Girls Trip to Sri Lanka? 8 Reasons to Convince your Buddies

Hey Peeps! Thank you for showering so much love on my previous blog and social media posts on Girls Trip to Sri Lanka. It really means a lot and keeps me going. A common question I got was, “Why Sri Lanka?”.

I know, after the ghastly Easter Sunday explosions, many folks have dropped Sri Lanka from their itinerary. Give it a few weeks, I’m sure things would be back to the former glory, which I had experienced last December.

Being Indian and born in a society where safety is the biggest concern, I always do my research before planning a girls trip. If you have read my previous posts then I am sure you know how much we all wanted to go for a beach vacation.

When it comes to a beach vacation, Krabi (Thailand) is my favourite but this time, I wanted to explore something new. So, the question remains the same, “Why did I choose Sri Lanka for a girls trip?”

First overseas experience? Why not someplace nearby?

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We girls are famous for shopping and spending unnecessarily.  But when it comes to big expenses we think twice and this was the case with my girls too. This was to be their maiden international trip and they were concerned about the expense and the ease of travel within the country.

Also, I want to touch all Asian countries before I move to other continents. The flight takes just an and half hour from Bangalore to Sri Lanka which sealed the deal in favour of Sri Lanka for a quickie trip.

An impromptu plan for Sri Lankan vacation? It won’t hurt your pocket

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

There we were; infamous for being confused. So, while deciding on the destination, we were a confused lot and believe me the planning was going for years. We would have thought of all possible places and not decided on any as we were never on the same page.

As we work in different fields, our prior commitments and leaves were a major concern. Suddenly By November end, we decided that we should chuck everything and go for a trip.

By the time we decided on it, it was about to hit peak holiday season and everything had gone expensive. The budget was our first concern as we were mentally not prepared for the trip. We didn’t have much savings for the trip but yes we were positive to take the plunge this time.

We started exploring options and Sri Lanka flight fare was quite reasonable. To and fro cost per person for the flight was INR 12,250. (we had booked our tickets 2 weeks before the actual trip). If you book your tickets well in advance the amount will never cross INR 10,000.

Sri Lankans whip up some lip-smacking fare

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

I have never met a girl who isn’t a foodie. Even a health freak person like me loves to try different cuisines. But yes, we do have our individual likes and dislikes.

It doesn’t matter how your taste buds have developed; I am sure all of us have relished homemade Indian food. Sri Lankan food, especially coastal food is all about the finest method of cooking and top-shelf ingredients.

We had tried both rural and urban culinary Srilankan delights. Sri Lankan food reflects its unique culture having been influenced by the Dutch, Portuguese and British occupation.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

I have been in South India for 13 years now and developed an innate love towards fiery curries, sweet caramelized onions etc. I could figure out a lot of common ingredients but the taste was still unique and you would notice a mix of potent flavours.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

A lot of food looked similar to Indian food like their Hoppers look like Appam (Kerala food). I can’t help drooling when I recall those treats. When you travel to Sri Lanka, I highly recommend their local fare, both modern and village style food.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Exploring Tuk Tuk rides together

To get a hassle-free tuk-tuk at the most reasonable price, download the app called PICK ME. You might be literally taken for a ride if you just hail a tuk-tuk and believe me bargaining is tough.

Tuk-tuk rides are an experience in themselves. Tuk-tuk drivers are quite friendly in Sri Lanka and they will guide you to local places as well if you ask them. We were in a group of three girls and it was just the perfect ride for our small gang.

Shopping in Colombo/Negombo

How on this earth, being girls, we could miss out on shopping. When on a girls trip to Sri Lanka, shopping is a must. We stayed at the beach resorts in locales like Negombo, Bentota, Galle & Unawatuna.

Negombo and Colombo are well-designed cities and have a plethora of options to fix your window shopping urges. However, Bentota is the most expensive place in all aspects.

For western wear, you should drop into Beverly Hills or the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct. There are plenty of other malls too. If you are looking for local shopping, then Beema Market, Good Market and Pettah Market should be your first choices.

Go Surfing next to pristine beaches

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

When on a girls trip try out and do everything you haven’t done yet. After all, we support each other in doing the things we love. Our property in Bentota had a private beach and we got everything there – right from a seafood restaurant, to sheesha and even surfing.

Initially, we were a little scared of going beyond our comfort zone but did spend some quality time among the waves. If you dig an adventure packed holiday, believe me, Sri Lanka is the best place to get all experiences in one place.

Experience stilt fishing

While planning a girls trip to Sri Lanka, we had never thought about stilt fishing. All of us have heard a lot about stilt fishing and I am sure few of you would have watched others.

In Sri Lanka, they welcome you to try stilt fishing. Stilt fishing is a unique way of fishing. We witnessed them doing it first and had the memorable experience of trying it at Galle.

The fisherman sits atop a bamboo bar called petta tied with a vertical and diagonal pole. This fishing practice is not done by all the fisherman’s in the country however this is very famous in the country. Most probably it’s going to vanish in next few years and would survive as only a tourist attraction.

On a girls trip to Sri Lanka? Pack your bikinis

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Yes, I have saved the best for the last! When travelling abroad, our girl gang loves to shed inhibition’s and we don’t mind flaunting our curves a bit. It is safe if you book into popular resorts as they have their own fenced beaches.

Well, we girls are so comfortable with each other that there is no space for body shaming. We went to the beach in our bikinis and had one of the best times of our lives. I still remember those endless clicks and beach games. When you are travelling with your girls next time, make sure you carry a lot of chic bikinis.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

So, that was a summary of the activities and a fun filled holiday in the wonderful country of Sri Lanka. Try it out – you could travel and stay without overshooting your budget and believe me you’d be back with a lifetime of memories, ever longing to go back.