sri Radha Raman Temple.

With Agra just 57 km away from Mathura, it is absolutely worth the extra drive. The resplendent architecture and scale of the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort are the main attractions here, along with the buzzing evening market scenes and the spicy street food.

Corbett National Park

Away from the crowds and the buildings, Corbett National Park is a wild escapade into the deepest wildernesses of Northern India. Nature photographers would rejoice at the landscapes that await them in India’s oldest national park – grasslands and thick forests juxtaposed with low hills. One can enjoy safaris on elephant-back or in a jeep. The most famous resident here is the tiger and the place is also famous for the wild pachyderm herds that roam about. Birds found here include a variety of raptors and jungle fowl. Crocodiles and leopards are also main predators in this picturesque, diverse and fragile ecosystem.

The 270-km road trip from Delhi is an exciting experience as one leaves behind the endless, industrial plains and heads into the misty foothills and forests of Uttarakhand.

Other popular trips from Delhi include Alwar in Rajasthan. The town is famous for its architecture – prominent sites here include the City Palace and the Alwar Fort. The 160-year-old Fairy Queen locomotive is another treasured attraction here.

Dharamshala is a beautiful 10-hour drive into the hills of Himachal – a perfect solution for those looking for a bohemian respite. The Tibetan diaspora here adds another fascinating cultural element to the town, which is also a good base for treks.

To enjoy these trips to the fullest, informed travellers are choosing to rent self-drive cars in Delhi rather than traditional cabs. They get to travel in freedom and privacy, making stops and detours as they wish. Platforms like Zoomcar offer a wide range of vehicle options and 24/7 on-road support so people can enjoy the trip in comfort and security.