Fitness for a woman on the go

Hey there! I was climbing stair to my work and suddenly one of my colleague asked me Namrata you are already slim why do you climb stairs every day? I smiled and replied, because I want to stay fit. And she laughed at me as if it was a joke. Trust me she is not only person who thinks that way about me or anyone of same interest. On other hand whenever I go to parties in a crop top or bodycon dress, girls ask me to help them reaching similar figure like me. There question is how do I manage to get time for workout or am I blessed with this figure?

So here I am to answer all positive and negative thoughts about getting fit. I am no more different than you. I work Monday to Friday, go for dinner on weekend, party overnight, have a family to look after, spend some time in kitchen, go to shopping, etc. Still I manage sometime for myself. Want to know how? Here are few tips I follow for my fitness.

Try to work out every day

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

Work out anywhere possible for you. It’s not necessary for you to join a gym or workout in morning itself. You can plan your exercise at your convenient time. Try to tag along a fitness buddy who can keep you motivated. It might not be possible for you to maintain a strict regimen. In fact, there are days when I have to skip gym for a reason or another. On these days, I compensate by doing few body weight or resistance band exercises at home. It barely takes 15-20 minutes and gets me going for the day!

Say hello to water

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

Drink as much of water possible – by some studies, up to 3 litres a day. Don’t wait for the moment you feel thirsty. By the time you realise you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Sometimes, we even confuse thirst with hunger and snack up when we are actually thirsty.

Have a hearty breakfast

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

When we wake up, our body has been through six hours or more of fasting cycle. It needs fuel to run smoothly. When we deprive ourselves of breakfast, our blood glucose level falls and there is a tendency to grab anything to eat at first sight before mid-day. It doesn’t matter if your breakfast is North, South, East or West Indian. You would be good to go as long as you strike a balance between your carbs, proteins, fibres with a little bit of fat.

Order healthy takeaways

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

It may not be possible to carry a home cooked meal to workplace every day and everyone ends up ordering takeaways. It is okay to order that cheese burst pizza once in a while but on a whole try to stay with healthy options. There are many healthy options to order from these days and FreshMenu is a personal favourite.

An important aspect here is to steer clear of peer pressure wile ordering takeaways. It is your body, your wish to look good in that crop top or dress and your Instagram pictures! So, order in line with your wish!

Slim down your snacks

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

I carry a fruit in my bag for my mid meal hunger pangs. That deep fried samosa or kachori does look tempting, but again, make a wise choice. You could replace them with steamed momos or even a dosa from one of those ubiquitous 99 dosa joints. Try to skip that dollop of butter and added cheese. You would start loving the taste with a slimmer waist.

Add fruits to your desert

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

I do have a sweet tooth and cannot resist the temptation of ice creams and sundaes. However, I make it a point to include some kind of fruit in it, be it strawberries, mangoes or kiwi. It tastes better to me and does add vitamins and other essential nutrients to my dessert. Come one, even a lone cherry on top of a death-by-chocolate cake is a good start!

Embrace green tea

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

Green Tea is not a magical weight loss potion. It essentially works in two ways. First, it cuts down the calories present in a milk and sugar added beverage. Secondly, it boosts your metabolism for you to feel light and energetic throughout the day. Some may not like its flavour to start with. There are variety of flavours available in your nearest supermarket – from mint, lemon, honey to even tulsi (basil) and pomegranate. If you have not already, include green tea in your daily diet. You would not look back.

Take the staircase

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

Remember that awkward moment I shared in the beginning of this post? How I have been teased over and again for using staircase. Does that mean I should stop doing that and please everyone and forget about my fitness? No, right?

Have six meals a day!

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go

Yes, break up your meals into smaller portions and spread them evenly across the day. The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get, and then you’re more likely to overeat. It would also prevent any acidity related issues some of us are prone to. You do not need to cook separate six meals every day. With some ingenuity, your healthy snack such as a bowl of poha could also be counted as a meal.

Avoid refined carbohydrates

My Closet Diary - Fitness for a woman on the go


Refined or simple carbs have had most of the nutrients and fibre removed. Common examples are refined flour (maida used in bread, pizza base, pasta, etc) and refined sugars. They are digested quickly and have a high glycemic index. So after the initial spike in blood glucose level falls, you would feel hungry quickly and are likely to snack up. This adds to the overall intake of calories.

There are whole wheat alternatives available now – be it breads, pasta or even pizza base (look in BigBasket). Avoid sugary bottled drinks. If you are cooking at home, substitute sugar with honey, a much healthier alternative.

Six essentials for a girly goan vacation

Hey Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well in your life. I was on a vacation in Goa, India last week. Such an amazing place to relax and forget all your worries. A few days before this trip I was unwell and was not feeling up to pack my bag for the trip. This is when I realized, if you plan your wardrobe in advance, you are far less likely to over pack or leave behind a key wardrobe item for a trip. Well, that’s not the only truth about my trip. I planned everything in advance to have a hassle free trip. If you want everything to fall in place, try your outfits a week in advance so that you have a fair idea of how many things you already have or what all needs to be replaced.
Let’s come to wardrobe check first.


Swimsuit is very essential when it comes to beach vacation. I am sure few of our inner-wear look similar to swimwear but it is not advisable to replace a good swimwear with those. A well made swimwear gives you the advantage of quick dry fabric and ease of movement, unparalleled by inner-wears. I understand some of us don’t like to show our skin too much and also we become conscious in public places – you don’t have to wear a bikini or a tankini, if you would not feel comfortable in it. There are just so many stores where you can find out mid to high coverage swimwear to suit your style quotient and body type.

Flip flops or slip-ons

Flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear especially when it comes to beach walk. But in the end we are girls, we want to look good and stylish without sacrificing comfort. If you are bored with wearing rubber flip-flops, try slip-ons, espadrilles, etc. to treat your feet to a stylish yet simple look. You can also try flats or summer sandals for that matter. Please avoid your heels if you want a torture free trip. You will not like to torture yourself by every painful steps in the sand. If you really can’t manage without your heels,  try to take a pair of comfortable wedges.

Shorts and tops

Carry your chic shorts, preferably cotton and linen ones to keep yourself cool in hot weather. There are various kinds of shorts you can carry such as, cut- offs, cargo shorts, jean shorts, capris and hot pants. Take different kind of tops, such as tank tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, tube tops etc. Don’t forget to carry tank tops, tubes and spaghetti, they are multi purpose clothes and give you room for choice. There is no hard and fast rule that you should stick to pastel shades. Carry your most lovable shorts and cute looking clothes to get memorable pictures in them. I am sure you would want to come back with loads of memories to cherish forever.


Mirrored Sunglasses

I always prefer mirrored sunglasses for beaches as these are, not only trendy, but also reflect the high intensity light. As a tourist in the beaches, we do not have experience of such intense light. These reflective glasses protect our eyes from the harsh light better than the regular ones. Try out different styles of mirrored sunglasses such as aviators, wayfarer or round ones.

Boho jewellery and accessories

Since you would be carrying all basic and fuss free apparel, carry a few statement jewellery with you to pimp up the look. Mix and match your jewellery with your apparel. In case you have a doubt on pairing your jewellery with your outfit, try boho (bohemian) jewellery. They are in trend these days and the best part is, they match pretty well with most colours and outfits. One serious advice, on accessories,  leave your expensive watches at home and carry silicon strap watches if you really can’t step out without a watch.


Carry few dresses depending on number of days you are going to stay there. Dresses are meant for all purpose provided you chose the right one. Carry a party dress – you cannot miss on parties especially when you are in Goa. Carry few lightweight summer dresses such as off-shoulder, peasant dress, t-shirt dress or tube dress as per your comfort.

Remember you are going to enjoy and make memories. Live each and every moment with love and joy.
Cheers to life!!


Photos by: Candid Snaps

The colours of Holi

Holi – the festival of colours and love signifies the victory of good over evil and is one of the most popular festivals in India. Holi lasts for two days starting on the Purnima month of Falgun (according to Hindu calendar). Holi is not only popular in India and Nepal but it is also celebrated in many parts of South Asia. We celebrate this festival a night before Holi by doing Holika Dahan(Holika bonfire) where people gather and do certain rituals in front of a bonfire and pray to God that their internal evil should be destroyed. The next morning we celebrate the colour carnival festival Holi. This festival is not only famous for colours, but also for food. We begin our day by pranking, chasing and colouring each other with dry and water colours. We also enjoy this festival by playing our most popular hindi songs from rang barse to balam pichkari.

Well if I continue talking about this festival, it won’t get over because I enjoy this festival to the core. Let’s talk about the thing which is going in almost every girl’s mind right now. Yes, it’s about what they are going to wear for holi.

I always wear white on holi – not because it’s my favourite colour but it’s the colour we should wear on holi as per our tradition. Since childhood, I have been wearing white kurta or kurti on this festival because it’s festival and we should wear our traditional clothes or may be something ethnic. Come on you can wear anything or everything on your festival as long as you are comfortable wearing them.
I recently purchased a white high slit stylish back maxi top of course for holi itself. How can I miss wearing white on Holi. Today, I am going to show you different ways you can choose to wear the same kurta . Since slit tops are very confusing and can be worn as a top or kurta, I will be wearing it making different combinations.

To begin with, I have paired my slit top with royal blue palazzo pants and colorful pom pom earrings. I am so much in love with these pom pom earrings and they are so perfect for Holi. Also, to give this top a fusion ethnic look you can also wear a stole or dupatta around your neck if you want to. Don’t forget that its Holi and if you play with colours of your make-up, no one would judge you. Try different eye shadows and eyeliners, match the colour with your outfit or be as colourful as you can. Try different colour of neck pieces as well.


holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants

holi 2017- slit top- palazzo pants


For my next look, I have paired same white slit top with skinny fit jeans. Obviously I love to mix and match and I have tried all different sets of colourful jewelry I have in my closet. When the event itself is about colours, what’s wrong in trying out different colours!
holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans

It’s not too late if you haven’t decided on what to wear and how to pair them. We have one more weekend. Go out and explore different colours and combinations available.

To summarise:

  • Wear whites. If you are not comfortable wearing white, you could choose pastel shade of your favourite colour
  • Don’t wear dark colour such as black as they go against festive spirit of a colourful festival
  • Choose a translucent outfit so that you can play Holi comfortably without being conscious
  • Drape a stole or dupatta while playing Holi so that you can cover your bosom
  • Tie a knot to your hair while playing Holi so that you do not end up hurting yourself
  • Most important – be careful with yourself and people around you to keep everyone safe and happy!

holi 2017- slit top- skiny jeans
Have a safe and happy Holi !


What I wore

Owl necklace set from Panigha India

Slit top by Shoppers Stop

Mirror Wayfarer by Lenskart

Blue Round shades by Lenskart

Palazzo Pants by Global Desi

Blue Jeans by Allen Solly

White Stilettos by Mochi


Photo Shoot by Candid Snaps


Summer essentials you cannot afford to miss!

In today’s fast moving world we are so busy running behind success, money, taking care of family, socializing etc. that sometimes we totally neglect ourselves. As summer is here, I wanted to share few essentials of summer every woman should have.
Summer is very harsh to our skin, hair, and body. It’s my humble request to all you ladies out there please take out some time for yourself and do not neglect these essentials because you are beautiful and summer should not take your charm.


whenever I apply sunscreen to my face and neck. I have noticed many girls asking me.” Aren’t you tired of applying makeup all the time? It’s summer… You will be sweaty after some time and your makeup will be washed off.” To all the ladies out there who feel applying sunscreen is a make-up; I say sunscreen is an essential and applying sunscreen is as important as any of your daily routine like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or taking bath for that matter. It not only protects your skin from sunburn it also gives you pigment-free and wrinkle free skin. Buy a good sunscreen, at least with 30+ SPF. I personally use LOTUS safe sun UV screen matte gel SPF 50. Name itself says all about this product. Trust me I am not exaggerating. This product gives perfect balance to my skin without leaving any breakouts. Prior to this, I was using Lotus sun safe 3-in-1 matte look daily sunscreen. Well that is a good product too but my current matte gel sunscreen gives me better absorption.

matte gel sunscreen- lotus safe sun UV screen matte gel - SPF 50

 Lip balm with SPF

Lip balms should be only used during winter is the biggest myth. Our lips need protection during summer too. You should use a lip balm with at least 15+ SPF. I personally use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer. This lip balm has got all I want from my lip protector. It’s fragrance-free and does not tempt me to lick my own lips and make it dry again. Also, it has got no wax-like feeling, unlike other lip balms.

Neutrogena LiP balm with SPF - an essential for summer 2017

you need them. Period. It’s the perfect time to try out different colours, shades, and styles. I do not go by brand names and am willing to loosen my purse as long as they look good on me and offer reasonable protection to my eyes. (UV 400, Cat 2 or 3). Lenskart and Coolwinks are some places you could find trendy styles without breaking your bank.

latest sunglasses

Hats or Scarves to cover your head

The maximum temperature has crossed the 30s and it’s going to rise further in the coming days. In this blazing sun, keep your head covered if you are riding on bike/ scooter every day or maybe need to walk at least 15 minutes out in the sun.  Not only it keeps your head cool, but also protects your hair from turning dry and frizzy. To an extent, it would also keep you from getting tanned. So keep yourself protected from harsh direct sunlight.


Since summer is here drink ample amount of water to quench thirst. Begin exercise well hydrated; drink water before, during and after exercise. You could substitute water with natural drinks like coconut water, fruit juices, buttermilk, etc. (try your local vendor over the packaged ones) Avoid caffeine during summer as it is dehydrating. Also, avoid sodas/colas as they usually have an unhealthy amount of added sugar.



Oh! This looks little difficult with your busy routine. Here are the tips for making it simpler:

  • As soon as you have taken bath, apply your sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm
  • Keep your sunglasses handy by keeping it in your handbag so that as soon as you feel it’s sunny you can wear them
  • Keep a tab on your hydration. Buy a water bottle which has got marks on them representing the volume you have consumed
  • There are so many apps in Android and IOS app store where you can set a reminder for these ( search by water reminder, hydration, etc. I use WaterMinder® – Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker, a free app in IOS app store)
  • Tie your scarves with your handbags or sling bags so that you never forget it at home

So girls, this was my rant. What is the essentials regimen you follow to take care of your skin, hair or body in summer? I would be happy to read them in your comments below. Until next time!

Off Shoulder Tops for a Carefree Summer

When I first started to notice the off shoulder trend, I was in dilemma about whether I would be able to embrace it or not. For sure I loved the way it looked on others, but I was not sure if I could pull it off. I was concerned because it felt a little under draped up there. It took me weeks together to figure out right off-shoulder top for my body type and comfort.

Set your shoulders free

Off Shoulder Tops - Namarat - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger
Off-shoulder dresses or tops is the perfect choice for a summer’s day. It gives such a perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. This summer is all about the off-shoulder look. Off-shoulders can be either in tops or in dresses. It seems the exposed shoulders are the latest way to show some skin. And guess what unlike abs, shoulders always look good and you can skip the gym for a day or two.

Pair it with a maxi skirt

For a sweltering summer day, we can always choose pastel shades to make it look pleasant. I have combined my pink maxi skirt with a white off shoulder crop top for a chic and stylish look. Just an add-on to the look is my favourite sunglasses. Bear with me for wearing same aviators in different shades all the time.


The layered off shoulder top

A layered off the shoulder top gives you a gorgeous feminine look which is perfect for comfortable and stylish spring/summer wear. I have paired maroon layered off shoulder crop top with blue A-line skirt. You could play around with prints and patterns, pair contrasting colours to create a unique look.


Wear it with your flared jeans

I have noticed one funny thing about trends. Trends have a habit of popping up as soon as we have forgotten that they ever existed. Oh yes, I am talking about a pair of the 90’s fit and flare jeans. Your off shoulder top could be teamed up with this wardrobe essential as well. A choker with multi color beads  goes really well with the multi-colored printed top.

So, ladies, this summer let your shoulders carefree. Oh hell, flaunt them!


I would love your comments below

I would love your take on the off shoulder trend in the summer of 2017. Do comment below about your likes, dislikes, variations of this trend.

UPDATE April 2017: Check out the close cousin of off shoulder tops/dresses. If you have any inhibition for off shoulder tops, do check out the cold shoulder trend.


What I wore:

Jeans by Pepe jeans

Pink maxi skirt by All about you

Blue A-line midi skirt by IMARA

Yellow shoes by Forever 21

Maroon flared off shoulder top by Sassafras

White off-shoulder crop top by Veni Vidi Vici

Printed off-shoulder top by Sera

Aviators by Lenskart

Coral Bag by Caprese

Photos By: Candid Snaps


Fashion is your style statement with a hint of trend!

Hey There!

Hope all of you had a happy weekend! Even I had a great time. Well, I had to go out for a casual dinner and then the confusion began (surprised anyone?). And as always whenever I get confused, I keep it simple and bit trendy. White is one of my favorite colors. And I always feel that one can never go wrong with white especially when it comes to a casual outing.

Well, I have teamed up these sequin shoes with a pair of white denims and beige Shimmer top. The comfort and fit of the perfect denim is unparalleled and it comes as no surprise the kind of versatility that can be achieved with that one perfect pair. I usually team my white denims with black or any dark shade for that matter. This is the first time I tried white with beige and It gave me the exact look which I wanted for the evening.

Do you think it’s hard to be both trendy and in fashion? Being stylish should never go out of fashion. We girls love to be the fashion queen all the time and always keep a check on what’s new in the market and what everyone prefers to buy! If you talk about the in-thing in the market, you cannot overlook sequins which look good with every kind of outfit.

So, girls team up your sequins with your perfect pair of denims and sparkle the night away.

Till the next time….




What I wore

Watch by Seiko

Sneakers by 20 Dresses

Jeans by Mango

Top by Zara

Photos by: Candid Snaps


The one about keeping it simple

Everybody has their preference and ideologies about the balance between their outfit and the accessories that they use to amp it up. We spend quite some time in front of the mirror, mentally analyzing the outcome of adorning different accessories. This happens to be one of the lengthiest and toughest choices (at least for me) as it can make or break your look.But one thing that does not go wrong most of the times, is going for a simple and chic look with minimal or no accessories.

This look of mine is quite simple, yet attractive. Pair your Denim with your trusted white knotted shirt for the casual look. And to add a chic touch, a pair of stylish shoes would do the trick!
Some where I read, ” A woman is known by the kind of shoes she wears”! These golden pair of shoes gives me a vibe of confidence and the retro look I always wanted to carry.
Enough said about the clothing. Going back to the discussion on keeping the accessories minimal, simple and yet contributes enormously to the overall look.
It’s all about being comfortable and confident. With that, even something simple is sure to make a statement!





What I wore

Sneakers by 20 Dresses

Jeans by GAP India

Watch by Seiko

Knotted shirt by Forever 21

Photos by: Candid Snaps


The idea is to look good!

Hey there! 

Are you one of those people who’s always running late? Do you have to get up one hour earlier than scheduled just to do your make-up? It’s nice to be always made up and well dressed, but sometimes I love keeping it basic! Today’s post is going to be all about how I sometimes like to zone out and just be free!

I wore this basic Crop top with distressed denims and my Classy Aviator. I like how inexpensive things are at times and they never compromise on style!

What’s amazing about a casual look  is that you can wear it with practically anything! I picked up these multicolored check Crop- top, just so that I can add some color to my otherwise plain outfit.

I don’t think fashion or style should be forced. It should come from within. It is an expression. And you need to define your style! If you are not comfortable wearing something, then you shouldn’t! There are other ways to look stylish! Always make sure that you wear what you like best and pull it off like a boss! 🙂


What I wore

Photo Shoot by: Candid Snaps