Oppo F9 Pro : The Best Mid-Range Smartphone?

2018 has been a year of notches on the mobile phone screens. Well, Essential Phones by Andy Rubin, the founder of Android started this notch trend in mid-2017. Definitely, it was made popular as a must-have feature to copy by the legendary iPhone X. Oppo F9 Pro takes this trend up a notch and delivers the most unobtrusive and pleasant looking waterdrop notch on a gorgeous display.

What do I need from a smartphone?

Frankly speaking, I do not care much for the latest SOC (system on chip) or loads of RAM. Neither am I an avid gamer to look for blazing gameplay at high resolution. My needs are pretty simple.

  • It should look good
  • It shouldn’t be too bulky to manage
  • Top-notch cameras – both primary and secondary
  • Loads of storage
  • All day battery
  • Fast charging

The Design

myclosetdiary Namrata – Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger – Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 Pro is definitely a looker with gradient patterned back, gorgeous display and may I call, a cute waterdrop shaped, barely there notch. Dare I say that this notch looks way better than iPhone X’s rather tab like indent.

You get to choose between rather scintillating colours as well. The first option known as the Sunrise Red is a red to purple gradient design with a diamond pattern at the back. The second option known as the Twilight Blue does with a dark blue to an azure gradient in the same pattern.

Like most phones these days, it’s a fingerprint magnet. Luckily Oppo includes a well made clear TPU case in the box. Oppo has also stuck a scratch protector onto the front of the F9 Pro as aftermarket solutions might interfere with the ambient light sensor.

The Screen

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo has also used an LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) LCD panel, which is frugal on power but is expensive to manufacture. The panel measures 6.3 inches and has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1080×2340. The colours are vivid and text pretty crisp to read.

Does it have a headphone jack?

Yes, thankfully it does have a slowly fading into oblivion headphone jack. The audio output though a bit timid through the speaker grill, is above average through earphones. Did I mention Oppo F9 Pro includes in the box a decent set of in-ear phones, well inspired by iPhone earphones?

The battery and how it charges

Oppo F9 Pro packs in a substantial 3500 mah battery which aided by LTPS LCD display last all day long pretty comfortably. Should you fall short of charge, Oppo’s proprietary VOOC flash charge technology charges your phone for two hours of talk time in five minutes of charge. Yes, it works!

My only gripe here is the use of micro USB port for charging, which firstly is on it’s way out and secondly is pretty annoying to plug right by your bedside in dark.

The Camera with Google Lens

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

The Oppo F9 Pro has a dual camera system with a 16 MP primary sensor with a f/1.8 aperture along with a 2 MP depth sensor and a f/2.4 aperture. For the front, you get a 25 MP front facing camera along with a f/2.0 aperture. The cameras are above average and the selfie camera particularly is stunning. So if you have a thing for selfies, Oppo F9 Pro is the right smartphone for you.

Besides the front camera can be used for face unlock as well. Yes, I was surprised to see Oppo include Google Lens in the F9 Pro. When you click a picture and then use google lens option, Google runs an image search on it to display relevant information regarding your subject. That was cooooool!

Would it store all my pics?

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

I have a tendency to use up the phone storage pretty fast, I mean in days. The standard storage capacity is 64 Gb. However, you get a dedicated card expansion slot along with two nano sim slots. You would never have to choose between adding an additional sim and stretching your storage capacity.

Is it powerful/fast enough?

I had mentioned earlier that I’m not a power user and latest or the greatest don’t matter to me. However, it might matter to you and I would be plain honest.

Oppo F9 Pro uses MediaTek Helio P60 for the CPU and Mali-G72 MP3 for its GPU. To put things into perspective, Realme 1, a phone retailing at Rs 13,990 ( for the 6 Gb RAM) uses the same set of hardware! Come on Oppo, you could do definitely better than this.

Should I buy it?

All said it is a good looking phone with decent performance, above average camera and impressive battery specifications. If your priorities are same as mine, just go ahead. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

However, if you are a gamer or a power user who prefers raw performance over aesthetics, go for the Poco F1 smartphone.