My Street Style Saree Story ft. Craftsvilla

Hey Peeps! I am always grateful to each of you for showering so much of love for my ethnic posts. Frankly, I have never a saree person and in fact, my usual outfit styling never revolved around ethnic wear. I love being casual in my effortless chic outfits. So what moulded my love for street style saree?

Do watch my saree look video here

Was it just a herculean task to drape one or was I not confident in a saree? How did I gain confidence after all?

Keep reading the post, it might as well incite you to try out a saree if you haven’t yet. I had an inferior complex from trying out sarees for numerous reasons. It took me years together overcome those negative emotions. Today, when I see someone with the same feelings as I had, I really want to say, you are beautiful, embrace it.

My Childhood Saree Story

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

The first saree blog post of mine was about my first saree which I draped from my mom’s closet. Whenever I check old album’s, I find it quite funny that not only me, even my dolls used to flaunt colourful sarees. Dupattas used to be my saree then and those 2 yards of elegance always had a story behind them. I really miss being a kid and being excited about ethnic wear.

Teenage Inferiority Phase

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

My sister and I use to study in the same school and even the same class. She is elder to me, fair and more beautiful with sharp features according to cliched Indian mentality. We belong to a joint family from a small town called Darbhanga. We used to celebrate most of the festival with the entire family and of course, big families do have a lot of family functions. For a wedding, we both decided to wear saree, apply makeup etc. for the first time. So the trial happened at home.

With all excitement, we got ready in saree and came to everyone and asked how are we looking. Everyone praised my sister – nobody complimented me. I have nothing against my sister and will never have, but that day I thought ethnic wear is not meant for me.

My beauty was always compared to her through the traditional yardstick of fairness and not kidding, believe me, no-one in my family gave a thought on how I felt of this seemingly slight, still biased attitude. Eventually, I lost my confidence in looking pretty and got stuck to my tomboy look.


First Ethnic Day at College

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I came to Bangalore in the month of September 2006. Yes, it’s been exactly 12 years. Within a month of commencement, we had an ethnic day at college. I decided to wear a simple salwar suit as I was not confident about wearing a saree. If you know how much South Indians love saree then you can imagine that nobody would have left me like that.

With a rather forced nudge by my friends, I changed my mind and wore saree after quite a few years. That was the first day I stepped out in saree, in my adulthood.

My classroom was on the fourth floor and we were taking stairs. My pleats got stuck in my sandals and I fell down. Luckily, no one saw that and I didn’t have to face that embarrassing moment. My confidence had nose-dived once again but I wanted to fight my inferiority complex.

I started taking baby steps to regain my confidence then. During those college days, we had lots of functions were I wore sarees in different styles. Yes, I wasn’t an expert but I figured out lightweight sarees are the best for beginners. By the time I was in the third year of engineering, I was so confident about wearing saree that I wore saree on the ramp for a fashion show, that too without practising to walk in saree.

From Regular Drape to Street Style Saree

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

When I got introduced to street style saree my life was sorted and love for sarees compounded. A Street Style Saree is so much fun to drape. As there is no rule but one –” Drape the way you feel the most confident”. When it comes to modern ethnic or street style sarees, Sonam Kapoor has always been an inspiration for me. I saw her in dhoti saree 7 years back and found the same saree in a designer store.

I was about to buy the same but someone told me that I couldn’t wear this saree in any other way if I  bought that. Why don’t you learn how to drape a regular saree in dhoti style. I decided to give it a try. Thanks to Youtube I could learn how to drape a saree in dhoti style. Ever since I have always fallen back on those great videos on  Youtube to learn different ways of styling a saree. Gradually I started draping them in my own style and realised street style saree lets you explore your creative instinct and the same saree can be flaunted in multiple styles.

Sarees by Craftsvilla

Before I talk about the look, I have bought this saree from Craftsvilla.  Craftsvilla is a 7-year-old online ethnic store. This is the first ethnic wear online store from where I have actually bought my saree. A lot of us are still reluctant to buy sarees online thinking what if the colour of saree is not exactly the same and maybe the material would not turn out as great as in the images.

Thankfully they have an easy return or exchange policy. But frankly, I haven’t had the need to return any saree I have bought at Craftsvilla. Their customer friendly policy made me try out a website for ethnic wear.

About the Lehenga saree with a twist

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Dreamy fairy tale style flares have always excited me. I first wore a shocking pink flared skirt with a gold blouse. To create this look, I started with pallu first. I made a long and sleek pallu taking 3 meters off the saree. Then took another half of the saree and leaving half a meter aside,  I pleated the folds and tucked it at the back. With remaining half a meter, I have created pleats again and pulling it from the rear, tucked it at the front, below the navel. Now coming back to pallu, I wrapped it around my waist once again and then did a normal pallu.

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Let me know how do you like my street style saree look. Click here to buy this saree.

Until the next time, stay confident and gorgeous!