Invisalign by Clove Dental

Hey Peeps! Hope you are doing good! I had recently visited Clove Dental Clinic, Koramangala at Bangalore for a regular dental checkup and dental cleaning. Over there, I got introduced to Invisalign and was curious to know more about the groundbreaking clear teeth aligning system. So, I asked my dentist general questions about the system to allay fear I had ever since childhood. I am jotting them down one by one. Keep reading and please do not ignore your dental health as it is equally important.

Do you really need a periodical dental examination?

Invisalign Clear Braces by Clove Dental - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Dental checkup keeps your teeth and gums strong and healthy. We more often than not bother about dental issues except if we experience a throbbing pain or discomfort. It’s constantly prudent to visit a dental facility once in six months or as proposed by your dental care specialist.

What is Invisalign?

Simply put, Invisalign is the most advanced teeth aligner system in the world for those neatly aligned pearly whites. Misalignment of teeth is pretty commonplace while growing up, but who would want to smile through metal braces? Not me.

Is Invisalign at par with ubiquitous braces?

Invisalign Clear Braces by Clove Dental - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The hallmark of orthodontic dental fixes that use metal/ceramic/lingual braces or Invisalign is that offer deeper benefits than just cosmetically straightening the teeth. These have also proved to give positive results in checking any bite issues that may need specialised diagnosis and treatment. 

Invisalign is a new age, aesthetically appealing solution of many other techniques used by dental professionals in straightening the teeth of their patients. They align your choppers to give them an ideal setting, improve their appearance, and make them work as they are ideally supposed to. Invisalign utilizes a set of clear plastic trays to achieve the perfect teeth position. Traditional braces, on the other hand, usually make use of metal wires to get the desired functional movement or position for your whites.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign Clear Braces by Clove Dental - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

You would get Invisalign to correct tooth movements efficiently, for cases that are not too complicated. A set of clear, precise, computer-generated trays is ideally worn all along the day with replacements every fortnight. There are certain trays that can be used for six months and in some cases, even up to a year. However, these require some structural support to prevent the teeth from shifting back.

One of its major pros is that the trays are clear and barely there. Hence the name Invisalign. As I said earlier, smiling through a maze of wiry braces is not the most flattering impression you would want to present. Wear if confidently to your family gatherings or social functions. No one would really know unless they are trying to smell your breath. Secondly, it does not impede your speech and you would speak just as without any braces.

Yes, you may say that functionally, even braces, just do the job, but Invisalign preserves the spark in your smile. This is why some of us who have a more complicated dental impairment would need to lean towards traditional braces.

Who Needs Invisalign

Invisalign is an incredible answer for patients with somewhat misaligned teeth. Braces are commonly the go-to treatment for more youthful patients or individuals who have a huge arrangement or nibble issues. Obviously, not every person has a significant dental issue. A considerable lot of us have a couple of warped teeth and don’t have to wear metal supports to address the issue. Also, most teens moving towards adulthood and working adults need an orthodontic alternative that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Invisalign Clear Braces by Clove Dental - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

With the ubiquitous metal aligners, a part of the pain that you feel is a result of the brackets rubbing against the inside of your mouth and from the placement of the wire. After all, it is metal rubbing against your soft mouth tissue. Eventually, people get used to it and develop callouses, however, the first few weeks could be pretty discomforting.

Though nowhere close to poking metal, you could feel a bit of discomfort with Invisalign too. After all, it is a foreign body in your mouth and it can be mildly irritating to your gums and the insides of your lips while you get used to the feeling of it being there. In a course of two weeks, however, the mouth will adjust to the feeling of wearing the aligners and will develop the necessary callouses to prevent irritation.

By the time you need to replace your first set of clear aligners by Invisalign for the next stage, your mouth would have fully adjusted to wearing the plastic retainers and you won’t experience any over the top discomfort.

Frankly, you need to get used to it. The whole point of Invisalign or any other teeth aligner system is to shift your teeth into a straighter, appealing, healthier smile, the aligners have to put pressure on the teeth. Putting pressure on the teeth would cause inevitable soreness in any system.

Few Invisalign actually would mark out this sensation as outright pain. For most people, it is simply mildly discomforting and an uneasiness that you get used to and then forget about once it is over, to welcome an all-new perfect set of teeth with an alluring smile.

When does the discomfort go away?

Individuals frequently wonder when does Invisalign quit hurting per se? The appropriate response is diverse for everybody – and furthermore depends upon the sort of Invisalign agony experienced. The uplifting news is, by far most of the Invisalign discomfort you feel is effectively sorted and goes inside 48 hours or less.

Why get Invisalign from Clove Dental?

Invisalign Clear Braces by Clove Dental - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Well, Clove Dental is the largest chain of top-notch dental clinics across India with more than 300 clinics across 23 cities of India. Look around here and you would most likely stumble upon a one stop clinic for reputed dental care in your vicinity.

I live in Bangalore and frankly, I was surprised to see 63 dental clinics in this city itself. The closest one is barely a kilometer away from where I live.

Besides sheer numbers, one thing you could be sure of is extremely well-trained dentists who are thoughtful as well. I mean, many of us including me are wary of sitting on the dreaded chair, but it was completely positive experience here at the Clove Dental Clinic.

Read through the promise they make to the patients and you would feel sure of a trustworthy dental centre for your smile.

Just a last pointer before signing off, they do have tiered dental care membership packages for individuals as well as families. Maybe all of us should stop ignoring our regular dental niggles and make regular oral and dental care a never-ending habit.

Girls Trip to Sri Lanka? 8 Reasons to Convince your Buddies

Hey Peeps! Thank you for showering so much love on my previous blog and social media posts on Girls Trip to Sri Lanka. It really means a lot and keeps me going. A common question I got was, “Why Sri Lanka?”.

I know, after the ghastly Easter Sunday explosions, many folks have dropped Sri Lanka from their itinerary. Give it a few weeks, I’m sure things would be back to the former glory, which I had experienced last December.

Being Indian and born in a society where safety is the biggest concern, I always do my research before planning a girls trip. If you have read my previous posts then I am sure you know how much we all wanted to go for a beach vacation.

When it comes to a beach vacation, Krabi (Thailand) is my favourite but this time, I wanted to explore something new. So, the question remains the same, “Why did I choose Sri Lanka for a girls trip?”

First overseas experience? Why not someplace nearby?

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

We girls are famous for shopping and spending unnecessarily.  But when it comes to big expenses we think twice and this was the case with my girls too. This was to be their maiden international trip and they were concerned about the expense and the ease of travel within the country.

Also, I want to touch all Asian countries before I move to other continents. The flight takes just an and half hour from Bangalore to Sri Lanka which sealed the deal in favour of Sri Lanka for a quickie trip.

An impromptu plan for Sri Lankan vacation? It won’t hurt your pocket

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

There we were; infamous for being confused. So, while deciding on the destination, we were a confused lot and believe me the planning was going for years. We would have thought of all possible places and not decided on any as we were never on the same page.

As we work in different fields, our prior commitments and leaves were a major concern. Suddenly By November end, we decided that we should chuck everything and go for a trip.

By the time we decided on it, it was about to hit peak holiday season and everything had gone expensive. The budget was our first concern as we were mentally not prepared for the trip. We didn’t have much savings for the trip but yes we were positive to take the plunge this time.

We started exploring options and Sri Lanka flight fare was quite reasonable. To and fro cost per person for the flight was INR 12,250. (we had booked our tickets 2 weeks before the actual trip). If you book your tickets well in advance the amount will never cross INR 10,000.

Sri Lankans whip up some lip-smacking fare

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

I have never met a girl who isn’t a foodie. Even a health freak person like me loves to try different cuisines. But yes, we do have our individual likes and dislikes.

It doesn’t matter how your taste buds have developed; I am sure all of us have relished homemade Indian food. Sri Lankan food, especially coastal food is all about the finest method of cooking and top-shelf ingredients.

We had tried both rural and urban culinary Srilankan delights. Sri Lankan food reflects its unique culture having been influenced by the Dutch, Portuguese and British occupation.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

I have been in South India for 13 years now and developed an innate love towards fiery curries, sweet caramelized onions etc. I could figure out a lot of common ingredients but the taste was still unique and you would notice a mix of potent flavours.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

A lot of food looked similar to Indian food like their Hoppers look like Appam (Kerala food). I can’t help drooling when I recall those treats. When you travel to Sri Lanka, I highly recommend their local fare, both modern and village style food.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Exploring Tuk Tuk rides together

To get a hassle-free tuk-tuk at the most reasonable price, download the app called PICK ME. You might be literally taken for a ride if you just hail a tuk-tuk and believe me bargaining is tough.

Tuk-tuk rides are an experience in themselves. Tuk-tuk drivers are quite friendly in Sri Lanka and they will guide you to local places as well if you ask them. We were in a group of three girls and it was just the perfect ride for our small gang.

Shopping in Colombo/Negombo

How on this earth, being girls, we could miss out on shopping. When on a girls trip to Sri Lanka, shopping is a must. We stayed at the beach resorts in locales like Negombo, Bentota, Galle & Unawatuna.

Negombo and Colombo are well-designed cities and have a plethora of options to fix your window shopping urges. However, Bentota is the most expensive place in all aspects.

For western wear, you should drop into Beverly Hills or the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct. There are plenty of other malls too. If you are looking for local shopping, then Beema Market, Good Market and Pettah Market should be your first choices.

Go Surfing next to pristine beaches

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

When on a girls trip try out and do everything you haven’t done yet. After all, we support each other in doing the things we love. Our property in Bentota had a private beach and we got everything there – right from a seafood restaurant, to sheesha and even surfing.

Initially, we were a little scared of going beyond our comfort zone but did spend some quality time among the waves. If you dig an adventure packed holiday, believe me, Sri Lanka is the best place to get all experiences in one place.

Experience stilt fishing

While planning a girls trip to Sri Lanka, we had never thought about stilt fishing. All of us have heard a lot about stilt fishing and I am sure few of you would have watched others.

In Sri Lanka, they welcome you to try stilt fishing. Stilt fishing is a unique way of fishing. We witnessed them doing it first and had the memorable experience of trying it at Galle.

The fisherman sits atop a bamboo bar called petta tied with a vertical and diagonal pole. This fishing practice is not done by all the fisherman’s in the country however this is very famous in the country. Most probably it’s going to vanish in next few years and would survive as only a tourist attraction.

On a girls trip to Sri Lanka? Pack your bikinis

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

Yes, I have saved the best for the last! When travelling abroad, our girl gang loves to shed inhibition’s and we don’t mind flaunting our curves a bit. It is safe if you book into popular resorts as they have their own fenced beaches.

Well, we girls are so comfortable with each other that there is no space for body shaming. We went to the beach in our bikinis and had one of the best times of our lives. I still remember those endless clicks and beach games. When you are travelling with your girls next time, make sure you carry a lot of chic bikinis.

Srilanka girls trip- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian travel blogger

So, that was a summary of the activities and a fun filled holiday in the wonderful country of Sri Lanka. Try it out – you could travel and stay without overshooting your budget and believe me you’d be back with a lifetime of memories, ever longing to go back.

Glutone 1000 : The Ultimate Skin Lightening Technique

Glutathione is an antioxidant found in our body and is made by our own cells. It is crucial for the health of every cell. It comprises of three amino acids namely cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. Hence it is also called master antioxidant or mother of all antioxidants. It is important for the proper working of the immune system, the well-being of our skin and detoxification. Certain factors like poor nutrition, age, stress and environmental factors contribute to low levels of Glutathione in our body. It is vital that we replenish the Glutathione levels in our body if we look to age gracefully. It also has anti-ageing properties and also skin lightening. Apart from being formed naturally by our body, it can also be taken in the form of pills and capsules. “SETRIA Glutathione”, the world’s best Glutathione can be found in Glutone 1000.

Key Ingredients of Glutone 1000 and Benefits

Glutone 1000- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle and fitness blogger

Glutone 1000, levels up the Glutathione levels in our body which in turn boosts up our immunity. It also reduces the melanin count in our body and is known to lighten the skin especially the parts that are exposed to the natural elements. Glutone 1000 has the necessary elements to keep the skin healthy, supple and moisturized. It also protects us from diseases and important for good skin health.

The key ingredients in Glutone 1000 are L-Glutathione, N-Acetylcysteine & Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of Glutathione. The benefits of each ingredient are discussed in detail below.


  • It is called master anti-oxidant.
  • It promotes healthy skin tone and enhances the skin tone of the covered body parts and also the exposed body parts.
  • LL-Glutathione works on the melanin in the skin and lightens it.
  • It also reduces wrinkles and fine line particularly the ones under our eyes and laughter lines.


  • It is also the precursor of the master antioxidant, Glutathione.
  • N-Acetylcysteine increases the Glutathione level in our body.
  • It acts as an antioxidant itself.
  • It works to reduce the free radicals in our body and bring about a  balance.


  • Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of Glutathione. It helps the cells to absorb Glutathione much better and faster.
  • It is also indispensable for the healthy function of the immune system as well as the collagen synthesis in the skin.
  • Vitamin C is a rather important water-soluble vitamin.
  • Vitamin C is vital for the increase in intercellular stores of Glutathione.
  • It works in harmony with Glutathione.

How to use Glutone 1000 to improve your skin

If you are looking to boost your immune system or just looking to improve your skin tone that has taken a beating with the age, you need not look further than Glutone 1000. The main areas that benefit from this product are:

  • Premature ageing of the skin or Photoaging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dullness of the skin
  • Loss of Radiance

Is it better than other products in market?

Why should you go for Glutone 1000 when there are so many other products in the market?

  • Produces faster results compared to the other skin treatments.
  • High user compliance.
  • Tastes just like a fizzy drink.

By the way have you checked out our anti-ageing product reviews?

Escor Z

Glutone 1000- Namrata- Bangalore based Indian lifestyle and fitness blogger

Glutathione works well when taken along with Vitamin C. Hence, Glutone 1000 needs to be taken with a Vitamin C supplement. This where Escor Z comes into the picture.

Escor Z contains an extract Phyllanthus Embelica which is the richest source of Vitamin C. It also presents skin lightening properties and fights free radicals. It is an ideal health drink due to the fact that the tablet is available in the form of an effervescent It also contains additional zinc which supplies the necessary zinc to your body. Escor Z comes in lime and lemon favour to tease your tastebuds.

But if you think your zinc levels are good you can always go for Ener C 1000. Ener C 1000 comes in orange flavour so if you don’t prefer lime or lemon flavours, try this out. Though the results would be the same with both the brands Escor Z takes the edge over Ener C 1000 due to the presence of zinc.

Important Points about EnerC 1000 & Escor Z

  1. The above two products are health supplements and not medications, so they are safe to use.
  2. “SETRIA Glutathione” which is the world’s best Glutathione is present in Glutone 1000.
  3. EnerC 1000 & Escor Z both are fortified with Phyllanthus Embelica or gooseberry extract which is an abundant source of Vitamin C.
  4. Glutone 1000 also contains Vitamin C, but for better results, we suggest to use Escor Z or Ener C. With the additional Vitamin C, our cells absorb the Glutathione better and faster.
  5. Ener C and Escor Z are one of the best Vitamin C supplements in the market due to the fact that they are in effervescent form. The effervescent form helps Vitamin C to absorb easily in the body and it provides the Glutathione tablets with a necessary push to make it work faster.
  6. Both the Glutathione and Vitamin C, come in effervescent form and is easily soluble in water which makes it easier for you to drink it.

How to use EnerC 1000 & Escor Z

  1. Add one tablet of each Glutone 1000 and Ener C/Escor Z to a glass of water.
  2. In 2 minutes you can see the tablets completely dissolve in the water. You can drink it like any other health drink.
  3. It is preferable to drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
  4. For effective results, you need to take the tablets for minimum of 4 months. You can expect the results after 1 month with proper use of the tablets and proper diet.
  5. This combination is one of the best skin lightening products in the market owing to the hundreds of positive reviews left by its users.

“OCEAN ECSTASY” feat. Amari Sri Lanka– A Luxury Sojourn in Galle.

Hey Peeps! Hope you have enjoyed my recent blog and social media posts about my exotic Lankan trip. Well, I must point out, the highlight was a luxurious stay at the breathtaking Amari Sri Lanka.

If you follow my blog, you would remember, I had been to one of the Amari hotels in Pattaya last year during my anniversary vacation to Thailand and had shared my expereience of the warm hospitality by Amari Group.

I have received immense support and response for that blog which have further inspired me to visit lavish properties amid lovely locations and write about how we can enjoy their extravagance to the hilt. 

The City of Galle

The charming city of Galle, close to the Southern tip of Sri Lanka is a blend of Heritage & Contemporary culture. It has seen multiple settlements down the ages of the Dutch, the Portuguese and finally the British. After having enjoyed a heritage property, we headed for a Five Star experience by the pristine beaches.

Amari Galle at Sri Lanka


Amari Sri Lanka, a plush property overlooking the stunning Galle Beach, reminds you of everything that paradise would have to offer


Amari Galle – A beautiful destination for the matches made in heaven.

One of my friend recently got married at this property and her wedding photographs had grabbed my attention owing to its alluring landscape.

During our stay, we were even lucky to witness a destination wedding in the luxurious environs of Amari and Oh my goodness! the ambiance, the backdrop, everything was so mesmerizing.


If you or your closed ones are planning for a destination wedding, then Amari Galle would definitely be a great choice.

How to get the most out of your luxury stay?


Plan your trip in such a way that the relaxation period of your trip is spent at the opulent property.


Honestly, avoid adventure activities during your stay in the property, as you would tend to miss out on the wonderful amenities that the place has to offer. Just unwind and savor the delight of various facilities like Spa, Pool, Bar, restaurant, Gym, Indoor games, Lounges etc.


Why I chose Amari Galle for holiday with my girls?


The first and foremost reason for choosing Amari for a Girl’s vacay was safety and to be able to enjoy uninhibitedly in all perspective that may concern a girl or a group of girls.


We all were on the same page while planning our trip to Sri Lanka. Unlike a vacation packed with hectic itinerary, the idea was to relax and relish the amenities that a 5-star property presents. 

The Room with a Magnificent View


What can be more blissful than waking up to the jingles of the ocean waves? 


The lovely view of the pristine turqouise ocean from balcony of your room and the sight of the erotic pool surrounded by the palm trees is a vision to revere. 

The Shoreline Beach Club is a mini bar and pub amidst the beach-facing pool which will make you groove to its music all the time you are around it.

Opening hours – 11:00 to 19:00


Bommu Rooftop Bar– It offers the panoramic view of the Galle Beach and aerial view of the entire property. The drinks and the snacks are lip-smacking and the live music makes you forget a tiring day to just soak in the ambiance.

Opening hours – 17:00 to 24:00


Ahara Gourmet Gallery – Offering delectable cuisines.

The restaurant spans across the cuisines of various countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thai, Continental, etc. Enjoy the buffet or Ala-carte, depending upon your choice, and you will carry the taste along with you even after the trip.


Need to shop for a beach vacation? Think amante.

Hey Peeps! A lot of you have loved the bikini pictures from my Sri Lanka vacation. Since it was an impromptu trip, I did not get loads of time to shop for a beach vacation in Sri Lanka.

So, I had dropped into a few selected stores. When it comes to a beach vacation, I cannot imagine the trip without a pair of sassy bikini and comfortable clothing.

I would be sharing a list of stuff that you should pack for a 7 days beach trip soon. For now, let me share why I choose amante as a favored shopping destination for the beach vacation.

Why I chose Amante to shop for a beach vacation?

Did you know that Amante means lover in Spanish? Well, I am definitely in love with their current collection.

If I am not wrong, I have been using Amante bras and panties since my college days. Amante is one of the affordable luxury brands and their premium products feel like second skin to me. The best part is that they have brought international lingerie aesthetics for the Indian body type.

My bust is a bit heavy in relation to the body frame and that’s why I always find it challenging to shop for the right lingerie. If you are confused and don’t know how to select the right lingerie, click here.

Robe by amante

Rode add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bedtime, especially during a grandiose five-star property visit. Unlike the usual pajamas and comfy nightwear, I opted to be glamorous this time, choosing from Amante’s wide range of babydolls. Something I like the most about their latest collection is that they picked right colours for the season.

I decided to pick bold and eye-catching red and peach sets this time. Believe me, I am still not a red person but absolutely loved this shade by Amante. This red babydoll has a soft bra built in which gives optimal support to my heavy bust.

The peach babydoll has a hint of laces at the neck and back of the robe. The fabric of the rode is so comfortable and silky that you won’t feel like getting out of it.

Babydolls work in multi-functional ways, especially, during travel when you don’t carry a lot of luggage. You could use it as underclothing or during the daytime to grab a quick breakfast on bed. Pair it with the right shrug or jacket and you are good to go.

Click here to buy nightwear by amante.

Bikinis for all body types

Could you resist the temptation of slipping into a pair of sassy bikinis at your beach vacation? Well, I gave in at the idyllic and pristine beaches of Sri Lanka.

I am not in the best shape currently and I was looking for a bit of modest bikini which could cover my flaws. Well, I found perfect playful bikinis in a collection of gorgeous shades and prints. I chose maroon high waist bottoms with full bust coverage bikini top as the first set.

For the second set, to add variety, I went for prints and patterns. My trips are incomplete without printed outfits. This printed bikini top which almost looks like a crop top was of so much use. I used it as a crop top and went to the beach with it and my shorts on. I could then play around in my bikini on the beach.

I totally enjoyed wearing each of the babydolls and bikini by amante. Did you like them too? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Probiotic Foods & Supplements : The Good Bacteria for Your Tummy

Frankly speaking, I had heard of the term “Probiotic” however, I never really understood the benefits of probiotic food & supplements for our gut health, till I attended the DuPont Health & Nutrition’s Bloggers Meet on Probiotics around the second week of December.

What does Probiotic mean?

Probiotic literally means ‘for life’. Probiotics are living micro-organisms that, when ingested or applied locally in sufficient numbers, benefit our gut health and in turn overall well being. Once in our intestines, these natural and friendly bacteria help balance our gut microflora and support our immune system.

How often should I consume Probiotics?

Probiotics reside temporarily your intestine and will disappear, along with their health benefits, if not taken regularly. A daily regular dose of probiotics is highly suggested in order to sustain a healthy intestinal environment.

You don’t need to go overboard with the amount of probiotics you take in though. The daily recommended dosage is 1-40 million bacteria. It should suffice if you take in a regular portion of probiotic food or supplements everyday.

Probiotics foods in India

Yes, sticking to Indian diet, the best source of Probiotics is Yogurt, or curd (dahi), one of the widely available and natural probiotic foods that you can add to your daily diet.

Include a bowl of curd with lunch/dinner every day to maintain healthy intestinal flora. You can eat it standalone, with breakfast cereal or even can top it up with antioxidant-rich fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and apples.

If you don’t like or prefer eating curd, your second best option is buttermilk.  However, stick to traditionally made buttermilk, which is leftover liquid from making butter.

Do I need Probiotic Supplements?

Yes, if you are either lactose intolerant or do not particularly fancy curd/buttermilk (especially during the cold months).

If your gut cannot handle milk or milk products, you wouldn’t obviously benefit from any helpful bacteria present in them. Similarly, our gut needs to stay healthy during colder months too. The third reason is, frankly, it is convenient especially if you travel quite a bit.

What is the best Probiotic Supplement?

You need the best for your health and DuPont Nutrition & Health, an internationally acclaimed company does live up to its promise.

If you are in the market searching for Probiotic Supplements, your search stops at DuPont. You get to choose from two lines of products –

  • FloraFIT Probiotics
  • HOWARU Premium Probiotics

FloraFIT Probiotics are used across industry by various companies in products such as beverages, confectionary and dietary supplements.

HOWARU Premium line focuses on specific target areas such as strengthening your immune system (HOWARU® Rhamnosus Probiotics), aiding towards weight loss (HOWARU® Shape), targeting kids and seniors (
HOWARU® Balance Plus & Kids), 

Sunset Fort Hotel : A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka​

Hey peeps, how have you all been? I have just returned from my much-awaited Lankan trip. This was one hell of an experience and ask me and how? It was memorable, remarkable, fun filled , amazing…. In one word – “A Celebration”.

The first property where I stayed was an awe-inspiring yet unconventional – A heritage hotel situated in the Galle Fort – “The Sunset Fort Hotel”.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

This hotel is located in the city of Galle, 119 km from the capital city of Colombo. The road transportations like buses, trains, etc. are available in abundance, to Galle from almost all parts of the country.

Our First day in the hotel began with a warm gesture along with the refreshing welcome drink which was much craved for, in a tropical Lankan climate.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

The sunset at the Galle Fort, which is a world heritage site – was a sight to behold. 

An evening walk in the Dutch streets of Galle, cheers to the picturesque location of the hotel, was inexplicable.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

A delightful candle-light dinner along side the garden full of greenery with the continental menu and beverages to end the day with, was relishing.

The Day 2 commenced with a healthy English breakfast followed by a visit to Unawatuna Beach – which is one of the most happening beaches of Sri Lanka.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

The Lunch was a rural Lankan cuisine served with full of warmth. 

A visit to the famous Jungle beach of Unawatuna during sundown, the beautiful Japanese Peace Pagoda and other mesmerizing Sri Lankan experiences offered by the hotel, was like a cherry on the top of the cake.

On our third day, we embarked on an early morning jungle safari in Udawalawe National park– which is touted as the most visited tourist destination in the country.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

After returning, the afternoon was followed by a lip-smacking Ceylon lunch at the green backyard and basking in the heritage backdrop of the Sunset Fort hotel during the evening. The Day 3 ended with the equally delirious Sri Lankan dinner and desserts.

On the final day of check-out, we were offered a Ceylon breakfast, post which we snapped some beautiful images in and around the property.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka
Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Sun Set Fort Galle - A memorable place to stay in Sri Lanka

We then headed on to our next destination carrying along the wonderful memories and an experience of a lifetime.  

TGI Star Holiday Resort – A gem in the idyllic locales of Yercaud.

Hey Peeps! I know, it has been quite some time away for me and I am in fact writing after a gap of over two months! How have you been?  The past few months have been hectic for me work wise and I had been looking for a quick getaway for a few days. I got invited to TGI Star Holiday Resort, Yercaud and boy, was I happy to get a breather for a couple of days. Yercaud is a cosy hill station oh the hills around Salem, at about 220 Kms from Bangalore and 4 hrs drive away. It is probably the closest hill station to Bangalore with such amazing weather.

TGI Star Holiday Resort – Day 1

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

We reached our hotel at 11 a.m. as we set off from Bangalore at 7 a.m. It was a comfortable bus ride till Salem and were ferried from there by a hotel car. Being close to noon, we rested for a few minutes and freshened up for lunch.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Their menu is simple but wholesome and the service was snappy. They served hot food within 20 minutes of the order being placed. We had a simple meal of rice, masala fried fish and Meen Chetti Kozambu. I kid not, it was one of the simplest yet lip-smacking preparation I’ve ever had.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Post lunch, we decided to walk around the idyllic little place and soak in the goodness of natural, unpolluted environs. The Yercaud Lake is about 500 meters away from the resort. Hence, we really did not need a ride till there. I and my husband took a short walk and enjoyed the pleasant weather.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Also, there is a park next to the lake which is again 500-700 meters away. If you are not used to walking in hilly areas then you may bring along your vehicle.

Spa at TGI Star Holiday Resort

The town is pretty compact and winds up by 8 p.m. Anyways, our idea was to have a relaxed weekend. I availed the spa at TGI Star Holiday and enjoyed an hour-long spa. They have masseurs from Kerala and she definitely knew how to use her hands to give you a rejuvenating experience.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Each muscle in my body was relaxed after the spa and all I wanted after that was a good night’s sleep.

It was drizzling after dark, so,  we had to skip the idea of a bonfire and opted to spend a lazy evening in the sit out area of our cottage.

The 2nd day of TGI Resort in Yercaud

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Early the next morning, we had a walk again, exploring the property. I really miss breathing in fresh air during my walks in Bangalore as it’s highly polluted right now, abetted by the metro construction work. Post-shower, we had a really romantic poolside breakfast. Luckily, we could enjoy the pleasant warmth of the Sun that day.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Post a sumptuous lunch, we undertook our sightseeing excursion with the help of TGI Star Holiday’s car and driver. The driver was very friendly and spoke decent English, so there was no language barrier. He explained to us the history of Yercaud and all historical facts about the sights we explored.

The next day was our wedding anniversary but since we were scheduled to travel that day, we planned to celebrate the pre-anniversary evening at the resort itself.

Namrata - MyClosetDiary - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

The hotel management was kind enough to help us with cake and other decoration in our room. That night we decided to have dinner in our living room itself instead of visiting the restaurant.

Next day morning we had breakfast and then packed our luggage to our way back home.

Overall experience with TGI Star Holiday Resort

  • The property is set among the lush green Shevaroy hills and would be an ideal getaway for tired city bones. The cottages are well designed with bed, living and sit-out areas giving you ample privacy and space to relax.
  • The staff is very friendly and co-operative.
  • The spa facility is available for boarders as well as visitors. Just in case you are not staying there and still looking for a rejuvenating spa in Yercaud, you can definitely drop in there.
  •  Hygiene and cleanliness were maintained properly.
  • Hot water is available 24/7.
  • The food though simple has an honest down to earth goodness to it.

To sum it up, we stayed in the resort for barely 48 hours. however, we went back relaxed and refreshed. If you are looking for a quick, weekend hill station getaway from Bangalore and are looking for options beyond Ooty, I would strongly suggest Yercaud. You’d be happy to come across inexpensive yet pleasant stay options as TGI Star Holiday Resort to recharge your batteries!

Oppo F9 Pro : The Best Mid-Range Smartphone?

2018 has been a year of notches on the mobile phone screens. Well, Essential Phones by Andy Rubin, the founder of Android started this notch trend in mid-2017. Definitely, it was made popular as a must-have feature to copy by the legendary iPhone X. Oppo F9 Pro takes this trend up a notch and delivers the most unobtrusive and pleasant looking waterdrop notch on a gorgeous display.

What do I need from a smartphone?

Frankly speaking, I do not care much for the latest SOC (system on chip) or loads of RAM. Neither am I an avid gamer to look for blazing gameplay at high resolution. My needs are pretty simple.

  • It should look good
  • It shouldn’t be too bulky to manage
  • Top-notch cameras – both primary and secondary
  • Loads of storage
  • All day battery
  • Fast charging

The Design

myclosetdiary Namrata – Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger – Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 Pro is definitely a looker with gradient patterned back, gorgeous display and may I call, a cute waterdrop shaped, barely there notch. Dare I say that this notch looks way better than iPhone X’s rather tab like indent.

You get to choose between rather scintillating colours as well. The first option known as the Sunrise Red is a red to purple gradient design with a diamond pattern at the back. The second option known as the Twilight Blue does with a dark blue to an azure gradient in the same pattern.

Like most phones these days, it’s a fingerprint magnet. Luckily Oppo includes a well made clear TPU case in the box. Oppo has also stuck a scratch protector onto the front of the F9 Pro as aftermarket solutions might interfere with the ambient light sensor.

The Screen

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo has also used an LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) LCD panel, which is frugal on power but is expensive to manufacture. The panel measures 6.3 inches and has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1080×2340. The colours are vivid and text pretty crisp to read.

Does it have a headphone jack?

Yes, thankfully it does have a slowly fading into oblivion headphone jack. The audio output though a bit timid through the speaker grill, is above average through earphones. Did I mention Oppo F9 Pro includes in the box a decent set of in-ear phones, well inspired by iPhone earphones?

The battery and how it charges

Oppo F9 Pro packs in a substantial 3500 mah battery which aided by LTPS LCD display last all day long pretty comfortably. Should you fall short of charge, Oppo’s proprietary VOOC flash charge technology charges your phone for two hours of talk time in five minutes of charge. Yes, it works!

My only gripe here is the use of micro USB port for charging, which firstly is on it’s way out and secondly is pretty annoying to plug right by your bedside in dark.

The Camera with Google Lens

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

The Oppo F9 Pro has a dual camera system with a 16 MP primary sensor with a f/1.8 aperture along with a 2 MP depth sensor and a f/2.4 aperture. For the front, you get a 25 MP front facing camera along with a f/2.0 aperture. The cameras are above average and the selfie camera particularly is stunning. So if you have a thing for selfies, Oppo F9 Pro is the right smartphone for you.

Besides the front camera can be used for face unlock as well. Yes, I was surprised to see Oppo include Google Lens in the F9 Pro. When you click a picture and then use google lens option, Google runs an image search on it to display relevant information regarding your subject. That was cooooool!

Would it store all my pics?

myclosetdiary Namrata - Bangalore based fashion and lifestyle blogger - Oppo F9 Pro

I have a tendency to use up the phone storage pretty fast, I mean in days. The standard storage capacity is 64 Gb. However, you get a dedicated card expansion slot along with two nano sim slots. You would never have to choose between adding an additional sim and stretching your storage capacity.

Is it powerful/fast enough?

I had mentioned earlier that I’m not a power user and latest or the greatest don’t matter to me. However, it might matter to you and I would be plain honest.

Oppo F9 Pro uses MediaTek Helio P60 for the CPU and Mali-G72 MP3 for its GPU. To put things into perspective, Realme 1, a phone retailing at Rs 13,990 ( for the 6 Gb RAM) uses the same set of hardware! Come on Oppo, you could do definitely better than this.

Should I buy it?

All said it is a good looking phone with decent performance, above average camera and impressive battery specifications. If your priorities are same as mine, just go ahead. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

However, if you are a gamer or a power user who prefers raw performance over aesthetics, go for the Poco F1 smartphone.

My Street Style Saree Story ft. Craftsvilla

Hey Peeps! I am always grateful to each of you for showering so much of love for my ethnic posts. Frankly, I have never a saree person and in fact, my usual outfit styling never revolved around ethnic wear. I love being casual in my effortless chic outfits. So what moulded my love for street style saree?

Do watch my saree look video here

Was it just a herculean task to drape one or was I not confident in a saree? How did I gain confidence after all?

Keep reading the post, it might as well incite you to try out a saree if you haven’t yet. I had an inferior complex from trying out sarees for numerous reasons. It took me years together overcome those negative emotions. Today, when I see someone with the same feelings as I had, I really want to say, you are beautiful, embrace it.

My Childhood Saree Story

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

The first saree blog post of mine was about my first saree which I draped from my mom’s closet. Whenever I check old album’s, I find it quite funny that not only me, even my dolls used to flaunt colourful sarees. Dupattas used to be my saree then and those 2 yards of elegance always had a story behind them. I really miss being a kid and being excited about ethnic wear.

Teenage Inferiority Phase

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

My sister and I use to study in the same school and even the same class. She is elder to me, fair and more beautiful with sharp features according to cliched Indian mentality. We belong to a joint family from a small town called Darbhanga. We used to celebrate most of the festival with the entire family and of course, big families do have a lot of family functions. For a wedding, we both decided to wear saree, apply makeup etc. for the first time. So the trial happened at home.

With all excitement, we got ready in saree and came to everyone and asked how are we looking. Everyone praised my sister – nobody complimented me. I have nothing against my sister and will never have, but that day I thought ethnic wear is not meant for me.

My beauty was always compared to her through the traditional yardstick of fairness and not kidding, believe me, no-one in my family gave a thought on how I felt of this seemingly slight, still biased attitude. Eventually, I lost my confidence in looking pretty and got stuck to my tomboy look.


First Ethnic Day at College

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

I came to Bangalore in the month of September 2006. Yes, it’s been exactly 12 years. Within a month of commencement, we had an ethnic day at college. I decided to wear a simple salwar suit as I was not confident about wearing a saree. If you know how much South Indians love saree then you can imagine that nobody would have left me like that.

With a rather forced nudge by my friends, I changed my mind and wore saree after quite a few years. That was the first day I stepped out in saree, in my adulthood.

My classroom was on the fourth floor and we were taking stairs. My pleats got stuck in my sandals and I fell down. Luckily, no one saw that and I didn’t have to face that embarrassing moment. My confidence had nose-dived once again but I wanted to fight my inferiority complex.

I started taking baby steps to regain my confidence then. During those college days, we had lots of functions were I wore sarees in different styles. Yes, I wasn’t an expert but I figured out lightweight sarees are the best for beginners. By the time I was in the third year of engineering, I was so confident about wearing saree that I wore saree on the ramp for a fashion show, that too without practising to walk in saree.

From Regular Drape to Street Style Saree

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

When I got introduced to street style saree my life was sorted and love for sarees compounded. A Street Style Saree is so much fun to drape. As there is no rule but one –” Drape the way you feel the most confident”. When it comes to modern ethnic or street style sarees, Sonam Kapoor has always been an inspiration for me. I saw her in dhoti saree 7 years back and found the same saree in a designer store.

I was about to buy the same but someone told me that I couldn’t wear this saree in any other way if I  bought that. Why don’t you learn how to drape a regular saree in dhoti style. I decided to give it a try. Thanks to Youtube I could learn how to drape a saree in dhoti style. Ever since I have always fallen back on those great videos on  Youtube to learn different ways of styling a saree. Gradually I started draping them in my own style and realised street style saree lets you explore your creative instinct and the same saree can be flaunted in multiple styles.

Sarees by Craftsvilla

Before I talk about the look, I have bought this saree from Craftsvilla.  Craftsvilla is a 7-year-old online ethnic store. This is the first ethnic wear online store from where I have actually bought my saree. A lot of us are still reluctant to buy sarees online thinking what if the colour of saree is not exactly the same and maybe the material would not turn out as great as in the images.

Thankfully they have an easy return or exchange policy. But frankly, I haven’t had the need to return any saree I have bought at Craftsvilla. Their customer friendly policy made me try out a website for ethnic wear.

About the Lehenga saree with a twist

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Dreamy fairy tale style flares have always excited me. I first wore a shocking pink flared skirt with a gold blouse. To create this look, I started with pallu first. I made a long and sleek pallu taking 3 meters off the saree. Then took another half of the saree and leaving half a meter aside,  I pleated the folds and tucked it at the back. With remaining half a meter, I have created pleats again and pulling it from the rear, tucked it at the front, below the navel. Now coming back to pallu, I wrapped it around my waist once again and then did a normal pallu.

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Street style saree- Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion blogger

Let me know how do you like my street style saree look. Click here to buy this saree.

Until the next time, stay confident and gorgeous!